How to Choose the Right Type of Lockers for Your Warehouse

How to Choose the Right Type of Lockers for Your Warehouse

Several employees work at a warehouse. In 2018 alone, the Warehousing and Storage Industry in the United States of America employed around 1.14 million people. To make things easier for hundreds of employees at your warehouse, you can install lockers.

Lockers allow employees to store their items securely while they are at work. You can buy affordable lockers for sale in bulk for your workplace. However, it is essential to buy the right type of lockers for better efficiency.

Consider the following factors to choose the right type of lockers for your warehouse:

Locker Size

It is essential to buy the right size of lockers for your warehouse. Otherwise, the storage space may be too small to serve efficiently. Or, it may be too large and occupy too much space at your workplace.

Consider the storage needs of your employees to know the right locker size. If they need a locker only to store small items like wallets, phones, and cameras, you can choose small box lockers.

Bigger lockers work the best to store bulky clothes and equipment. Meanwhile, cube lockers are easily stackable and compact. You can assess your employee needs and purchase the lockers accordingly.

Quality Material

Lockers come in different materials. Metal, wood, laminate, and plastic are the most popular ones in warehouses. Check the attributes of each material to know if it is suitable for your warehouse conditions and your employees.

Metal lockers are usually very durable. Meanwhile, plastic lockers can be suitable for areas with higher moisture and humidity. They do not rust in such conditions.

Ventilated lockers come with a wire or metal mesh. They allow good air circulation through the lockers.

Additionally, check if the material of the lockers seems sturdy. You can check if it wobbles while opening or closing. Look for any signs of damages and cracks as well.

Security Features

It is crucial to ensure the safety of your employees’ belongings while they are at work. Look for lockers with efficient security features. For most belongings, locks provide adequate protection.

You can go for a cylinder lock or hasp locks. A hasp lock requires a padlock. You can choose it if you prefer employees to choose their padlocks and own their code or key. Meanwhile, cylinder locks come integrated with the locker. They come with their corresponding keys.

The contents of the lockers determine the locking system level you require. Simple padlocks and key locks are adequate for clothing, phones, and wallets. Digital locks may be necessary if the employees have to store essential organization documents or computer hardware.

Exterior Design

It is essential to consider the exterior design of the lockers as well. Do you want the locker to have a flat top? Employees can use it to store some items as well. Another exterior design that can be very beneficial is locker doors with vents.

Vents on each locker allow proper air circulation throughout the locker. It is helpful if your employees store clothes. Vents also prevent bacterial growth as bacteria mostly grow in darker and moist spaces.

Lockers with sloping roofs can avoid the accumulation of clutter. It makes cleaning easier. You can choose the exterior design of lockers that best suits your warehouse conditions and workers’ preferences.

Antibacterial Coating

Bacteria can quickly build on lockers at warehouses. With several workers touching the surfaces of the lockers, germs may also reside on the lockers. You can avoid bacterial growth by choosing lockers with antibacterial coatings.

At times, lockers with antibacterial coatings can be unavailable or too expensive. You can instead choose to paint the lockers with antibacterial paint. They make the lockers at your warehouse resistant to germs.

It helps in keeping the working environments hygienic and healthy for all your employees.


You cannot afford to ignore the prices while investing in lockers for your warehouse. Look for suitable lockers that come within your business budget. You can buy lockers for sale at affordable costs.

Look out for good deals and discounts from reliable suppliers. You can also consider purchasing used lockers for your warehouse. They come at significantly lower costs than new ones. Make sure to check the quality and condition of used lockers before buying them.

Most used lockers are available in good condition. You can reuse them at your warehouse for a longer duration. Make sure that the prices are reasonable. It is crucial to consider both the quality and cost to find suitable lockers.

Lockers can be handy for warehouses. Your employees can store their belongings conveniently and securely. Make sure to consider the above factors to find the right lockers for your warehouse. You can look for lockers for sale to get good deals.