Make this Valentine’s day the most romantic ever with these tips


No matter how much we want to deny it, the only thing we want on Valentine’s Day is to have a cheesy experience straight out of the movies. 

Everything’s good when love is in the air, but if you and your partner have seen it all or done it all, you must be out of unique ideas. Not only seasoned lovers, but if it’s your first valentine’s day together, we believe that you would want to make it memorable. 

Well, we’ll let you in on a secret; if there’s anything someone wants more than flowers and a red teddy bear on valentine’s day is a heartfelt gesture. 

Surprise your partner with a hearty twist this year with the following unique yet romantic tips. 

  1. Enjoy breakfast in bed: 

If your partner is usually the one who cooks, it’s time to give them some love for it. Take your love meter up a notch and put your cooking skills to the test because you’ll give your partner the best breakfast in bed. 

Imagine the delight it would bring your partner when they open their tired eyes and find a tray full of their favorite dishes. 

So, what to put on a plate? You can always go for the classic platter that includes heart-shaped pancakes with toppings, chocolate-dipped strawberries, fresh croissants, and their favorite morning drink.

  1. A weekend getaway: 

Have you and your special person stepped out for some alone couple’s time? Well, this valentine’s day is the perfect time for a weekend getaway. We recommend enjoying the cozy weather with a scenic view, something like Gatlinburg. 

Rent one of those Gatlinburg cabins with indoor pool, spend time in a sauna, play some indoor games, watch a movie, or unwind outdoors for an iconic view of the mountains at the Smokies. 

You can take advantage of the many thrilling activities offered in Gatlinburg if you are the outdoorsy type, or you can spend days looking at the view both outside and beside you. 

  1. Leave loving post-it notes: 

Remember how we light up when we receive an I Love You text from our person every morning? You can recreate the feeling and leave post-it notes all over your place. 

You can start by placing a message next to the alarm clock and then make your way to every area your partner is likely to go or see. You can place one on the bathroom mirror, leave one in their bag, on the coffee table or even ask their coworker to stick one in their cabin. 

Think of as many reasons as possible about why you love your partner and how you wish to make them feel special. 

  1. Create a basket of favorite things: 

From your partner’s favorite book to their go-to drink, get crazy with ideas and create a custom valentine’s day basket. Add everything you can think of that makes your partner go “Yay!”. 

You can mix their go-to snacks, personalized gifts such as engraved jewelry or a phone case, add their favorite champagne and some red roses. 

It depends on you to either go with expensive gifts or add thoughtful notes, but remember that it should be something your partner loves or wants. 

  1. Candlelight dinner in the backyard: 

Candlelight dinners in a restaurant are cliched. What is more romantic is to have a special meal under the stars (if you can see any) with the person you adore the most. You should let the starry sky and the cold breeze elevate the romantic air, complemented by the meal you’ve cooked yourself. 

Gestures like these, where you put extra effort to make moments memorable, are what matter the most. Light a candle, talk about things, share a nice meal and enjoy each other’s company. 

  1. Get a night sky map: 

Have you ever wanted to know what the heavens looked like when you met “the one”? Now you can, all thanks to the night sky map. 

Many websites offer the services of creating the night sky of any special occasion, moment, date, and time close to your and your partner’s heart. 

You can even have these star maps printed on cushions and vinyl. You can have them customized in shapes, designs, and sizes of your choosing with a personal message. 

  1. Romantic movie marathon: 

The pandemic has given us the beautiful gift of staying home all day and watching movies and TV series. Yes, sometimes there is nothing more romantic than laying in the arms of the person you love while enjoying Netflix. 

To make things memorable, you can list all the classic romantic movies and plan a marathon with your partner’s favorite takeout and popcorn. 

  1. Write a love letter: 

Text messages and pictures are great, but nothing beats the elegance and romance of a handwritten love letter. There was a reason why love letters were considered the ultimate mode of love confessions back in the 90s. 

They are super personal, and you can always have them as a keepsake. You can go all classic this valentine’s and even shower it with your partner’s favorite perfume and put a little flower inside. 

  1. Fly down for a surprise: 

This particular tip is for long-distance valentine. Yes, if you and your loved one have been apart for a while or in a long-distance relationship, the best gift for valentine’s would be a surprise visit. 

You can plan a perfect romantic date with dinner, shopping, and even a movie. There’s nothing more your partner would love than you showing up with flowers and a giant smile. 

  1. Get the spa experience at home: 

If you’re not feeling dinner dates or movie nights this valentine’s day, you can steam things up by planning a unique spa experience at home. 

You can prepare a special bath with your partner’s favorite scents and essential oils. Throw in loads of petals in the tub and decorate the bathroom rest with scented candles and fairy lights. You can top things off with a glass of champagne and some relaxing music. 


Loving someone may be the best feeling in the world, so we should make our loved ones feel special now and then. So, what’s the best occasion to express your love better than valentine’s day? 

We know you must have tried every gift and idea in the book by now, but we bring you these tips to take your romance to the max. So, take our advice and have a wonderful valentine’s.