Steps to Do Homework When You Don’t Want To


Too lazy to do homework? Every student may have periods of apathy. But think about what successes you can achieve if you become a diligent student. In the end, this is your knowledge and your future. Here are some tips for getting yourself to do your homework.

Think about the Sacrifices Parents Make to Pay for Your Studies

Money does not come out of anywhere. Your parents work hard to get them. And they do this for the sake of your future, for the sake of obtaining a diploma and a good education. By refusing to do your homework, you are actually throwing money away. This is an indication that you are discounting the work of your parents. They could spend these finances on satisfying their own needs, but made a choice in favor of your future and your education. You need to appreciate their love and care.

Find a Like-Minded Person

If you are too lazy to force yourself to do your homework, then it is better to look for a like-minded person. Among classmates, find the person who is focused on studying and who will be able to study with you. You can even come up with a kind of schedule together. For example, meet after classes in the library or at home to solve homework together. Or if you cannot find this kind of person, but feel like you need some help, then you can look for other options. For me, the best decision would be to pay someone to do my homework.

Strive for Excellence

Perfectionism is a good feature. You should strive to become the best student in the class, as this will help you stand out from the competition. Participation in various Olympiads and contests will also give you a lot of advantages in future admission, and even with employment. Believe that in the real world you will also have to fight for your place, so temper your character right now.

Reward Yourself for Each Completed Assignment

A reward is a great motivation. You can come up with an incentive that will inspire you to solve all problems. For example, after completing a difficult task, allow yourself to watch one episode of your favorite series or eat a piece of candy.

Think of a Punishment

If there are rewards and encouragement, then there must be a punishment. This is quite logical. So, for each failed assignment, come up with a punishment for educational purposes. For example, for a week you will not be able to watch your favorite series. Or you will wash the dishes for several days, etc.

Be More Competitive

Do not consider your peers as direct competitors, rivals, and enemies. Do not envy others and do not compare yourself with them as it will not lead to anything good. But try to take examples from them if they are better at something. A classmate wrote an excellent essay? Maybe he read additional literature for this? Take an example from him and do the same. Successful people around you should motivate you to self-improvement, and not provoke anger and aggression. Such a strategy of thinking will also motivate you to make your homework better.

Think about the Consequences

Why do teachers make students do homework? They just want you to consolidate the studied material. If you do not do it, then you will not understand one or another topic. In the long run, this can negatively impact your final grade or you may fail exams.

Strive to Become a Role Model

Set short and long term goals for yourself and start with small. For example, set a goal to prepare an excellent presentation or essay, to get a high grade for a test, etc. And gradually raise the bar. This will be the best motivation in order to improve the results in the future. It is also a great way to increase your self-esteem.

You Need to Start Doing Homework with the Easiest Subjects

After easy homework, you should begin doing more complex exercises, devoting most of the time to them. In the event of interference and difficulties, you need to start another job where you do not have to think. For example, this may be rewriting or memorizing something. During this time, the brain will have time to process the information, and the solution to the problem will come to mind on its own.


In any case, the main thing, of course, is the result. If you managed to complete the lessons ahead of schedule, then in the remaining free time you can take a walk, play, and at the same time check your email. When the next day comes, you will come to classes fully prepared.