Best Way of Reading Stock Charts In 2021

Best Way of Reading Stock Charts

In the financial world the stock charts play a vital role in reading the stock charts and making the perfect financial analysis. First of all you need to understand the ways to read the stock charts. After that, you need to make the technical analysis to make the right decisions while you will have to achieve the long term goals in a proper way. For traders they must interpret the stock charts in a proper way to earn the maximum profitability from it.

You must know the ways of reading stock charts as it forms an important part of the technical analysis that will help you to understand the trends. From the viewpoint of a trader you must have the idea to read the stock charts in a proper way. This will help you to understand the market swing at a particular point of time. You need to encash that situation to get better returns from your investment.

What Are Stock Charts?

A stock chart comprises a graphic depiction of the prices of different stocks that are being traded over time. Generally it is drawn on a grid. The horizontal X axis of the chart shows the price observations and the vertical Y axis shows price level of the stocks. There are several important matters that you need to understand regarding the stock charts.

Different Ways To Read The Stock Charts

There are several important ways that you can adopt to develop to read the stock charts in a proper manner. Therefore, let’s explore the ways one after the other to get a better insight into it.

1. Understand The Different Forms Of Stock Charts

If you want to read the stock charts you must know the different forms of the stock charts that you need to analyze while trading in it.

  • Line chart 
  • Bar charts
  • Candlestick Charts

Line chart:-It is a very simple chart that shows the stocks prices at a given point of time during its trading day. After that the closing price is connected with the single point. After that each price point is connected to the adjacent prices of different lines.

Bar Chart:- It shows the range of stocks over a period of time and their rate of price fluctuations from higher to lower level. This is done by drawing the vertical line. After that a horizontal flag is drawn from the left to right from the opening to closing of the stock price levels.

Candlestick Charts:- This chart type is invented in Japan and comprises more information compared to the bar charts. The color of every candlestick indicates the current position of the stock prices whether the stock prices are higher or closed down for the period. The most popular color schemes are white, red, black and green. White and green indicates the higher prices of the stocks and red & balck indicates the fall in prices of the stocks.

Hence, if you want to excel in trading business then you need to understand the different forms of stock types.

2. Reading The Trend Lines

Reading the trend lines of the stock will help you to understand the current market scenario of the stocks. In this trend line you will understand the current trends of the stocks. You will understand that the stock prices are on a higher trend or prices are falling. Trend lines can be drawn easily with the highs and lows it will indicate what is the current situation of the stock prices and what you need to do as per the current situation.

Hence, if you can understand the trend lines then you can crack any market stock rates to earn better returns from your investments.

3. Reading the Stock Splits 

Stock splits occur when the prices of the stocks have risen significantly  at a higher rate. An average investor may have to buy those stocks in different rounds. The stock splits makes the stocks available to many investors and they can use these stocks to earn better returns from their investments. This actually increases the demand for the stocks and the investors can gain more profits from it at a small span of time.

4. Reading The Trading Volumes   

The stock trading volume shows different interests at different points of time. Notable shifts can be observed in the trading volume; it provides notable features for the directional movement of the stocks. You need to keep an eye on the different levels of breakouts from the situation of the classic components of the reversal patterns of the technical analysis of the stocks.  Sometimes it happens that the stock prices may increase in large volumes also you have to know what is inc. In such a scenario,it will indicate the upward move of the stocks. Now if the stick prices fall then it will indicate the downward flow of the stocks to a great extent.

5. Need To Understand The Stock Chart Terminology

You need to understand the stock chart terminology to understand the current situation of the stock prices in a better manner. In this regard, there are certain stock price terminologies that you need to be well aware of. The better you can understand these terms the better it will be for you.

  1. Ticker
  2. Dividend
  3. Yield
  4. High & Low.
  5. P/E ratio.
  6. Open
  7. Close

These are some of the important points that you need to consider while you will analyze the stock charts in a proper way.


Hence, the above mentioned ways you can apply to analyze the stock charts in a better way. You cannot take things casually in trading. You need to understand the trends of the stock prices so that you can make the correct decisions regarding your investments in the stock prices. The better you go through the stock chart the better you can make your investments to gain the maximum returns from your investments. The stock chart tells all the stories regarding the current situation of the stock prices. Therefore, you need to focus your attention in reading the stock charts properly then only you can get the maximum returns from your investments.