The Most Sustainable High End Fashion Brands


If you’ve switched on your TV or read the news at any point lately, or even if you’ve just opened up your curtains recently, you’ll be well aware of the fact that climate change is starting to take its toll on the planet around us. 

There are several causes of climate change, such as increased international travel, the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, increasing amounts of food waste, and potentially one of the biggest causes, fast fashion. 

Fast fashion and luxury fashion are two different things, but there is still an undeniable responsibility for all fashion suppliers to be sustainable n the way they make clothes. More and more consumers are becoming climate-aware, and many are turning their focus to buying ethically sourced and produced clothes. 

Lots of smaller designers and brands have been doing this for quite some time, but a growing number of luxury fashion brands are beginning to turn the tide on how they create and distribute their clothes. If you’re a fashion savvy person and have a penchant for high end fashion and sustainability, here are some of the most sustainable luxury fashion brands at the moment. 

Maggie Marilyn 

In 2018, Maggie Marilyn launched their first sustainability commitment strategy, and since then, the brand has become an industry leader, with many others following their lead. So far, they have got 100% of their suppliers to prove responsible water management, responsible chemical management, and to meet animal welfare standards. 

In 2022, Maggie Marilyn has set out a goal to ensure none of their clothes end up in landfill sites. They plan to do this by expanding their take back scheme so customers can return old clothes from their collection that can then be recycled and transformed into something new. 

They also plan to offset a higher level of carbon than they emit, with the end goal of becoming carbon negative as part of their climate change strategy. On top of this, Maggie Marilyn has also committed to becoming a circular packaging business. This means they want to give their customers the option to choose re-used packaging for their items, but all their packaging is fully compostable anyway. 

If you want to buy luxury fashion that is sustainable every step of the way, Maggie Marilyn is a market leader. 

Stella McCartney 

From the off, Stella McCartney has been a sustainable fashion brand. When the brand was created in 2001, it was done so without ever using animal fur, skin or leather. In 2008, the brand committed to using organic cotton, and in 2010, they ceased using PVC. Water bottles were banned in 2012, and in 2014 all cardboard and paper came with a sustainability certification. 

Stella McCarney continues to be dedicated to finding new ways to be sustainable, including by using new materials in a bid to become even more ethical and less reliant on diminishing natural materials.


Gucci is one of the biggest fashion houses in the world and is one of the most well-known high-end suppliers of fashion. Whilst not quite as sustainable as Maggie Marilyn, it does have a number of practices in place that ensure it is an increasingly sustainable brand. 

For example, the iconic Gucci Blade t-shirt is made from 100% cotton that is ethically sourced. Gucci have made a commitment to protect endangered forests from deforestation within their supply chains, and they have also committed to reducing the use of hazardous chemicals. 

Overall, Gucci is making positive strides forward to becoming a more sustainable clothes manufacturer, making them a good option if you’re just starting your foray into sustainable fashion. 


These are just three of the sustainable luxury fashion brands available. Do you know any independent luxury fashion houses that are ethical and sustainable?