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Scientific improvement has led technological advancement to reach higher levels of inventions day by day. What one cannot deny as the brightest product of science is the internet, the global platform. With the help of this wireless network, from work to entertainment everything has become possible anywhere in the world. For entertainment purposes, there have been sites that cater full episodes of web series, TV shows, and movies to their target audience, sitting at home.

If one can enjoy and relax watching their favorite pastime movies in HD quality at home on their very own home couch, who else would go to movie halls or tune into their TV at the scheduled time to catch their favorite TV shows! Life has been busy, but such sites have kept it easier. One of these free entertainment content downloading websites is ExtraTorrent.

This particular article below discusses every nook and corner of this world popular site- what is ExtraTorrent, why is it banned, its mirror sites, 7 of the best alternative sites for it along with a proxy list, some technical questions-answers regarding the operation of the torrent sites and some frequently asked questions (FAQs). The article ends with a conclusion and a suitable disclaimer. 

What is ExtraTorrent?

ExtraTorrent is one of the most famous Torrent sites that provide the viewers the opportunity of live-streaming and downloading different genres of entertaining programs, for free. There have been some torrent sites that come and go frequently; hence its instability causes its lack of popularity sometimes. However, ExtraTorrent has got tremendous popularity, just like Kickass and Pirate Bay torrent sites. 

ExtraTorrent is established in 2006; it has become popular amongst those who loved to download movies, files, games, web series, latest episodes, music videos, and audios online for free. It is a platform where the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file-sharing method is used. It had a reservoir of entertainment programs in good quality and was the best site to provide even recent-most entertainment files in HD quality. One of the most special features of this ExtraTorrent site was the advanced search functionality. 

Is the main site of ExtraTorrent available now?

No matter how good the service of the ExtraTorrent was and how much popular it has become, like all other free entertainment websites, it was also illegal. ExtraTorrent also used piracy methods to make the contents available to their consumers without the permission of the authority. Hence, in 2017, the main website of ExtraTorrent has been shut down once and forever against the charge by the Anti-Piracy law around the world. The fans were disappointed; some were even confused hoping someday it will be active again. But with all expectations proving wrong, ExtraTorrent is no more reviving at all. However, does that mean it is the end of the world for the ExtraTorrent followers? Not at all; there are some of the Proxy and Mirror sites that immediately came up to help the followers come out of their grief. 

List of ExtraTorrent Mirror sites-

To be brief and clear, a mirror site can be identified as an exact copy of one original site that provides the same feel and looks to the mother site; however, those are hosted on a completely different server and managed by people who have rarely been connected to the actual or mother site.

 After the ExtraTorrent site had been banned forever, there have been some mirror sites that came up in survival of the site’s fans. Not every one of them is active or working, some of them have thrived through a lot of difficulties for years by constantly changing their domain names. Some of these ExtraTorrent mirror sites are mentioned below-

  1. Extratorrent.ch- link: https://extratorrents.ch/
  2. Extratorrent2.net- link:  http://www.extratorrent2.net/
  3. Extratorren.si- link: https://extratorrent.si/
  4. Myextratorrents.com- link: https://myextratorrents.com/
  5. Extratorrentcc.com- link: https://extratorrents-cc.com/

ExtraTorrent Proxy List-

However, there is a huge confusion between the two terms used when one particular website is down- mirror sites and proxy sites. These two are not the same at all. While mirror sites are described above, proxy sites are the sites that only work as messengers. It allows the user to access the contents on a certain site without establishing communication directly to the site. Both sites can be used when internet censorship is questioned. But the latter site only works when original sites work.

As ExtraTorrent has been shut down, not all the proxy sites of ExtraTorrent work. Though the users have broadly been dependent on the mirror sites, here is a list of ExtraTorrent proxy sites that can help to unblock the torrent website itself.

  1. ExtraTorrent Proxy 1 
  2. ExtraTorrent Proxy 2 
  3. ExtraTorrent Proxy 3
  4. ExtraTorrent Proxy 4
  5. ExtraTorrent Proxy 5 

Below is a list of the 7 most popular, free, and easily navigating alternative sites to ExtraTorrent.

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay is one of the most leading Torrentz sites that has struggled and survived a long battle against the Government’s Anti-Piracy law; yet standing tall within the legal boundaries. It has been established in 2003 in Seychelles. It was set up by the Swedish Anti-copyright activists and is a non-profit organization. Some of the founders have also lost their battle against the watchdogs and ended up behind the bars, but their legacy carried on. 

Amongst all the other active websites out there, this is the most file-sharing website in general. From movies to series, to TV shows, to latest episodes, to games, to music videos, and more- there is nothing that cannot be found here; it caters to entertainment programs in more than 35 languages. 


RARBG is a 2008 established website that caters the peer-to-peer file sharing using BitTorrent. This site has become popular amongst the users for having a very clear interface and well-organized home page. Each of the files here features cover art, screenshots, brief descriptions, and other relevant information regarding the content. The bit-rates also vary according to the size of the files- from SD to HD rip to 1080pBlu Ray rips. 

