Looking for a Career Based on Helping Others? 3 Options to Consider

Career Based on Helping Others

There are all kinds of factors and thoughts that go into picking that perfect career path for yourself. For most people, it’s not something that they rush into, nor do they take it lightly. If it’s truly something you want to do the rest of your life, then it’s something that you need to feel passionate about and have a connection with.

Now let’s say that you’ve decided your perfect career is one that allows you to give back and help others. This can be an extremely fulfilling path to take, it can make you feel as though you’re really making a difference in the world, and your life and its work will leave a mark on others that have a lasting positive impact. So, what careers best fit the bill?

Here we’ll take a look at three career path options well worth considering, and they may not be the first ones that come to mind!

The Healthcare Industry

You can’t discuss careers that are based on helping others without mentioning the healthcare industry. This is, of course, the most obvious career path to take and offers a fair amount of variety in terms of the jobs available. Whether you want to be a front-line worker such as a nurse or doctor, are looking at schools for radiation therapy, or you’re interested in taking on more of an administrative role – the entire industry is based on helping others.

A few things to consider about this industry are that it can be mentally and physically grueling with long hours and some rather tough circumstances to deal with, many of the positions will require at least some post-secondary schooling, not all positions in the industry are high-paying, and the hours aren’t always Monday to Friday 9-5.


The field of education is another area where you will very much be helping people and having a big impact on their lives. It doesn’t matter if you choose to teach pre-school kids all the way to adult education courses; every single one of those teachers will make a difference. Chances are you met a few special teachers in your school years that had a positive impact on you, and now you just want to be able to give back.

Of course, as a teacher your job is never boring or dull; you will have new students each year, and new issues and challenges.


Here’s one that may not come to mind right away when you think of careers that help others, but give it further thought and you’ll see it does fit the bill. As a pilot, it will be your job to safely transport your passengers wherever it is they need to go. Their very lives are in your hands and they depend on you to get them to their destination.

There are a number of different types of pilots out there, so your first step will be to figure out which path you want to take. There are airline transport pilots, private pilots, commercial pilots, and multi-crew pilots. No matter which you choose, you will need to complete post-secondary education (flight school) and training in order to become fully licensed.

As a pilot, there’s a good chance you’ll be away from home often, it can be quite draining, and there’s the fact there are risks involved. Because pilots take on extra risk, it’s wise to consider things like life insurance, just to give you that extra peace of mind.

Careers that Make an Impact

Each of these careers will make it possible for you to help others and have a positive impact on their lives both now and in the future.