8 Benefits of Moving to the Countryside

Benefits of Moving to the Countryside

There can be many advantages of moving to the countryside from the city. The UK has no shortage of beautiful rural areas within commuting distance from larger cities if you want to live the best of both worlds, or you could choose to completely leave the urban lifestyle behind. 

Wiltshire is just one county in the UK that provides many of the country living benefits we’ll be investigating below. Getting the right Wiltshire removals company will be one of the first steps to your countryside dream. Before that though, you can read our guide on the benefits of moving to the country to find out what could be in store for you. 

Lower costs

A great benefit of moving to the countryside is there is typically a lower cost of living than in the city. This will include the initial purchase of the property, as house prices are generally cheaper in the country. It will also include your day-to-day costs such as food, toiletries, and amenities. You’ll likely find that your salary can stretch much further in the countryside than it does in the city. 

More privacy

Moving to the countryside can come with more privacy. Depending on the area you move to and the type of property you choose, you could find that there is a lot more space between you and your neighbours. You could find that there are acres of land between your back garden and the next one, meaning you won’t have to worry about being overlooked or overheard by anyone. 

Sense of community

Many rural villages and small towns still have an active community that can sometimes outrival communities found in cities. As there are typically fewer people in rural areas, the community can be much closer and people can feel more connected, which can be a big benefit to living in the countryside. Groups can be run by schools, parishes, or just volunteers in the village, and they can hold events and regular meetings and groups throughout the year.  

Outdoor activities

Living in the countryside means you have plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature and outdoor activities. You can take part in things like fishing, hiking, camping, and climbing. Living in the countryside can be great for dog owners, providing plenty of wide-open areas for dog walks. Whilst you may be able to do these things in the city, being in the country will mean you have more options and more variety for your outdoor activities, which can be more motivating to get out in the fresh air. 

Cleaner air

Another benefit of moving to the countryside is that the air quality is much better and less polluted. With fewer vehicles and more space to allow for better air circulation, the countryside can often have cleaner air than cities. This can be a huge advantage and can mean people in the countryside might avoid some of the health concerns that come with regularly breathing polluted air. 

More space

One of the benefits of moving to the countryside is that you’ll likely have more space. You can generally buy more square footage when compared to the same price in the city, plus you’ll have more access to outside space. Even if your home doesn’t have its own garden, in the countryside you’ll have access to parks, woodland, beaches, and all kinds of open spaces.  

Better mental wellbeing

It’s thought that living in the countryside can promote better mental wellbeing. This can be for a variety of reasons. Country living is often slower-paced than in the countryside, which can be less stressful and less anxiety-inducing. Research has shown that living in the city can impact our stress levels and another study has shown that being close to nature can have positive mental health benefits. So, both the slower living and access to nature of the countryside can help us to feel more peaceful. Whilst living in the country won’t mean you can completely avoid any mood disorder or mental illness, it can help to reduce some of the risks and triggers. 

Lower crime rates

Typically, there are lower crime rates in the countryside than compared to the city. This is partly due to the fact that there are fewer people in the countryside, so less opportunity for people to commit crimes. It can also be due to the closer community of rural areas, as people may be more likely to look out for one another. Of course, the countryside won’t be completely free of crime, but you could be less at risk than in the city.