CBD Oil Benefits: How to Make CBD Oil Work Better?


CBD (cannabidiol) oil has become one of the popular and more acceptable cannabis products among athletes and other people who seek the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. CBD, alongside THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), are extracted from the cannabis plant. To truly get the best CBD oil buy CBD seeds online to grow your own plants and then convert the buds into oil. This will ensure the plants strain matches your needs and is always fresh. Although general marijuana use is still illegal in most regions in the US, CBD oil is legal. The federal law allows doctors and retailers to offer CBD oil as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Studies focusing on the health and physical benefits of cannabis products like CBD oil show promising results. Today, experts tout CBD for relieving a myriad of health conditions ranging from pain management in arthritis and post-chemotherapy patients to appetite, sleep, and recovery in athletes. CBD oil also offers mental health benefits and is a common alternative medicine prescription for reducing anxiety, stress, and depression.
Although most reports indicate that CBD oil can improve your overall health, it will only be useful if your body can absorb adequate amounts of the compound. Therefore, it is vital to identify the best way to take this essential plant nutrient and enhance its benefits in your body.

The best way to take CBD oil

CBD oil mainly comes in the form of a tincture you can add to a carrier oil such as coconut or sesame oil. However, CBD products include concentrates, edibles and topical creams, among others. Some of the recommendable ways to take CBD oil include:

  1. Adding CBD oil to meals

Taking CBD oil in meals is ideal if you like to prepare your food. This compound can be an essential component of your baked snacks, and you can also add them to salads, cookies, bread, cereals, and porridge, among other meals. According to new studies, the type of food you eat can significantly influence the absorption of CBD oil. It is also more efficient than taking it in isolation.

In the same way, you need vitamin C to absorb iron adequately; CBD oil absorption is more effective in the presence of other vital micronutrients. Taking high-fat meals will notably increase the absorption of CBD oil simply because the body naturally absorbs more of what is inside the food you consume.

  1. Using a tit pipette or dropper

As a tincture, using a dropper is among the natural way to take CBD oil. This involves sucking in the oil into a dropper and releasing the content under the tongue. A dropper works efficiently and is the easiest way to introduce CBD oil into your body quickly. Just like an eyedropper, you only need two or three drops in the mouth to up your intake of this vital nutrient. If you are in Canada, you can mail order CBD oil from reputable online dispensary Canada retailers. Make sure you choose only high-quality CBD products.

  1. Infusing CBD oil into smoothies and shakes 

Adding CBD oil into drinks, smoothies, and shakes is another emerging option popular among athletes. This method is convenient as you can quickly make CBD oil part of the ingredients you add to your pre-workout and post-workout shakes. You can also combine CBD oil to your drinking water. The best products for this option are odorless and only retain the natural hemp flavor. If you blend it into a shake, you will hardly tell the difference in terms of taste.

  1. CBD oil capsules and pastes

You can find CBD oil capsules that resemble conventional vitamin and mineral supplements. These options are ideal if you prefer to carry your supplements in solid-state in a bottle. It also gives you more control over the quantity you consume. CBD oil can also come in paste form that you can massage into the skin. Other products are available as mouth sprays that you can administer orally.

How to increase the intake and benefits of CBD oil 

Regardless of what you are using CBD oil for, your body must absorb the right amounts to influence your endocannabinoid system in the way you intend. Instead of taking CBD oil in any form, you should ensure you choose proper ways to administer and maximize its benefits. Here are a few insights to help you increase CBD absorption:

  • Take the right types of CBD oil

There are different types of CBD oil available on the market. The quality also varies depending on various factors, including the cultivation environment and nutrients. Standard CBD options include CBD isolate, which is a purified white, powdery CBD molecule. Full-spectrum CBD oil comes from the plant cannabis and may consist of other cannabinoids including CBN, CBC, CBG, THC, and THCA.

Broad-spectrum CBD is another popular variant that contains all phytocannabinoids but does not feature any detectable amounts of THC. Another emerging option is Nano-CBD, which is a tiny shrunk CBD molecule turned into water-form to enhance absorption through the skin. You must pick the ideal form and type for your needs.

  • Use CBD to target specific medical conditions

CBD oil can aid a litany of medical conditions and provide various benefits as a nutritional item. Incorporating CBD oil into your daily diet can help you achieve better mental function and cardiovascular health. Nowadays, people are germinating cannabis seeds by themselves and then cold press them to create their own CBD oil. Although CBD oil is safe for human consumption, it is advisable to use it for specific goals. It includes pain relief, sleep, rest and recovery, weight and appetite management, or athletic performance. To increase the benefits of CBD oil, you need to keep track of your dosage and monitor new developments in the condition it is treating.

  • Use CBD oil around your workout sessions

Taking CBD oil with pre-workout and post-workout meals is a great way to increase both the absorption and metabolism of the compound. Physical activity naturally increases your body’s metabolism and blood circulation, allowing you to absorb more nutrients. Eating the right meal (such as fish, nuts and other ingredients that contain unsaturated fats) can boost CBD oil absorption and its subsequent activity in the body. Regular workout will also improve your overall health and make it easier for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.


Finding and using CBD oil is an effortless task as there are several retailers and dispensaries on the market. However, not all offers are desirable. It is still essential to make sure your CBD oil comes from a reputable source. You should choose products from organic farms and plants, or ensure the CBD is in its purest form. Only by taking high-quality CBD oil products will you realize the health benefits of this infamous cannabinoid. It is also advisable to track your usage and determine if the compound has any tangible results. Some clinics can facilitate this by testing CBD oil levels in your body.