Cheap Unmanaged VPS, How It Can Support You

What the Best VPS Server Provider should Have

Managing a virtual private server could be troublesome if you do not possess the required skills and knowledge for doing it. In accordance with that, when you take a look at a particular VPS server hosting plan, you may be noticed that cPanel is included as one of the hosting plans’ features.

In principle, cPanel is a server control panel that can ease the management tasks of the server users. It is a Linux based software. For that reason, to give you the simplicity when it comes to managing the server, cPanel is the answer for that. Besides, because of its simple interface and navigational functions, even beginners themselves do not find any difficulties in operating the cPanel. This is also the reason of cPanel is quite popular among server users.

This article will help you to understand about the usage of cPanel and how it can be very beneficial for you if you implement it on your VPS hosting.

cPanel and WHM on a VPS

As a control panel on a regular operating system for PC, cPanel works the same way. cPanel is like your helping tool for the management of a server. As for WHM itself, it stands for Web Host Manager; WHM enables you to create several cPanel accounts. In brief, the server administrator uses WHM to manage the cPanel account, while cPanel is a control panel used by the user to simplify the management of server hosting. In a more comprehend explanations, let’s take a look below:

  • cPanel

cPanel is a server control panel that helps the cheap VPS user in managing the server. cPanel is a Linux based software that can help the Linux VPS user to operate the server.

  • WHM

Web Host Manager is a software that serves as the administrator of the cPanel account. Instead of managing the server like cPanel, WHM is the tool that helps you manage the cPanel account.

Advantages of using cPanel and WHM on a VPS

As mentioned above, cPanel is a popular server control panel due to its simple interface and quite similar to a regular OS control panel. It makes you as a server user, able to use it without having to learn about it from scratch. Below are the advantages of utilizing cPanel on cheap VPS hosting:

  • Enabling the user to handle email and add domain based on your hosting bundle.
  • Giving you full control towards FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account so you can move, upload or delete the data in your server.
  • Generating statistic reports in terms of the number of website visitors on a monthly basis.
  • Many API and plugins enable the user to quickly download the update for Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress.
  • By having several functions, like file restoration and backup, you know that cPanel has several security regulations when it comes to your data security.

As a backend supervisor of cPanel, having a web host manager alongside your cPanel will eventually give you several advantages as well, in particular:

  • Utilizing WHM allows you to install and handle the SSL certificate with ease.
  • It is enabling the whitelist and tasks assigning of your IP address.
  • By having a web host manager, you can have administrator access to all the registered accounts in it. So when it comes to changing the ownership of a particular account due to the deletion or being sold, you can easily manage it.
  • As a web host manager user, you can receive updates, newsletters, or any other latest information through your web host manager.
  • It allows the websites to rename by themselves by using another web host manager.
  • WHM helps you in overseeing the server resources and status.
  • Utilizing a web host manager simplifies the server management technical tasks so you can concentrate more on your business department and fulfill the customers’ demands.

Should you get a cheap VPS with cPanel?

Due to server technology development in terms of its hardware and software, the virtual private server has become more famous among experts and regular users. Due to this fact, you can find many hosting providers out there that offer lots of variations of hosting plans, from small business to enterprise usage, and also for an ordinary user who seeks assistance in supporting his website. Hence, the hosting service market’s competitiveness has become quite tight, and it benefits customers like you to get a low-cost VPS hosting plan.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a VPS server plan that is affordable for you. You can easily find it even in your local area. On the other hand, from these many providers that offer low-cost VPS with cPanel feature. You still have to carefully select which one can provide you with the best VPS hosting plan that matches your current needs. There are several things that you should take into considerations. In particular, you may have to find out about the previous clients’ reviews. Based on the reviews, you can assess the way a hosting provider serve their customers.

In addition, you may want to compare several hosting plans from some of the hosting providers that you have listed. In doing so, you can find the hosting plan that suits your budget. Another thing that you have to consider is the amount of resources that of a cheap VPS hosting plan. In considering the resources, you have to know the server’s purpose first. If you need the server to support your website, you should pick the hosting plan that can have a bandwidth compatible with your current website traffic. On the other hand, if you think that you will utilize the server for foreign currency exchange, you have to pick a VPS hosting plan that supports Forex trading software.

Last, you may want to know about the customer support availability of the hosting provider. Assuming that you have signed up for a cheap VPS with managed and cPanel support, there is still a possibility for unexpected issues. In preventing these issues from interrupting your work, you have to make sure that you have 24/7 customer care from your hosting provider.