How to Look more Photogenic in Family Photos with Kids

How to Look more Photogenic in Family Photos with Kids

Being photogenic is not just about looking pretty in a photograph. It’s also about being relaxed, confident, and having fun in front of the camera. And if you have kids, adding them to the mix can make things even more complicated.

So how do you get everyone to look great in every photo?

Below are some tips to help you look more comfortable in front of the camera:


The first thing you should do is practice posing for pictures by yourself first before bringing your children into the picture. Pick a pose that’s natural for you. Don’t force yourself into a pose unless it’s something you’re comfortable with. If it feels fake, then it is fake, and that will show through in your pictures!

While this may sound absurd but practising how you will pose for photos before even trying with your kids will make you feel more confident and relaxed when taking pictures with them.

Children should also be in the mood to take pictures

First, the obvious: Don’t ask them to “say cheese!” or “look over here!”. It is the worst thing you can do. If you want them to look natural, just get them laughing and engaged with each other. They will forget about the camera, and then you can get some great pictures.

Minimize distractions in the background of your shot

Move so there are no people or objects behind you. If there are still things in view that will distract from your pose or face, ask a friend to take the picture so you can step away and get rid of them.

In family photos, you should make sure your body is not covering anyone else’s face. You should also make sure that your head is not too far from the top of the photo.

The best thing you can do is to pose naturally

When you’re in front of the camera, you might feel like you’re under pressure to act a certain way. You might even feel like the camera will capture every one of your awkward features—which is why some people don’t want to be photographed. But maintaining an unnatural pose can make you look more awkward than if you act natural. So relax! Posing too stiffly will only make it obvious you’re feeling uncomfortable.


First, before you even think about taking out your camera, be sure to smile. No, really. It isn’t as simple as it sounds. While most of us do smile regularly, we don’t always do it with our eyes. Take a look in the mirror right now and make a big smile with your mouth. Now, look at your eyes. If you can see the sides of your eyelids crinkle, you’re doing it right. Make sure to practice this in front of the mirror before you take any photos so that you won’t have to fake it when the time comes.

Children and adults often avoid laughing because they have a problem with imperfect teeth. If you have a child who has uneven teeth, he will avoid laughing when taking pictures. You must visit the kids’ dentist diligently and teach the child that a smile is the most important thing in life!

Pick the right background

There are countless ways to make sure your selfies, family photos and more come out looking great through careful planning of your background. First, make sure wherever you’re posing is well lit. That may mean utilizing lights for some shots or adjusting some window shades or curtains for others. Second, try to pick backgrounds with high contrast (a white wall versus a dark couch versus a light wall versus a dark couch) since high contrast makes it easy for viewers eyes to focus on the subject of the photo rather than being distracted by colour or pattern in the background. When the image is edited, and the colours are improved, it will remain your dear memory.

Choose beautiful and casual clothes for yourself and your children

Solid colours are always your best bet; if you’re not sure what colour to go for, stick with basic black or white. Crisp whites and greys may be good options for baby photos, but you can also opt for a more playful look by wearing a patterned top. Just remember to select one that complements skin tone and compliments your existing outfit.

What would you do with your hands if you were trying to look more photogenic in family photos with kids?

Find some props like books, flowers, toys, etc., instead of standing around awkwardly with nothing in your hand. It will make you look more engaged and interesting. Obtain something to hold on to—a coffee mug, a handbag, a toy, even someone’s shoulder. It provides your hands something to perform and makes you look less awkward.

Apply these tips and shine in family photos!