10 Best Business Listing Directories in USA

Best Business Listing Directories in USA

Online business directories are an incredibly efficient means of selling the company to prospective US customers. These accessible channels make discovering everything they want super convenient for individuals. With seemingly available alternatives, the company is bound to shine in no time. 

On the other hand, we live in an era where 97 percent of individuals learn more online than anywhere else about local businesses. So it would be a missed opportunity to fail to tap into this effective form of advertisement.

Company directories can be a great aid for SEO to improve the rank of your site on search engines. This includes ads, customer and professional feedback, and much more. 

So let’s check out some of the best USA company directories like Citylocal Pro for the success of your small business without additional delay.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau is a USA business directory that only allows trustworthy companies gathered through a National Partner Network. Also, it is proud of being an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can rely on each other by taking care of buying decisions and providing credibility with excellent service.

So if your company is one of quality that meets the required specifications, then applying for a listing is very beneficial.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List has 10-12 million clients each month, such as roofers, plumbers, handymen, mechanics, doctors, and dentists. They are looking for the best local service providers. In more than 720 categories and 10 million user reviews and ratings, the directory provides free access to companies.

Yahoo Localworks

Yahoo Localworks will help you control your company listings across more than 70 digital directories, including digital maps, apps, social networks, GPS systems, and search engines. 

Also, pricing begins at $8.25 per month and allows you to handle publisher feedback. This ensures that potential buyers have the information about your brand, in addition to helping you maximize listings.


This company directory is not for individuals who want their own business to be registered. It is for people who are looking for partners and buyers for companies. It is a very helpful small business directory in the US. On the other hand, over 11 million companies in nearly 4,000 industries are on the list.

You can order custom listings that include the right details you need and want. Every day, enormous databases and many users make Datantify one of the best business directories available in the USA. 


Moving on, Foursquare is a foreign company that lists subpages that are addressed to each country. A vast population of approximately 50 million users and a large number of registered companies: over 100 million. For Foursquare, there are free and paid options and even a standalone mobile map.

Express Update

Express Update is a member of Infogroup, a broader company. It is one of the biggest corporate directories in the USA. A very simple and fast company listing containing only the most important company information and a description of it. 

On the other hand, it is linked to some other business directories, such as Yelp, and some search engines, such as Yahoo. It means that on these websites, your business will be shown.

Hubspot Solutions Directory

The digital marketing giant Hubspot makes it simple to enter their free directory and gain access to companies seeking to recruit an agency or service provider. Listing the company and making it connected with such a trusted brand is a win. That too with 44,000+ clients in 100+ countries.

Also, please notice, however, that the directory currently does not accommodate freelancers or businesses with just one employee.

The Business Journals

The Business Journals is a forum targeting decision-makers in business. With 43 blogs, it has an audience of 10 million. A free account can give you access to Breaking News, company tips and industry expert advice, local business leaders’ career changes, and many other resources.

Also, paying members are given access to broad lists of local business information and contacts. Plus a copy of their Book of Lists and a weekly paper. So have yourself put on the list.


Craigslist is a local online Business Directory in USA that offers an overwhelming range of categories. It dates back to 1999 when founder Craig Newmark converted his San Francisco Bay Area email newsletter into a website highlighting local events. 

It tends to exhibit a very simple text-based style and effectively encourages no ads, advertising, or marketing. Yet the website continuously ranks higher than websites like Netflix. 

Lucky for companies, without registering or logging in, everyone can post and display listings.

Citylocal Pro

Citylocal Pro is a leading local business directory in the USA that supports both business owners and local search engines. They assist corporations in maintaining and enhancing their exposure online. They even help you raise brand awareness. Developers work hard to create a site where only accurate local listings are available.

So, this is the reason why they are known as one of the best online Business Directories in the USA.


In conclusion, each of these business listings is, essentially, a very powerful tool for your business. More importantly, some of them add data about your business to databases automatically, and you can later retrieve your page. This is a very good and fast way to increase your business’s sales, exposure, and general knowledge in the local communities.