6 Ways to Wear a Fall Sweater When It’s Still Warm Outside


We all love a good fall sweater. They’re comfortable and easy to style, and they accessorize with almost any look. But what do you do if it’s just too warm to wear them?

First, Buy Linen or Cotton Blends

If you love the look and feel of luxurious knitwear but start to sweat at the mere thought of wool or cashmere, consider buying your favorite silhouettes and colors in linen or cotton. Both of these are perfect for warmer weather, especially since you won’t need the insulating power of 100% wool. While different trends and styles will often grab shopper’s attention, paying attention to what they’re made of will really save you in the end. Linen and cotton make for versatile sweaters great for all kinds of occasions, from road trips and vacations to work and more.

1. Style Them with Shorts & Skirts

Style Them with Shorts & SkirtsJust because you’re all about fall fashion doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the last few weeks of warm weather. If you already have some sweaters in your wardrobe, consider styling them with some shorts, mini or midi-length skirts, or even capris. Pair a statement-making knit top with more casual and breathable bottoms and you won’t be as nearly as warm as if you were wearing jeans.

2. Go Solo with a Cardigan

With rising temperatures becoming the norm for well into the next season, wearing cardigans as tops offers a lightweight, breathable approach to this beloved classic. And according to Harper’s Bazaar, wearing a cardigan as a top gives you a sleek, simplified approach to styling, as you can wear one without having a tee or tank making the lines of your outfit too frumpy.

3. Make It an Off-the-Shoulder Top 

Make It an Off-the-Shoulder TopSimilar to the previous tip, you can also make some sweaters and cardigans into off-the-shoulder tops. This will only work if your sweaters have larger necks and cardigans with buttons, and you may want to test it out on a few at home to see what looks best. For cardigans, simply button it up halfway (or three-fourths of the way) and allow it to drape in a slouched, casual style. This looks especially chic if you have a chunkier knit to work with.

4. Opt for a Short Sleeve Sweater 

Opt for a Short Sleeve Sweater If you simply can’t bear to be wrapped up in all that fabric out, or have outdoor plans and a sunny day ahead, consider a short sleeve sweater. This used to be a much more popular style for women in the ‘50s and ‘60s, but any reputable brand that specializes in more classic knitwear styles will likely still feature short sleeve sweaters intended to be paired with matching cardigans as a two-piece set. For a chic, warm weather take on this classic, simply wear a short sleeved sweater tucked into trousers or a midi-skirt.

5. Explore Boat & Plunging Neck Styles

Boat neck or bateau tops are a genuine classic also popularized in the ‘50s and ‘60s. They have their roots in France and are something of an emblematic style popularized by many designers, especially when styled as a nautical-inspired blue and white striped Breton top.

When worn as a knit top, they’re perfect for warmer temperatures, especially if you’re spending time on a beach or lake. You can easily accentuate the plunging neckline with a statement pendant or necklace, too.

6. Tie One Around Your Shoulders 

This is a tip that’s perfect for those days it’s simply too hot to wear a sweater outside, but you’re stuck inside with chilly air conditioning indoors. Wear a lightweight shirt underneath and when you’re out and about, you can drape it over your shoulders like a shaw. Then, when you head inside that cold building you work or attend classes in, you can slip your seasonal sweater on and bask in your favorite autumn style in comfort.

With these easy, chic styling tips, you can wear your favorite knits all year long without breaking a sweat! Let us know if you have any other ways of keeping cool in your fav fall styles!