Know these 7 Essentials Products for Grooming

grooming kit

Today, more than ever, men want to look their best. It probably has everything to do with fashion and beauty trends that have influenced men into pursuing more for their aesthetic appearance. Luckily, not much goes into grooming for men. Once you get it right with the hair and beard, your clothes are all that’s left.

Even then, some essentials make up a good grooming kit. They remind you of all the aspects of your body that needs attention. Since all men need that reminder, here are 7 essential products every man needs for grooming:

#1. A high-quality hair trimmer

There is a lot to shave when it comes to men. The beard and the hair are the most elaborate ones. Having a hair trimmer that can cater for all your shaving needs is the best thing you can gift yourself with. If you have not checked this box yet, check out the Braun series 9 review to understand what exactly you need to be looking for in a hair clipper.

#2. A face wash product

Thanks to the facial hair on men’s face, dirt and product build-up gets to every one of them. Food crumbs, sweat, dirt, drool, among other things, can clog up your beard and face overall. Having a face wash product on your shelf will help with the grooming process. It is the best way to get rid of all the dirt and allow the pores of your face to breath. It will also help control oil build-up on your face, particularly if you have an oily skin type.

#3. A sunscreen product

Unless you want to end up with a face that is red, scaly and very unpleasant to look at, sunscreen is important. A product that has sunscreen will protect your face from harmful UV rays. It is also a great way to moisturize the skin and leave it feeling and looking fresh.

#4. An Unscented Deodorant

Men cannot afford to smell bad. This goes for both body odor and the mouth breath. When it comes to body odor, men have stronger smells than women. This means that a man’s sweat is more likely to smell worse than that of a woman. It is why every man needs a good deodorant. Even then, avoid scented deodorants because they cheapen your personal brand and take away your fragrance shine. Instead, resolve for an unscented one. Select the best quality that will soak into your skin and holds strong for 24 hours, without under-arm stickiness.

#5. Pomade

The perfect pomade is the key to rocking different hairstyles. A pomade helps hold the hair in place throughout the day. With this one, you have to be particular with your hair type because they work differently for different men. For easy maintenance, go for a water-based pomade. It washes off easily with water. This way, you will not need to shampoo every day.

#6. Lip Balm

Yes! Every man needs a good lip balm. The last thing you want is to flaunt a nice haircut with chipped, cracked dry lips. Applying a little lip balm helps restore moisture on your lips. This will also give them more life by allowing more blood vessels in the area to give you a fresh look. If a lip balm doesn’t work for you, opt for a moisturizer that doubles up as a balm. This way, you won’t have to moisturize your lips on a stick.

#7. Nail cutter

Nothing will throw off your look like dirty chipped and ragged nails. Hands are active in a lot of things, including eating. If you cannot keep your nails in check, then it is not believable that you have out any efforts in your grooming. Some men are comfortable to go out for manicures and pedicures. If this is not you, then the least you can do is own a nail cutter.