8 Neutrals We All Want in Our Closet Now


Just as your wardrobe depends on classic articles of clothing, it also requires the right neutrals. Neutrals go with everything. That’s why they exist! Carefully curating a wardrobe that consists of timeless styles in can’t-miss color palettes ensures that you will always have something to wear.

This is the way you learn the fine art of mixing and matching, as well. It’s time to tame some of those garish hues with a soothing spectrum of stylish neutrals.

Black—But Of Course

Black—But Of CourseBlack is the top neutral, hands down. It’s slimming, universally flattering, and it has the power to look edgy yet polished. Resist the urge to fill your entire wardrobe with black clothing. You need other neutrals to bring balance. That being said, make sure you pick out trousers, a blazer, a sweater, a pencil skirt, and a T-shirt in black, at the very least. More is fine since black goes with basically everything. Edit yourself before you end up with a goth wardrobe.

And Every Shade in Between

Every Shade in BetweenYou don’t have to rely on black, but you can still select apparel from the same spectrum. Every shade of gray counts as a neutral. Soft heather gray is a lovely alternative to spring’s pastels. It’s a cool option in the summertime, as well. Come fall and winter, ash gray is one choice, while dark charcoal gray is a dramatic neutral that’s not quite as bold as black. While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick out a few white items, such as an array of button-downs and tank tops.

A Soft Shade of Cream

A Soft Shade of CreamWhite shouldn’t really be included in the spectrum of grays, but the truth is that cream is often a better neutral than white. It’s a bit more forgiving because it’s not as brightly pristine. Cream-colored clothing is softer around the edges. You can wear an egg shell sweater or black and ivory shoes to balance your outfit and tame down any other colors.

Navy: The New Black

You’ve heard it said that navy is the new black, right? Well, the rumors are true. Navy will never replace black as a neutral, but they’re even in terms of their ability to anchor an outfit. Navy is to black as cream is to white in the scheme of things. Wearing blue allows you to soften your look a bit. Dark blue is well-suited to blazers, skirts, and dress pants.

Toasty Tan and Khaki

Toasty Tan and KhakiEvery wardrobe needs a few pieces of brown clothing, but avoid shades of blah brown. Khaki clothing is crisp, clean, and preppy. Skirts and pants are ideal for off-duty ensembles. For a bit more warmth than khaki affords, shop for tan apparel to add to your closet. Both colors are best for bottoms, shoes, and handbags. However, you may stumble across a cardigan sweater or a fabulous coat in a can’t-miss shade of tan or toasty beige.

Need for Tweed

Not all neutrals are solid colors. There are plenty of patterns that can hold down your outfit without overwhelming it. Tweed is a top choice for that. Not only is it smart, but it complements nearly every color you can imagine. Cute suits, sweaters, pencil skirts, and suit jackets in tweed are irresistible, especially if your aesthetic has a bit of vintage flavor

Eye-Catching Metallics

A variety of metallic hues can act as neutrals. They’re ideal anytime you need some extra glitter. Bronze, copper, gold, pewter, and silver can take you far, but you have to be careful. To wear metallics wisely, you need to balance them with timeless clothing. Instead of stepping out in sequins, consider a subtle gold sweater or a skirt with silvery strands running throughout it. Keep it understated.

Pinstripes, Please

PinstripesBack to irresistible patterns, you can never go wrong with pinstripes. They add a glamour gangster flair to everything you wear. Pinstripe blazers, jackets, and skirts give off a menswear vibe that’s sharp and smooth at the same time. Treat yourself to a pinstripe suit with a flattering femme cut. You can wear something like that for years. It works for the boardroom as well as black-tie events, all depending on your accessories.

Once your wardrobe is full of neutral shades and classic designs, you can start to curate your collection of accessories. That’s where you can celebrate your love of punchy prints and vivid hues. What neutral do you wear the most? Will you be introducing any new neutrals into your closet?