12 Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Have you ever liked a video or an amazing track on YouTube that you wish to listen all time? But your internet or Wi-Fi keeps stammering and take away your happiness. SO why not save the MP3 format of your video you wish to watch. How?

There are many Websites which helps to convert YouTube to MP3.

Now thinking of converting you might have several questions whether the quality of video will be good? Whether Download will consume too much time? Whether Video can be saved in any other formats? Answer for your questions are positive. It preserves good quality. There are many websites which given an access to download at full speed depending on your network too and yes it also offers various saving option in many formats.

Advantage of YoutTube to Mp3 Conversion tools:

There are lot of music apps such as Spotify and Amazon Music available in the market, but such music apps are paid tools, whereas many tools of Youtube to Mp3 converter does not charge. Also YouTube has the vast library of collection of music and video compared to any other website. It has many contents not only Movies, Music, but also DIY videos, Informative videos, learning videos, etc.  which none of the website has the same content. YouTube has the most users worldwide. Since there are many user and wish to watch the content of their choice but lack of convenient time does not let them watch. Hence such users wish to download the videos on their device which may allow them to watch the content later on. Therefore considering the situation  of such user we have come up with an idea to resolve their issues by suggesting “Best 13 free YouTube to MP3 converter Tools”

So here is the following best YouTube to MP3 converter.

#1. SnapDownloader:

It is a vide downloader that allows to convert YouTube to Mp4 or MP3 and can download videos and VR videos from YouTube.


  1. It supports more than 900 websites, which also converts the video from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  2. It allows to download multiple videos at same time.

3. It’s a user friendly Interface.

#2. 4k Download:

It is one more application enables you to download the videos from YouTube channel.


  1. It also has option of built-in music player
  2. it also has an option to download audiobook
  3. It also has a best feature to organise file.

#3. iTubeGo

It is one of the best converter  as it allows to convert 20+ format such as mp3, p4, flac, m4a, etc….


  1. it supports downloading 8k video and mp3.
  2. Convert the video to any format with original Quality.

#4. YouTube to MP3 converter:

This name tool itself is a converter that enables you to convert any you tube video to mp3. It also allows to save video into high quality.


  1. One can convert any type of format.
  2. This converter tool also works for tablets, computers, and mobile device
  3. It can convert the video up to 1 hour.

#5. Vidmate:

This app is specifically designed for android device to download YouTube videos in mp3 format. It also allows to search video in a search bar.


  1. It has fastest download speed.
  2. It has more than 11 language.
  3. User download the app for free.

#6. Convert:

It is an online YouTube to mp3 downloader and converter. This tool too could be used for downloading video by pasting the YouTube URL and tap to download.


  1. It also allows to make changes in the filename and select the part you wish to edit.
  2. The clip is converted in very less time.

#7. YTBmp3

It is an online tool to grab audio from YouTube videos. It has four simple steps:

  1. Search Video;
  2. Then Copy;
  3. Paste;
  4. And finally press the complete button;


  1. It also allows to save High Quality video in Hard disk.
  2. It allows to search video from this tool itself.

#8. Free make:

It allows to convert YouTube video in mp3 just by pasting a URL. It enables to get clips, TV shows, movies, etc.


  1. It allows to imports videos hassle free.
  2. It also allows to set the quality of audio.
  3. It also allows to change the file format.

#9. Any Video Converter:

It is an application that support many range of video inputs. It also can convert video from any device, including iOS, Television and many more. 


  1. It support more than 100 sites.
  2. It also uses Windows operating system.
  3. It also allow to edit video with effects.

#10. DVDVideoSoft:

It is a free YouTube mp3 converter tool. It is an application is used to save the video in good quality. 


  1. This tool can be used for Windows, Mac and Android.
  2. It convert any playlist from YouTube to MP3 format.

#11. Clip Grab:

It a YouTube converter tool. It allows the downloaded video to convert in MP3, hence this tool could be used for any downloaded video irrespective from which platform the video has been downloaded.


  1. It offers various downloading option.
  2. It could convert video clip in just one step.
  3. Supports many websites, such as Dailymotion, Facebook, etc.
  4. This tool supports Mac, Windows and Linux operating system.

#12. MediaHuman:

It is an application which allows video to download up to 320kbps. It has multilingual language feature. Languages such as English, Dutch, Arabic, Italian and Japanese.


  1. Just copy URL to the clipboard and the video will be added to the list of download automatically.
  2. Before saving it to hard disk, you can skip the video parts.
  3. This tool supports the Mac, Ubuntu, Windows.

#13. VideoProc:

It is a solution to convert, download, and edit any clip or video. It allows to download number of clips simultaneously and can convert to MP3, MP4, M4A, FLV, etc.


  1. It is 100% safe and fast speed.
  2. It has a search facility to match the subtitles.

iii. The best feature it has is, it allow to record live videos.

Above are the best 13 YouTube to MP3 converter, however there are many similar tools available in market, but choosing one of them is a difficult task. Hence we have shared the best 13 tools to convert YouTube videos in MP3 format. Although we have shared the best tools but some online tools have restrictions while downloading the converted files. Such as YouTube to MP3 converter does not support iOS system and for windows system there a different tools such as a Tube Catcher. 

Though we have suggested the best tools but we do not assure the legality of the said tools. We therefore suggest to check the websites legality before visiting it, as we do not want our readers to commit any offence as using or visiting illegal sites is a crime in India under Cyber-Crime as well as in IPC which is punishable offence and punishment is imprisonment from 06 months to 03 years or penalty from INR 5,000 to INR 50,000/- or both is charged.

We have shared this article to ease you in choosing the best mp3 converter. However there are many questions people ask frequently: Below are you tube to MP3 Converter


  1. Is it legal to use the above tools to convert MP3 Video?

As it is legal to watch any video from YouTube, yet it is illegal to convert any video to MP3. Although if video is converted to MP3, then same should not be made public and should be used personally.

  1. What are the main features of YouTube to MP3 converter websites?
  • Firstly it allows to save unlimited videos.
  • One can search video without opening a web browser.
  • Once video is saved on your hard disk you don’t need to stream online.
  1. Why MP3 format so popular than any other format?

It is most popular audio format. These files can be made in bit rates which balance the quality and size of the file. Due to standard size of file it has become easy for people to exchange on web. It is also supported by all browsers. Therefore this is best and compatible format for anyone to use it.


  1. It has an ability to convert the file in High Quality.
  2. It also ask an option for resolutions of file to be saved while saving the audio.
  3. It also provides the option to save the batch of files such as Playlist of specific movie or Album.
  4. Along with MP3 tools there are many tools/websites which also allow to convert the file into other formats such as MP4, M4A, and FLV. (Similar tool is shared for your reference above).
  5. Some tools also provide built-in editing options.
  1. How to watch video via VPN connection?
  • Choose a suitable VPS provider and subscribe.
  • Download correct vpn app to your device.
  • Connect to server of your place.
  • Navigate to video you wish to watch and enjoy.
  • VPN allows to watch video privately and securely.