10 Common Wall Art Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Home Décor

Common Wall Art Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Home Décor

To make a mistake is not condemnation, but to repeat a mistake can be detrimental. Often, knowing that quality wall art will make a colorful touch to your home and make it more beautiful is not enough. It is also essential to use it creatively and appropriately.  

Wall art remains one of the most crucial aspects of home décor. However, hanging your art in the wrong way is the most common interior décor mistake many people make. But there are still other mistakes that can mar your home décor. Identifying these mistakes is the first step towards avoiding and correcting them. 

So, this guide highlights 10 common wall art mistakes you should avoid when setting up your home décor. 

Never Forget That Size Matters 

Many people opt-in for small wall art for their large furniture, which will overshadow the artwork and make the entire room appear weird. Rather, try to get a bigger wall art for your space. Also, make sure that you display or hang the art 8-10 inches above the furniture. It is best to use a wall art size that is proportional to your space. In most cases, ultra large wall arts will suit your space better than smaller ones, especially if you intend to create a focal point. 

Spread Your Wall Arts Across the Room

Please don’t showcase your wall art in one place. Try to hang your artwork around your room. Also, you can use two-dimensional pieces for your arrangement. Besides, make sure that you consider the divider space when selecting where to display your pictures.

 In addition, you can blend material by hanging metal and wooden items together, and it will give your room a unique appearance. 

Avoid Hanging Art Too Far or Near 

Make sure that you place your art correctly. If you have a group of art pieces, try to hang them in a group as they ought to work together. Avoid placing them close to one another or too far apart. As a precaution, hang your entire piece at 2″ to 3″ apart. 

Avoid Hanging on Every Wall

Hanging wall art in your home is a healing medicine to those empty walls that are barren and lifeless. Though, it’s not compulsory to showcase your artwork on every wall of your home. If you do, it will make your room look messy and portray a negative signal. Hang artwork décor on some of your home walls rather than on each of them.

Avoid Keeping the Large Plant on the PassageWay

It is an excellent idea to incorporate nature into your home, but sometimes it goes the wrong way. Meanwhile, you can introduce plants to beautify your space and purify the indoor air but avoid allowing it to block your passageway. 

Thus, try as much as possible to remove the branches that stretch out to come in between your path. Furthermore, avoid placing the plants nearer to your relaxation places because of the outgrowing branches. 

Avoid Hanging Your Wall Arts at the Wrong Height

The proper placement rule of wall arts becomes crucial on a large blank wall. Suppose you have a large blank wall in your living room; you must ensure an eye-level placement. So, the thumb rule is to hang wall art 57 inches from the ground to the center of the wall art. 

Your impressive living room wall art like canvas will give a more enhanced look when hung at the right height. For wall art above furniture, you can turn them such that the distance between the center of the wall art and the top of the furniture is 6 to 12 inches. So, go through accurate hanging rules before mounting your perfect wall art. 

Hanging Curtains to Cover Wall Arts

Like mirrors make a room appear bigger, curtains also make ceilings appear taller and oversized windows. Therefore, hang your curtains at 4″ to 5″ below the ceiling and ensure that it does not cover your wall arts. 

Avoid Hanging Only on the Walls

Yes! It is called wall art, but you don’t have to display your artwork only on the walls. You can play around your home by displaying your art piece on the floor, bookshelves, and even windows. Also, you can lean your wall art on the staircases, which will show your design talent and still beautify your space. 

Avoid Unmatched Color Palette

 It is good to play around with the patterns and color textures in your home. You don’t need to blend everything in the room to make it look weird. You may increase the room’s depth by throwing different colors and textures of curtains, rugs, and pillows. In addition, avoid using the same wall art multiple times in the same room.

Avoid Copying! Give a Personal Touch

It is your home! The best way to show that you own the space is to display what you love and admire on the walls, showcasing your natural lifestyle and personality. It will also give your full description. 

Therefore, go out there and choose those favorite art pieces that will portray your character and hang them on your walls. Those wall art in your room will create positive vibes and add glamor to your entire home.

Final thought

Yes! You can fail in decorating your home because you’re not a professional home designer. However, with these mistakes highlighted in this article, you can avoid those common mistakes that people usually make when trying to integrate wall arts. Now, you should be able to make a perfect home décor for yourself. So, stay focused, and stay away from the faux. Good luck!