Tips To Choosing The Best Dog GPS Tracker For My Dog

Tips To Choosing The Best Dog GPS Tracker For My Dog

Pets always find a way of getting in to trouble. They can get lost while in the park, they may wander away from home, or they may be up to some mischief in the house while you are away. A GPS tracker will allow you to monitor your dog at all times, irrespective of where you are. Intrigued but need more information on the various dog GPS trackers? This article is for you!

The following tips will help you choose the best GPS dog tracker.

  • What is the purpose of the dog GPS tracker?
  • Size and weight of the dog collar.
  • Choose a GPS tracker with a smart alert
  • Consider the battery life of the tracker.
  • Choose a dog collar with an SOS button.

What Is The Purpose Of The Dog GPS Tracker?

When buying the dog GPS tracker, you need to ensure you are getting the right one. The various GPS trackers have different features. You don’t want to buy a GPS tracker with features you will never use. 

When buying the dog GPS tracker, do you want to monitor one dog or multiple dogs? Some GPS dog collars have a stand-alone app for monitoring your dogs in a single view, while others monitor the dog’s heart rate, temperature, and vet visits. You can also record pet walks and set activity goals. 

Once you identify the purpose of the dog tracker, you will have an easier time deciding which features work for you presently and in the future. You may not need some features today, but if you plan to get more dogs or expect to have more vet visits, you will need a GPS dog collar that will meet your future expectations. 

Size And Weight Of The Dog Collar

Some dog collars are small and lightweight, making it easy for your dog to carry them around. These GPS dog collars are ideal for smaller dog breeds. The dog collars with a bulky design are ideal for larger dogs. 

Choose A GPS Tracker With A Smart Alert 

The primary purpose of the dog GPS tracker is to let you know where your dog is at all times. However, a dog GPS tracker with a smart alert will let you know once your dog goes beyond its safe zone or moves at odd hours. 

Consider The Battery Life Of The Tracker

If your dog is at home alone for long hours or if you expect your dog to wear the collar all day, you need a GPS tracker with long battery life. Most dog collars fitted with a GPS tracker will need to be recharged once a week if the dog has it on for at least two hours a day. 

Some tracker batteries can last for 48-96hours on a single charge. So, you need to find the GPS dog tracker that works for you. 

Choose A Dog Collar With An SOS Button 

You should consider that your dog may get lost, and if he comes across a good samaritan, a GPS dog collar with an SOS button will be handy. So, instead of your dog going to a shelter or vet clinic, the person can alert you using the SOS button. 

Since they are available at a range of prices, depending on the feature, you should pick a dog GPS tracker that fits your budget and needs.