Why Choose Magento 2 For Your Mobile Commerce Business

why choose Magento2

The use of smartphones is growing rapidly around the world. It is estimated that more than 5 billion people have a mobile device today. Many e-commerce companies have begun to invest in the mobile commerce industry as they find it is a useful tool to market their brand and to acquire new customers.

There are various platforms available for those businesses who want to step into the M-Commerce industry. These platforms include Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, and several others that dominate online presence on mobiles using apps.

Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, is the latest trend in the e-commerce industry. Magento has been the best-rated technology and is able to help any business provide exceptional customer satisfaction on any mobile device. Magento Mobile Commerce offers flexible options for creating online apps. As a mobile-optimized platform, Magento e-commerce stores are compatible with all versions of mobiles.

With a Magento e-commerce store, you get a user-friendly interface with multiple payment options. You can create user-friendly catalogs to enhance the functionality of web stores. With Magento, you can expect a fast loading website that attracts more visitors and drive more sales.

Here are 5 reasons that focus on why Magento 2 is considered the best choice for mobile commerce:

#1. It Is Google Friendly

According to Google’s latest algorithm, Google prefers sites that are customized for providing mobile friendly results, to list on its search engine result pages. It also reduces the ranking of websites that are not optimized and responsive for mobile devices, thus penalizing them.

With Magento 2, you do not have to worry about creating a separate version of your website for mobile application. A site created or migrated to Magento 2 responds to each device as it has an inbuilt tool for optimizing websites for mobile devices. The days when you had to create different versions of your website for different devices are over.

 With Magento 2, not only can you provide exceptional mobile experiences, but you can also list your business at the top of search engine result pages. When you develop your website in Magento 2, you simultaneously address the needs of the e-commerce as well as the mobile commerce markets to outshine your competition.

#2. Fast Checkout Process

The checkout process is without a doubt the most crucial step in the online purchasing process. Having a slow or complicated checkout process is not a good experience for your customers or for you. Customer abandon a shopping cart that is slow or complicated and can present a big problem for the seller as it leads to a loss of sales and customers.

The best way to prevent the abandoning of a shopping cart is by making the buying process quick, safe and easy. Magento 2 makes buying easy, safe and convenient on a variety of mobile devices. It encourages people to buy products they want in a short span of time, resulting in a boost of the traffic on your m-store.

#3. Magento 2 Is User-Friendly

Nobody likes browsing a slow and unresponsive website that consumes his or her time and provides no desired outcome. If your user has trouble navigating your website on their mobile, the chances are that they will never return. This means you have lost a potential customer and a portion of your sales!

Magento 2 comes with a new, improved design and a user-friendly admin panel as well. Editing the site with Magento 2 is easy, with no delays or errors. This makes life easier for retailers, as everyday tasks are much easier to manage using a structured administration panel. From tracking purchase history to ordering and inventory management, everything is done from a single dashboard. In addition, it has tons of templates and themes to offer which makes the web and mobile e-commerce experience shockingly fast.

The structure is simple so that customers can easily search for a product, put it in the shopping cart and easily complete the payment process within minutes.

#4. In-Built Marketing Features

One of the most prominent reasons why Magento 2 is considered an ideal choice for mobile commerce is that it offers a variety of ready-to-use marketing features. These include drag & drop options, visual merchandising, creation of wishlists, catalog management, order management, options to optimize products on category pages, sharing emails, font optimization and customer segmentation.

These features are very helpful and effective as they allow you to build your mobile strategy to promote your business and products for maximum conversions. If you are already running a business in the mobile commerce space, it is high time that you consider upgrading to Magento 2 for your business.

#5. Boost Your Sales

It is no wonder that more than half of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Hence, most sales are derived from cell phones. According to studies, 82% of Internet users in the United States have used a smartphone to shop online. Buyers are 51% more likely to buy products from an online retailer that has a fully mobile-optimized website.

Gone are the days when people use their laptops and desktops to shop online. Nowadays, mobile search is the most prominent option that one uses to search initially. To increase the number of conversions, site owners need to update their websites for different smartphone screens to ensure that they provide their target customers with uninterrupted browsing and shopping experiences. With Magento 2, you can create a mobile app that lets you boost conversions and maximize revenue.


With peoples relying highly on their mobile phones for shopping, focusing on m-commerce is necessary for every business owner. Looking at the details above will provide you with all the justifications you need to understand that Magento 2 is indeed the best choice when you want to provide user friendliness, a faster checkout process for your mobile commerce store. If you are looking for a reliable partner for your mobile commerce business QualDev is the best Magento solution partner for your business.