How to Clean Your Bathtub Pillows

How to Clean Your Bathtub Pillows

Bathing with your bathtub pillow changes the experience. These pillows bring comfort and help you take your time in the bathtub without feeling pain or straining your neck. However, for the pillow to last, you should clean it regularly. This article shows you some of the ways you can clean them. These ways include:

Natural techniques

In the bathroom, there is moisture that comes from warm water used when bathing, and this moisture settles on the bathroom accessories such as bathtub pillows. If left unattended, the moisture leads to mildew and mold growth. These are fungal growth that happens on damp pieces of cloth. If you find your bath pillow with these growths, you can use a natural technique to clear the fungal patches.

This technique uses vinegar and baking soda, and these are safe and can’t harm you even if you use your bare hand. However, it would help for efficiency if you used a sponge and toothbrush if the stains are stubborn.

Cleaning procedure: 

  • Firstly, you will remove the pillow from your bath tab and put it in a designated cleaning area. You would want these chemicals to go into your bathtub, even if harmless. 
  • You will then mix water and vinegar. Some accessories like a pillow for bathtub are made from sensitive material, and it would be best to soften the vinegar before using it on the cover of these pillows.
  • After mixing the solution, dip your sponge in it and scrub the support pillow gently. You will be adding baking soda while at it. If you get the process right, you will see the baking soda reacting with the vinegar. This process helps remove the mildew from the bathtub pillow.
  • If stubborn stain patches are still on the pillow even after scrubbing, you will use the toothbrush to scub the spots thoroughly.
  • After you are through, dry your pillow in the sun to kill the mold or mildew that may be still on the pillow. It would also help clean your bathtub area where you put the pillow to avoid the mold growing back.

Using bleach

If you find mixing the baking soda and vinegar then scrubbing tedious, you can use bleach. In this method, you will mix a cup of oxygen bleach and the same amount of clean water. Using a sprayer, you will apply this solution to the spots where the mold is growing. Alternatively, you can use a sponge to apply the solution. It would help to know that the bleach may be corrosive, and you should have a pair of gloves.

The essential bath accessories, such as bathtub pillow, may have hard-to-reach areas where the mold and mildew target. If you want to scrub those spots, you should use a toothbrush. You will then clean the areas where the pillow rests on the bathtub to prevent future mold growth.

While cushions like a pillow for bathtub offer comfort in the bathroom, leaving them unattended can lead to ugly growth of mildew it molds that can render the bathing pillows worthless. You may end up throwing it away if these growths get to most parts of it. If you want to avoid this situation, you should use any cleaning methods mentioned in this article to help you get rid of these growths before it’s too late.