Love To Cook? 5 Items You Need To Up Your Game

Love To Cook

Food is not only a staple for survival, but it‘s also fun, delicious, and a way to show your love to friends and family. It provides pleasure, aids social situations, and is a fun hobby. Even if you’re a pro chef, there is always room for improvement. Add these items to your kitchen and you’ll be on your way to becoming the next Wolfgang Puck in no time!

Good Quality Knives

A great set of knives will get you far. A classic chef’s knife is absolutely essential and will cut just about anything. Look for a knife that feels weighty in your hands which is indicative of higher quality. Next up is a paring knife that should function in a similar way to a chef’s knife, but is best for cutting smaller food or peeling vegetables. A serrated knife is indispensable as the jagged edge will help you tackle thicker-skinned fruit and veg and some meats, not to mention bread.

A Sharpening Stone

Having a solid set of knives is all very well and good but keeping them sharp and in good working condition requires a sharpening stone. There is no point splashing out on knives if you let them fall into ruin! Use it regularly and your knives will thank you for it. 

Invest In A Slow Cooker

Cooking is all well and good but for those weekdays where you’ve stayed at the office until 8 pm, a slow cooker will give you the satisfaction of a home-cooked meal without any of the effort. Simply peel, chop and throw your ingredients into the cooker then set the timer for your desired cook time. If you have kids this will be your saving grace. You can batch prep the ingredients when you have a quiet moment, pop them into a container and then either refrigerate until needed or stick in the freezer and defrost the night before you plan to make your meal. Next time you host a dinner party you can impress your friends with a slow-cooked ragu and your friends will think you’ve spent hours slaving over the stove!

An Indoor Herb Garden

No need for dusty old dried herbs if you have a hydroponic garden in your kitchen! Your food will be elevated by using fresh herbs and your home will be enlivened with the delicious scent of all of that basil and rosemary. Plus it will look super swanky on your counter!

A Cast-Iron Grill Pan

If you love to cook meat a grill pan is an absolute must. Ever wondered how steak restaurants achieve those perfectly seared lines? It’s with a grill pan! If you don’t have access to a barbecue then this pan will become your best friend. Impress your partner with some spectacularly grilled meat and you’ll be in their good books.

Drop your best tips below in the comments and share your knowledge with fellow food lovers!