Real Estate Agents Find Great Success with These 6 Marketing Tools

Real Estate Agents Find Great Success with These 6 Marketing Tools

Real estate agents spend most of their time marketing themselves and their current work. This action is how they get their listings sold and a chance to sell other houses. Thus, marketing is an integral part of every agent’s work and can be a make or break affair.

Whether starting or seasoned in the business, marketing strategies can help realtors make more money or enable their competitors to trample over them. Therefore, a realtor needs to understand various marketing tools and how best to utilize them to their advantage. This article provides a round-up of six marketing tools necessary to align a realtor with potential clients and grow their brand.


Facebook is one of the largest online interaction sites, with over 1.2 billion people as users. It is thus a great place to advertise your work and generate traffic for a real estate website. Beginners can utilize Facebook to offer real estate advice and tips developing an audience that translates to sales over time.

Facebook also offers cheaper advertising avenues essential to real estate agents with minimal budgets to reach a vast market. You can use links to generate traffic or redirect people to the website for further information. Online campaigns are also among the strategies used by agents to form their portfolio and increase their listing.

Advantages of using Facebook 

  • It is easy to set up and navigate; thus, both beginning and seasoned agents can use it for their brand and attract a more comprehensive network.
  • It provides an individual or agent company with adverts that they can afford and offers a broad platform for the sharing of their information
  • Facebook contains other specialized features that enable agents to reach their targeted audience and narrow down to location and age group to help get the desired target audience.


The YouTube platform uses videos to attract and build a relationship with buyers and sellers online. Unlike traditional direct mail for real estate used in the past, the platform offers agents an opportunity to share their style and create a network. It is a fruitful way for realtors to develop a brand and appeal to clients.

Research shows that listings with videos are likely to get more traffic and appeal more to potential buyers. The realtor can sell various styles and types of living that enable them to cut across multiple needs such as minimalistic designs, modern or traditional designs.

Unlike direct mail for real estate, this option allows you to reach a wider variety of clients simultaneously as they can use your YouTube channel to view various designs.

Advantages of using YouTube

  • Saves time as realtors get a chance to offer a tour of the house to a more significant number of potential buyers at the same time.
  • Offer more significant results as those who contact you get narrowed down to the ones interested in the house; thus, every actual visit may easily yield results.
  • Develops the ability to set up a brand and create a relationship with viewers, making you an expert in the field and point of reference to those looking to buy or sell.
  • Makes you relatable and helps build a relationship and connection with your viewers

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican offers an opportunity to create unique postcards and revolutionizes the direct mailings for real estate idea. It provides an opportunity for agents to work with a talented team of designers to make the house appealing and attract more listings. Wise Pelican also offers realtors a chance to access builders in their area and increase their business network.


  • It offers a cheaper opportunity to develop postcards from as low as seventy cents per postcard.
  • The opportunity to work with skilled designers to formulate appealing postcards that catches the attention of potential buyers
  • Distribution services of mail cards and the ability to track covered areas

Instagram – IGTV

The introduction of Instagram IGTV offers a platform for longer videos and access to a broad market keen on style, fashion, and design. IGTV provides a unique opportunity for realtors not only to sell houses, but share their creativity and house hunting tips with their audience. It offers a realtor a chance to take their viewers on house tours and form relationships with them.

Advantages of IGTV 

  • Ability to develop long videos that last at least an hour
  • Access to a broad market of potential buyers
  • Opportunity to sell around the world and increase client base


Twitter is a fast and straightforward way that a real estate agent can use to put their name out there and engage with peers. It gets used to generate traffic to listings or projects an agent is working on and help develop solid leads. Agents who successfully use twitter can build traffic to their websites and answer millions of potential buyers’ questions.


  • It allows realtors to engage their audience, who act as ambassadors to the business by retweeting and offering feedback on listings.
  • Twitter is free and is thus a great marketing strategy for realtors on a budget.
  • It requires some consistency and goes a long way in making the relator an expert in the field.
  • Many individuals spend hours on twitter looking for what’s new in their area and around the world.
  • Having catchy hashtags can enable you to form a community of followers and generate traffic for your website.
  • It also provides enough time to talk to clients and allow them to create a vibrant community that shifts your marketing needs.
  • The platform gets used by over six hundred million people, making it a great platform to sell listings.


Mailchimp is an easy way to send an email to multiple recipients at the same time. It is used by realtors to send listings information to everyone who subscribes to their mailings and enables them to send data to everyone at the same time.


  • Mailchimp makes a realtor’s work easy and will allow them to share information of a house simultaneously to all potential buyers.
  • The platform can also get used to keep clients updated on house statuses and organize an open house viewing. It thus acts as an invitation to events and can be used to track the response of clients.
  • Mailchimp is also vital in getting client feedback and devising ways to serve customers and improve service properly.


The above marketing tools are diverse and work well on varied clients. It is paramount to utilize various tools to reach a comprehensive market and develop a unique brand. You can use these tools together or develop ways to ensure they are useful to your business.