Secrets to Buying a Perfect Oriental Rug for your Home


Some people get confused within Persian carpet and oriental carpet so first, I want to clear this confusion. Handmade oriental rugs are made in different countries (especially China) but contain Persian design pattern.

But Persian carpet is only woven in Persia and contains Persian design. If anybody says that a Persian carpet which is made in another country it means he is making fool of you. Persian carpets only made in Persia. Oriental carpets are beautiful, mysterious and you can use for generations. It is available in many sizes, design and color combinations.

So, choosing a right carpet form many can be challenging. Read below some of suggestion which you can use for buying oriental handmade carpets.

Check the quality of carpet:

Oriental carpet is the best investment and if you are going to buy a rug an oriental rug it means you are going to spend a lot of money. So, before buying a rug check the quality of carpet. Quality means, material and texture of the carpet. Oriental rugs are made in pure New Zealand wool and cotton material. Also, check the weaving technique which is used for making the carpet. For making an Oriental rug weaver uses a hand knotted technique. Also, make sure that design should be clearly visible. Don’t think about the age of carpet because age makes a rug rare and antique.

Count the knots:

As I told you that an Oriental rug is made using hand knotted technique. This is also called inter-weaving technique. In this type of technique, weavers create a foundation of cotton yarn and after that; they use New Zealand wool material for the design (Top). Foundation of cotton called warp and the top is called weft. It should contain about 200-400 knots per square inch.

Check the Origin of carpet:

If you are going to shop an oriental carpet then shop rug which is made in China. For the Persian carpet, shop those carpets which are made in Afghanistan, Iran, etc. They use best quality material and beautiful design patterns. Rather that these, you can shop Kashmiri silk area rug from India. India is also producing a large quality of wool area rug.

Perfect Size:

Handmade carpet contains knots and piles that’s why it is thick. So, it will fold from corners if the size is large. Before buying a rug, measure your space where you want to put your carpet and also finalize the style of your interior like you want to put it in centre or in corners? After deciding this, you can filter your product and directly search on carpet store online.

Choose Color:

Color is the most important thing. Every color has its own feature so you can select according to your personality otherwise you can choose perfect rug according to the color of existing products. Make sure that it does not mix and match. For this purpose, you can order a sample and can use for the test. If it looks nice then you can go with same color combinations.

Select according to the interior and traffic:

If you want to decorate your home in a modern style then shop a modern or contemporary design carpet and for the traditional decor, you can take a traditional carpet. For the high traffic and low traffic area as well, wool oriental carpet is ideal for both places.