Types of Lock and Professional Locksmith Service


You may not be familiar that there are several locksmiths, and these locksmiths may also prefer various services to specialize in. You may be wondering what to expect from a locksmith service, whether it is a residential locksmith or commercial locksmith. Here in this article, we have listed down the types of locks and what services your local locksmith should provide:

Types of locks

Locksmiths must be aware and expert at mending and installing various locks. There are approximately sixty different types of locks that locksmiths are taught to work with. These locks are further divided into categories such as:

  • The first category includes locks found on entrances and in drawers, closets, and cabinets. These are called church locks.
  • Locks generally found on external house doors called cylinder locks to fall in the second category.
  • The third ones are digital locks. These locks are accessed with pin codes and swipe cards.
  • Last but not least, level locks generally found on internal house doors.

The type of locks you install for specific aspects will be based on the level of safety you want, and your locksmith should be competent to walk through your choices and offer recommendations as to which types of locks would be most suitable for security.

Locksmith Types:

Generally, there are three types of locksmiths, namely:

  • Emergency locksmiths
  • Auto locksmiths,
  • Residential/Commercial locksmiths

The type of locksmith you require depends on the situation you are stuck in. If you accidentally leave your keys inside and shut yourself out or if you broke off your key inside your lock, then you need to call an emergency locksmith. Emergency locksmith can reach you as soon as possible, but it is suggested to keep an emergency locksmith’s number for situations like these.

For circumstances that need the proficiency of auto mechanics, you will require an automobile locksmith. For stuff like residential alarm systems and deadbolt installations, you should employ a residential/commercial locksmith.

Locksmith Services

In addition to the earlier exemplified locksmith services, you can expect more from local locksmiths as they are skilled at multiple other tasks. These tasks include installing window locks, restoring door locks, winning access into the car, making new keys for you, making a duplicate key for existing one, lock picking, installing locks in filing cupboards, mending, and introducing garage door locks.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Locksmith 

If you have never faced a locked out emergency in your life, you may not know how valuable locksmiths are. Plus, how they can bring you out of this stressful situation skillfully. Similarly, if you have ever mistakenly left your keys inside your home, you may have the idea of how hard it is to unlock the door without the assistance of a professional locksmith. Here are some legitimate benefits of hiring a professional locksmith service:

  •  Fast Response

When you need a locksmith and decide to hire a professional locksmith, you will not have to worry about the late response. These professionals respond to various types of emergencies day-to-day. Thus, they can repair the lock in a couple of minutes. 

  • Availability

Since most mobile locksmiths offer their services 24 hours every week, you can contact them anytime. Thus, there is no issue where you are on your way. You do not have to panic. It is likely to get their services apart from the time of the day.

  •  Professional and Experienced

Another incredible thing about these experts is that they are nicely trained and skilled. This explanation can deal with any job, whether it needs installation or any replacement work. According to their knowledge, they can work on all kinds of problems linked to locks. They have a complete pack of equipment and adequate tools to deal with all sorts of situations.

The locksmiths that are certified have to go for some intense drill and training for several years. They are instructed to repair or rebuild several kinds of locks. Thus, you can rely on their knowledge and capability. Just be sure that the expert is certified or not. In the end, you do not wish to pay an untrained locksmith. They may harm or damage the security system.

  •  Specialized Services

Some experts specialize in specific fields. Highly trained experts work for the agencies of law enforcement. Hence, these experts are wanted all around the world. Thus, you can find them serving various kinds of organizations, houses, or apartments.

  •  Reliability

If you hire a local locksmith to get your locks repaired, it can be a significant danger as they might be a fraud service provider. However, this is not possible with the experienced locksmiths as these workers are certified, and you can count on them. These experts appear with all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that everything is performed ideally and safely.


We can undoubtedly say, professional locksmiths, offer several services, such as making new keys, safe combination modifications, master key systems, and many more discussed in the above article. In addition to these, some of them can help you with both residential and commercial security systems. So, if you require one’s services, we recommend that you find a professional that is both experienced and skilled.