14 Influencer Merch Ideas That You Can Use

Influencer Merch Ideas That You Can Use

Influencer merch is often sold by influencers of all sizes to promote their brand and create an additional revenue stream. 

But if you want to take it up to a notch, consider something other than T-shirts and hoodies. 

Here are 14 influencer merch ideas that you can give a try – 

#1. Hats

Hats are a simple way to create minimalistic merch. Most people add one logo to the front of the hat while keeping the colors of the hat neutral. Promoting it is also relatively simple. Wear one on your platform in your photos or live sessions or recorded videos and if you generate enough interest, drop your hat collection. 

#2. Mugs

Coffee mugs are another good merch idea since you can keep it minimalist like the hat. The best part is if you use a print-on-demand service, you don’t have to worry about how to sell custom mugs online. You only have to create a design or have someone create it for you, upload it to the website, and they handle the rest – from taking orders to fulfillment. 

#3. Socks 

Another uncommon idea is offering custom socks. With socks, the design ideas are somewhat endless. It is an article of clothing and most likely to get noticed by others when people wear custom socks, so it promotes itself. 

Moreover, it is easy to sell via the dropshipping model as well. In 2017, 23% of all online sales globally were fulfilled through the dropshipping model. Since you do not have to worry about fulfillment and shipping, you can focus on design and perfecting the marketing strategy.

#4. Tote bags

Tote bags are another functional merch idea that can promote itself as long as you have a memorable design. Also, the surface area on totes is huge compared to other merch ideas, so this presents as a great branding opportunity.

#5. Fanny packs

Fanny packs are in and aren’t just restricted to handymen. With a trendy design and pop colors, it has a universal appeal which makes it a good addition to a merch collection. 

#6. Notebooks and stationery

Keeping in line with other functional ideas, dropping stationery like notebooks, post-its, scrapbooks, and pens is an idea worth trying.

Especially with a younger audience that is in school, stationery is a good merch idea.

#7. Throws and blankets 

If you are a lifestyle influencer, items like throws and blankets are a good idea since they fit your brand and convey comfort to your audience. Since most people stick to the basics, throws and blankets can be a good differentiator. 

#8. Guitar picks

Niche influencers in the music industry can consider offering guitar picks to their audience. It is functional and can be designed to appeal to a wide audience. Since the item is small, you can sell it as a combo pack of 3, 5, or more. 

#9. Keychains

Another small item that has great potential is keychains. You can customize the keychain to either have your design on some standard shapes or create custom shapes altogether. As a buyer, it is easy to rationalize the purchase since it is a functional daily use item.

#10. Stickers 

Stickers are a huge sub-category on their own. No matter the demographic of your audience, stickers are universally liked. They are especially with children, but adults like stickers too to customize their devices. 

#11. Beanies

Another uncommon idea is to offer beanies. These are popular since the style is pretty versatile, and it can be worn with almost anything.

#12. Backpacks

Backpacks are another idea you can try if you have a young audience. Shopping for a new backpack is a part of the back-to-school ritual, so if you time it right, you can quickly sell out of your custom-designed backpacks.

#13. Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are an easy to execute merch idea. There is no sizing involved here, so it is a relatively easy sell. Besides, most people like to buy customized magnets instead of generic ones. 

#14. Bandanas

Similar to the hat idea, bandanas are a simple product. It also does not require different sizes, so there are fewer chances of having to deal with returns.

Tips for choosing the right merch idea

Think about your target audience and align yourself with their thought process – what would they want to purchase? For instance, if your target audience is bikers, bandanas are an easy sell. Or, if you cater to Gen Z, beanies are the way to go. 

Once you hone in on your audience, you should then start looking at the design trends. For instance, if you want to sell clothing, you should acquaint yourself with fashion and design trends in the industry to create an appealing product.

The good thing about using a print-on-demand service is that you can test out your idea without needing to purchase and stock inventory.