5 Interesting Bitcoin Success Stories

Bitcoin Success Stories

Bitcoin has now emerged as one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the world, and Ethereum and Ripple are close on its heels. It is yet to reach its maximum value because not all the Bitcoins out there have been mined yet. So, the scope for investments is very much there and more and more investors are coming forward to make hay while the sun shines.

The truth is that a few years ago, the Bitcoins were priced much lower, almost 2000-3000% less and people who had smartly invested then have become millionaires now. You can go through the immediate edge review 2020 to learn how automated software applications help bitcoin investors to trade like a pro. Here are some exciting Bitcoin-success stories that not only make for a good read but also can work like an inspiration for you.

Erik Finman: One of the first stories is that of a teenager Erik Finman who was only twelve years of age when he got $1000 as gift from his grandmother. Instead of blowing up the money on toys and video games as most kids of his age would probably do, he cleverly invested it in Bitcoins. Ultimately, his big gamble paid off and Bitcoin’s price became $1200 a piece only in a couple of years. He sold off the Bitcoins and then used the profits to set up an online educational portal Botangle. This company was launched to provide video-tutoring services. Soon enough it attracted more investors and Erik was offered the option of either selling it off for 300 Bitcoins or for $100,000. He chose the former and has not looked back since.

Kristoffer Koch was writing a thesis for his Mater’s when he came across the Bitcoin. He was then researching on advanced applications for encryption. He sought to spend $26 on the Bitcoin to find out what it was and he could buy 5000 Bitcoins with this money. He then forgot about this investment and went on doing his own thing. Later, when the media began talking of the Bitcoin, he remembered the investment and discovered that he had become a millionaire.

Kingsley Advani is a risk taker because he invested everything he owned into a volatile cryptocurrency. This was when he was working for a software company in his twenties and investing a chuck of his salary in the cryptocurrencies. Since the salary was not much, he even sold off other possessions like his own laptop and headphones. Soon, this investment matured into a 7-figure amount because of the spike in Bitcoin prices in 2017. He then gave up his job and began traveling all over the globe as a startup advisor.

Jeremy Gardner also built a cryptocurrency empire by investing at a time when it was unrealistic to do so. His research convinced him that the Bitcoin was here to stay. Gardner’s friends offered him Bitcoins in return for cash. He was awestruck by the fact that only a web connection was enough to get started with cryptocurrencies. His net worth soon doubled and he turned into a self-made millionaire by 25 years of age. Besides Augur and many minor cryptocurrency businesses, he has started the Blockchain Education Network for empowering students keen to learn about the blockchain technology.

Mr. Smith’s story is one of intrigues and mystery as no one knows him. He apparently earned more than $25 million and used this money to tour the globe. He worked at a company in the Silicon Valley and bought $3000 worth of Bitcoins in 2010 and held onto his investment. When the price touched $800 some days later, he cashed out almost $2.3 million.