Things You Can Do with Leftover Composite Decking

Things You Can Do with Leftover Composite Decking

Kudos on completing the installation of your brand new composite decking board! However, you currently have a surplus of composite decking around your yard. Do not toss it out or discard it! You can use those leftover composite decks for a wide variety of DIY projects. This article will show you some of the best projects, from complex to difficult to easy. Regardless of whether you are a DIY pro or a novice, you will be able to utilise all those leftover composite materials for your outdoor projects.

Dog house

Dogs are regarded as ‘man’s best friend’ for many reasons. Most people find them sweet and cute, while others love them for their fierce loyalty. For few dog owners, dogs can expel the feeling of boredom, encouraging a real treat. Your dog, similar to members of your household, is entitled to its special spot for relaxation. Dog home addition will offer a calm spot for your pet dog to unwind while also adding aesthetic appeal to your yard.

The composite decking board is an excellent material choice for your dog house. It will provide a lifetime of comfort for your devoted pet as composite wood is a good insulator of heat. Apart from that feature, it is resistant to warp and crack, making it a strong, long-lasting and hazard-free option for your dog. Also, it will complement your yard décor because the material fits seamlessly with your garden decking.


You can use planter boxes for either container gardening or vertical gardening. This is especially useful if you have a small or limited outdoor space. With a planter, you can cultivate herbs or Nepeta cataria or flowers.

Using composite wood for planters can complement any plant, and its heat insulator properties can maintain a healthy root. You wouldn’t have to worry about humidity or sunlight because composite materials do not decay and are moisture resistant. This will keep your plants and flowers safe from toxins. Composite wood planters will also look more stylish and contemporary than other materials.

Outdoor Storage box

Every homeowner faces the problem of storage regularly. For a clean and decluttered backyard, consider using a storage box or chest because it is stylish yet highly functional. You can place a storage box anywhere in your home exterior, from behind your deck to the centre of your yard.

A storage box crafted from leftover composite decking boards can provide ornamental value for your yard and help keep your outdoor tools and supplies organised and easily accessible. You can also store kid play items and swimming pool equipment in the box. You can even repurpose it to a comfortable seating item.


One of the best ways of introducing vitality to our backyards is through a birdhouse. It allows us to engage nature in a more personal way. Birdhouse addition is also a great approach to environmental sustainability. Urbanisation and population growth have caused birds to face scarcity of resources. With birdhouses, we can encourage birds into our garden and home exterior and offer them a haven and contribute to their survival. It can also be a source of entertainment for the children in your home.

Similar to a dog house, a birdhouse made out of composite material will be more durable, stylish and easier to maintain.


Are you seeking a comfortable seat? Benches are the perfect seating item for outdoor dining and relaxation.

A bench made out of composite decking materials will be a great addition to your backyard aesthetics. Even for a DIY novice, crafting a bench is easy. Composite decking benches are long-lasting, low maintenance and weather resistant.