5 Quick and Easy Beef Recipes to Enjoy This Spring Season

Beef Recipes

Spring is just around the corner! The delightful season that makes the days longer and the air fresher. The light weather lets you stay outdoors for longer durations, and you could enjoy your favourite activities. Everyone is in a great mood as everything around is blooming and giving way to something new.

Spring season also brings great produce and harvests like fresh fruits and vegetables. This delicious colourful produce, when combined with quality protein, can create some magical Australian Beef recipes. Spring season never lets you fall short of ideas, especially when it comes to food. So, here are 5 quick and easy beef recipes to enjoy this spring season:

  • Beefy Spring Vegetables with Mushroom-Asparagus Rice: 

Though the name of the dish seems longish, this dish only takes 20 minutes to cook. The brilliant recipe is a combination of protein, starch, and fresh crisp veggies. This wholesome plate of food represents spring while completely conquering your taste buds! Ingredients used to make this beef recipe are easily available in spring at your nearest supermarket. The main thing about this dish is that you can customize it as per your preferences.

If you are on a diet and avoiding rice, you can replace it with some more seasonal vegetables and make a meal out of it.

  • Quick beef skewers: 

These springy summery beef skewers are marinated in bold and zesty flavours. Not only is this recipe quick, but it is a great crowd pleaser too. The best thing about this dish is that you can marinate the beef and veggies in advance and quickly grilled just before eating.

Chunky combination of beef and seasonal vegetables when grilled together make a great melody in your mouth. If you like your veggies crunchier, you could grill the marinade splashed beef and veggies separately.

  • Spring Beef Stew: 

Beef Stew might sound like a heavy wintery dish however; this version of a lighter beef stew is perfect for the warmer and fresher days of the spring. Made with fresh and radiant produce like leeks, parsnips, dill, and white wine, this is its own kind of stew. Away from a typical beef stew this dish is more pristine and exotic yet offers a comfort food experience for an early spring evening. Treat your taste buds with this stew that’s totally new.

  • Grilled summer steak salad with corn: 

As much as we would like that, spring is not just about day outs and holidays, one has to work too! Here is where a recipe like a grilled summer steak salad with corn could save you from usual TV dinners. Yes! it’s almost a gourmet yet quick and easy meal that you can enjoy after a long workday. The recipe is endowed with spring goodness of radishes, tomatoes, and feta.

All you need to do is cook steak bits and assemble fresh ingredients and combine them with a vinaigrette. This salad is fresh, and a full meal in itself. Guess what, the entire recipe takes under 10 minutes to get ready.

  • Grilled Steak Fajitas: 

This Mexican grilled recipe is accepted all over the world and it’s time that you give it a try too. The recipe is a great combination of grilled beef, lots of colourful peppers and onions. Served with flour tortillas, fajitas are juicy and zingy when served with a dash of lime.  This dish is not difficult to make and takes just 30 minutes to assemble and what makes them even more loved is that you can top them with different toppings every time you make them.

As spring brings new and fresh trends and moods, don’t shy away from trying these new and yummy beef recipes during this special season!