Why you need an SFMC Email Specialist to make the most of the platform

Why you need an SFMC email specialist to make the most of the platform

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a product offered by Salesforce that assists brands to execute their digital marketing strategy. From delivering personalized journeys to targeting the audiences at the right time and across the right channels, SFMC does it all. That’s the reason it is named as the number 1 CRM by International Data Corporation along with having the greatest market share among CRM systems.

In addition, the wide variety of Salesforce Marketing Cloud studios and builder modules enables companies to do everything ranging from email marketing to cross-channel campaign management. Here’s a look at its various platforms.

  • Journey Builder
  • Email Studio
  • Data Studio
  • Interaction Studio
  • Salesforce DMP

In short, these above-mentioned tools work seamlessly to help marketers achieve their goals and objectives. So, if you wish to upgrade your marketing strategy and acquire an edge over competitors, it is high time you leverage the services of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

This is where an Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialist can come in handy. Simply put, you can use their skills and expertise to ace your marketing campaign through SFMC. Let’s see how SFMC email specialists can help you make the most out of the platform.

#1. Facilitates easy creation of emails and templates

SFMC email specialists leverage the content builder tool to create emails and templates with ease. They do it by pasting HTML and using a layout tool. The SFMC specialist also creates professional-looking Salesforce email templates with an easy to use interface. To put it in other words, SFMC specialists use content builder as a cross-channel content management platform. Simply put, from using consolidated images and documents to leveraging content in a single location across the marketing cloud, SFMC experts know how to extract the benefits of Salesforce to the core.

All in all, with the help of SFMC specialist, you can use the content builder for:

  • Creating HTML email templates without having any professional knowledge of HTML.
  • Using always present preview for viewing changes and edits within the email in real-time.
  • Leveraging intelligent HTML paste tools like color coding and line numbers.
  • Creating a folder structure that’s similar to a marketer’s organizational structure. Various teams can create their specified folders with their team’s name. Further, they can create subfolders for saving images, content blocks, and more.
  • Developing content blocks in advance which can be reused later in emails, SMS, and landing pages.

#2. Works towards smooth campaign management

Salesforce marketing cloud has the ability to analyze the customer behavior and deliver content based on the satisfaction level of each customer. Here’s an example explaining this. If a customer is facing a challenge and is busy finding the solution with the customer service, they might not respond to a renewal offer until the concern is resolved. This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialists can come in the scene and tweak the marketing strategy based on the customer’s behavioral activity. Simply put, it can pause the renewal offer till the time the customer’s query is solved. Once the issue is resolved, Salesforce marketing cloud experts can follow-up while streamlining the customer’s journey.

In summary, SFMC email specialists take into account each and every interaction with its customer base and determine the strong and weak points of a marketing campaign. Such analysis works towards optimizing existing strategies in real-time.

#3. Provides seamless automation set up

SFMC specialists take the assistance of Sales cloud for seamless automation set up. From facilitating fast development of accounts and customer growth to closing the deals quickly, SFMC specialist does it all with the help of Sales cloud. Let’s take a detailed look at how SFMC experts leverage automation features and provide precise and preferable solutions.

  • Account and contact management

Account and contact management gives SFMC email specialists a complete overview of the customers. They take into consideration the activity history of customers, key contacts, internal account discussion, and more. It also enables them to acquire precise insights from social media channels such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Opportunity management

SFMC experts can get an extensive view of the team’s deal through opportunity management. You can stay in touch with the people who close every sale while analyzing and understanding the stages, products, and competitions.

  • Lead management

Lead management allows SFMC experts to optimize your email campaigns spanning around various channels by keeping a track on your deals from clicking to closing.

  • Sales data

Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialists can accelerate your sales and revenues by getting access to precise and accurate data.

#4. Incorporates a personalized customer journey

The SFMC specialist makes use of Marketing cloud for personalizing every communication with the customer while customizing various touchpoints and impressions. It plays a great role in improving the customer’s lifetime value. In addition, SFMC experts also work towards enhancing and utilizing the functionality of the marketing cloud.

#5. Gives a better and clear understanding of the customer base

The SFMC email specialists work towards optimizing your marketing process by connecting data. As a result, it gives you a clear insight into the strategies that are working for your business and that isn’t working. In short, you get a detailed idea about your customer with precise visualization.

#6. Accelerates customer engagement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes with Einstein AI enhancements that work towards engaging customers by sending relevant and timely emails. Here’s how SFMC experts make use of these AI enhancements to bring forward an insightful journey for your customers through the Salesforce email templates.

  • Einstein Engagement frequency

Einstein engagement frequency helps SFMC experts to determine the frequency of emails being sent to customers. It avoids the risk of annoying or fatiguing your subscriber base with too many emails. With the spam in global mail traffic reaching a high 54.61%, Einstein engagement frequency has the ability to determine the number of emails that need to be sent for engaging the customers, thereby, providing them with instant gratification while helping you stay out of their spam box.

  • Einstein Send time optimization

With the help of Einstein Send time optimization, SFMC email specialists make use of Artificial Intelligence to predict and find an appropriate time to send emails to your subscriber base. This, in turn, helps in accelerating the engagement rates while decreasing the rate of unsubscribes.

  • Einstein Content Tagging

Visuals play a great role in engaging and enticing customers. This is where Einstein content tagging comes in handy. SFMC experts make use of the image recognition feature of Einstein content tagging to locate and tag a huge number of relevant images from the content library, thereby helping you find the best of images while saving your time and efforts.

#7. Work towards A/B testing set up

SFMC experts leverage A/B testing to analyze the email campaigns set up on the platform. They set up multiple variations of an email strategy and send it to a small group of subscribers to decide which version is better and has the probability of generating more engagement. From subject line and preheader to email copy and send time, SFMC experts can check it all through A/B testing. It is an excellent way of optimizing your email marketing strategy while increasing the chances of your campaign’s success.

Wrap up

Customer relationship is a critical aspect of any business. It doesn’t only define your brand positioning but also works toward managing your market reputation and public image. So, If you want to integrate, manage and customize your customer relationships, go ahead and leverage  Salesforce marketing cloud features to the core. This intricately and precisely designed cloud-based CRM software goes beyond optimizing customer relationships.

All you need to do is hire an impeccable SFMC email specialist and you will be good to go.