All You Want to Know About Rory John Gates

Rory John Gates

When your father is one of the renowned richest persons around the whole world, you are born with the limelight hitting on your face. It might not be desirable at all; however, it is what it is. Fame has always chased people and their relatives for a long period. All regarding that one name’s characteristics who has made his name in the industry.

The rest covering of the person’s ancestry and next generations by the media is to compare whether the other persons are worthy of the same fame that his/her family holds up to.

Nothing has been different from another son; the son of the multi-millionaire Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Rory John Gates. 

Who is Rory John Gates?

Well, there is no such need for this question when the introduction says a lot about this lad. Now, what we should focus on is what about Rory John Gates. Before that, a brief liner on his ancestry; Rory John Gates is the second child and the only son of the power couple, Mr. Bill Gates and Mrs. Melinda Gates. William Henry Gates III is the founder of Microsoft Corporation; a respectable investor and a powerful philanthropist.

He has donated a huge amount of financial help to the projects dealing with destitute children and distressed people, by creating the world’s largest charitable organization- Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

About the family:

Rory is the second-born child of the Gates couple who has one elder sibling sister (Jennifer) and another younger sibling sister (Phoebe). Rory was born on 23rd March 1999 in Medina, Washington the city, USA. He is 21- years old now. He is a Gemini.

Rory John Gates Childhood:

Rory had a very normal childhood; there was no extravagance in his upbringing just because he was the only son of the second richest person on the earth. He had very stringent parents, who did not let him have his first mobile phone since 2013. Though they are a very closely knitted family, Mr. Gates has always been busy in his workplace almost 16 hours a day. Hence, it was Mrs. Gates who has taken intensive care of all three of their children, including Rory. 

Also, Rory has been well mannered. His father is a true inspiration to him. Just as Bill Gates donates a considerable amount of his earnings to charity purposes; Rory also donates 1/3rd of his pocket money for charitable purposes as well. It is a symbol of a welfare gesture inculcated in him from very kind parents.   

Personal Details:

Rory is 5 ft 5 inch tall, weighs 52 kg. He has a natural brown eyeball color and his hair is grey in shade. 


Rory has gone to the same school that his father and his elder sister Jennifer Katherine Gates had attended; the famous Lakeside School (Private). After completing high school, he has attended the Duke University and earned a prestigious degree in Computer Science and Economics. Later, he showed his keen interest in his father’s laden path and joined the Fuqua School of Business to complete his MBA degree. 

Other Interests:

He is an enthusiast reader. His attempts to gain more and more knowledge through studying are remarkable proofs of that. However, he has a very unique hobby or liking as well. He writes poetry from a very young age. Just like his father, he has an interest in literature as well as technologies.

Rory wrote his first poem named ‘What’s Known as Diamante?’ when he was 10 years old. It was about the physics of light and black holes which is pretty impressive. He also does not have any social media account. He is 22 and yet has refrained from any kind of social media involvement. From this fact, one assumption can be made that he is a media-shy person. Also, he has not seen any of the social events except his family occasions.

Instead of choosing to be the eye candy of the limelight, this young man is into volunteering in different projects dealing with severe diseases and poverty. 


Rory has become an adult this year and according to American law, the children can leave their parents’ home and live on their own. However, the Gates family is unlike the modern families; they all live together within their $123.54 million worthies, a 66000 sqft mansion, Xanadu 2.0. Mr. Gates bought this property back in 1988 when it was worth 2 million dollars. This place is very famous for its design and technological advancement; the worth tax of this place right now is $1 million/year. With an ‘earth-sheltered technology’ and 6 kitchens, this is a royal place where Rory lives with his parents and other siblings. 


There has been no confirmed news of Rory’s career. Also, he is just 22, continuing with his studies. His MBA degree might intricate the fact that he is willing to join his father’s legacy. Rory might join his father’s business and hold up the position of his built kingdom. However, he is very much keen on art forms- poetry and theatres as well. Again his volunteering attitude towards the social malign also exposes his helping attitude towards people. Being such a multi-talented personality, it is expected that wherever he tries his hand on it, he is going to be a gem in that field. 

Rory John Gates Net Worth:

Being born to the world’s second-richest person, his worth is, of course, something that is a well-talked topic on the tabloid or media. According to the Forbes magazine’s estimation, the net worth of Rory John Gates is $20 million. He is also indulged into very much charity, like his father. 

Some unknown facts about Rory John Gates:

  • He is single; straight and a happy lad. He is not at all a spoilt brat/Casanova/playboy, unlike other rich kids.
  • He is a true philanthropist just like his father. 
  • Rory is multiracial; he has parts of rich ancestries like Irish, German, Scottish, and English in his blood. 
  • He is multilingual as well; he can speak in different languages like Irish, Spanish, and German besides English. 
  • Just because he is born and brought up to a doting mother who has inculcated every good gesture in him, Rory is a brooding feminist. 
  • To the reader’s utters surprise, he is a car lover. His collection of cars is something worth focusing on. His assembly of cars includes from Lamborghini to Ferrari. 

Rory might be known as the rich blonde boy from Seattle, he has never been a spoilt or ill-mannered one. Being the only son of the family, Rory has been carrying a huge load of expectations from everyone familiar to him. However, let just wish him to be successful in whatever field he chooses to build his career. Whoever the professional Rory John Gates would become, it is no doubt that he will be a self-made man of immense potential and transparency.