10 Best Tips To Move a Hot Tub Safely

Best Tips To Move a Hot Tub Safely

So, you finally found a new home to relocate but have you planned how to move all your belongings? More specifically, the hot tub in your current home. Hot tubs are excellent sources of relaxation and enjoyment, but it’s challenging when it comes to moving them. They are odd-shaped and big in size, making them difficult to move and relocate. In that case, it’s mandatory to find the best ways to move a hot tub without trouble. You can opt for the best solution by leaving it to professional hot tub movers.

Whether you connect with local or cross country movers, they will always come with the necessary equipment required to move the hot tub and also bring quality in their services. They will take complete care of your hot tub throughout the moving process and provide you a hassle-free and smooth hot tub relocation.

What else can a trusted mover do to move your hot tub safely to the desired location?

As heavy objects, most of the hot tubs are prone to damage or breakage. When you hire credible hot tub movers, they make sure that your tub is moved carefully to the next location.

Things Needed To Move a Hot Tub

  • You should have reliable movers and packers with you
  • You must hire a contractor to disconnect any water or electrical lines. 
  • A moving checklist including relocation date, time, and location

Steps to move a Hot Tub safely to the new location:

Gather Moving Supplies

Step ahead and decide if you’re hiring hot tub movers or doing it all by yourself. Hiring professionals won’t put you in a bind; instead, they make your move hassle-free. On the other hand, if you’re doing it yourself, you have to gather all the supplies and moving tools required to uninstall and reinstall the hot tub. The list of supplies may include heavy lifting dollies, moving straps, and plywood to create a flat surface for the hot tub to be rolled on as dollies will get stuck in the ground. 

Reserve Your Moving Truck

You won’t be able to move your hot tub safely until you hire a full-fledged moving truck. Start your search and book a moving truck with a lift gate to load your hot tub. Connecting with a reliable packing and moving agency can get you the best of everything.

Recruit Moving Help

Hot tubs are heavy and require additional muscle efforts to load and move to another place. It’s clear that you will need additional professional help (apart from family members and friends) for your move. It’s great if you can manage it, but it’s recommended to hire up to 3-6 people so it can be easy to move the hot tub.

Assess Your Surroundings

It’s challenging to move the hot tub if it’s surrounded by landscape or some nestled area. First, you have to make sure whether the movers have to move the hot tub across a lawn or if they will have a flat surface to roll across. Having complete knowledge about the surroundings is necessary for making a move successful.

Disconnect The Hot Tub

Don’t forget to unplug your spa before draining the hot tub for the move. It might be connected with some electrical outlets hence it’s mandatory to be free from all the plugs while preparing it for the relocation. You also have to pack the hot tub cords in a waterproof bag, so the wires are protected from getting wet throughout the moving process.

Drain The Hot Tub

Don’t ever randomly drain out water from your hot tub; rather plan and use a pump and hose to direct the water flow to the yards where water is needed and beneficial. You can also drain the water to the street gutter and make the hot tub clean for moving.

Plan Your Route

Planning how to navigate the hot tub towards the loading truck is tricky. There can be a small gate, a narrow pathway, or a set of stairs to cross. So, what would be your strategy to move your hot tub so it can reach safely to the truck and then to the desired location.

Place Plywood Pieces Under The Hot Tub

Place plywood pieces underneath the hot tub to make it easier to move. Due to the plywood, hot tub gets a flat surface, allowing movers to lift and shift the hot tub to move quickly and safely.

Slide Furniture Dollies Underneath The Hot Tub

After pulling and moving the hot tub outside from stairs and narrow pathways, it’s time to make the hot tub ready to load to the moving truck. But it’s not as easy as you think; it requires a lot of effort and tricks to make the loading process possible. You can do it by sliding the dollies at the front and back ends of the hot tub. Here, you need to make sure that your hot tub is firmly set and stable on the dollies and will not fall off while moving. For more protection, you can secure the jacuzzi with robust straps.

Roll The Hot Tub To The Loading Ramp Or Lift Gate And Load It Onto The Truck

Once your jacuzzi is secured with dollies and binding straps, you can now roll the hot tub to the moving truck that you’ve rented from reliable sources. Remember, you can’t do it alone, as the tub is heavy and sometimes leads to damage and injury. Take the help of around four people to roll the tied hot tub to the moving truck. Similarly, you have to roll the hot tub to unload it and properly place it at the new home. Make sure all sides are secured to the dollies and straps so that you can get a safe and smooth hot tub unloading.

Are You Ready to Move Your Hot Tub?

You have all the necessary points regarding moving the hot tub from one place to another. But wait, don’t try to do everything on your own as a few tasks require a lot of effort that professional hot tub movers can only handle. It is recommended to first connect with reputed movers who know how to move a hot tub with safety. Hiring a reliable agency, you can rest assured that your hot tub is in safe hands and will be moved safely to the desired location.