This site caters to different categories of entertainment content- movies, games, TV shows, web series, music, important software, and even adult content as well. Also, here one can find reviews, news, and other entertainment content-related information. RARBG is banned in many places like Australia, the UK, and Saudi Arabia. However, there are ways in which these obstructions can be solved as well; they will be discussed below.          


It is one of the most stylish yet the simplest interface using free content downloading websites. For users who are not aware of the concept of file-sharing or are new beginners, this site is ideal. From around the whole world, people can surf this site and get their contents downloaded since 2007. 1337x uses the BitTorrent protocol to have access to P2P file sharing. The current working domain of 1337x is 1337x.to. There are some other backup domains as well. 


Zooqle might not be the most popular alternative site that people would know; however, it is gradually gaining popularity with its remarkable content reservoir; where one can find 3.5 million torrents files including 37000 movies and more than 600 TV shows. More than 1000 torrents files are uploaded here every day. The design of the site is modern and it has excellent functionality as well which makes it one of the advanced sites to serve the purpose. Yet, the users will not face any tantrums while using it as it has a super smooth interface. The interface has a search bar along with a most seeded torrent section and a recently added torrent section. Right now this site is available in English and Russian, but soon it will become multi-lingual as well.

YTS.ag/ YTS.am/YIFY-

The initial name of this site is YIFY which was started a few years back by a very small group of people with a motto of serving good torrent files in higher quality. However, within a small span, they became so popular that they started their own torrenting site YTS. This site like many others has been under constant threat, especially from the New Zealand Gov.; however, it remained to survive for its quality of content. It uses x264 encoding format that makes the content quality higher and the speed the highest. YTS.am is a pretty good site to download foreign movies of the best quality; however, YTS.ag is world-famous for high-quality movies. 


LimeTorrentz can be described as the general-purpose torrent that seems to be growing and developing, becoming more popular day by day. The file-sharing status has been in turmoil for a quite long time while turning stagnant. LimeTorrentz has properly worked on its homepage to make it brighter and visible for its users. The popular categories have eye drawing buttons and the search bar is also very prominent. While the rest of the site is not impressive at all; the quality of the torrents at this site is not at all disappointing. Also, it has a regularly updated library of contents as well. The speed of the files is good; there are more numbers of seeders and leechers in the torrent files than any other site torrent files.    


From TV shows to movies to music, games, books, anime, and comics- if there is one place the user is searching for to find all of these together, TorrentDownloads is the site they should dig in. The site is worthy of safety downloads and completely ad-free, just as it is cost-free as well. During the download process, one is redirected to iTorrents.org; a free-of-cost torrent caching online platform. This is solely for the protection of the site from copyright issues. Some other sites prefer to use Magnet files from downloading torrents to avoid this anti-piracy lawsuit. This has an amazing record for the time; any file that any other tracker fails to find can be certainly found here, in TorrentDownloads. 

However, many countries have blocked this site from providing any service due to piracy issues and its high profile. 

That is not a problem at all if technological and software help is taken. Below is a discussion on that. 

How do ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites Work to Unblock ExtraTorrent?

The proxy sites of ExtraTorrent works as a connection between the user and the destination website. While any of the ExtraTorrent proxy sites are used to get access to the contents, It diverts the internet traffic of the user’s browser to the ExtraTorrent server by passing through these proxy sites. Besides it helps to crack open and unblock the ExtraTorrent site, it also offers to get access to ExtraTorrent sites even within the restricted area. 

Why You Should Use ExtraTorrent Proxy Websites To Unblock ExtraTorrent?

It has been mentioned before that the ExtraTorrent site has been taken down in 2007 by the copyright watchdogs of the wireless connection society. Even if the user is willing to download torrents, ExtraTorrent proxy sites are the best ways to do that. Different proxy sites lead to the clone sites of ExtraTorrent to get to the website. These sites, however, are volatile and often can get blocked as well.

Using VPNs to Unblock ExtraTorrent- 

Most of the countries in this world have blocked one two or more sites on the internet. However, that has never stopped the users from avail of those networks. Everything has become possible with the help of downloading VPN software. This software comes with a list of servers; from different countries.  Check where are the places where ExtraTorrent is available and accessible. Now, with an additional add blocker, one can enjoy uninterrupted service to the proxy sites and download their favorite contents from those. 

ExtraTorrent FAQs-

  • Is Torrenting Illegal?

With the existing ban and anti-piracy law thriving on these sites, this is the most common question that comes to the user’s mind. However, torrenting itself is not illegal until and unless there is a copyright issue. This means, one can seed and download materials from the torrent; it is absolutely within the law. If the torrent site is distributing or letting the users download copyrighted materials, it is illegal. 

  • Why all torrenting sites are banned even when torrenting is not always illegal?

As mentioned in the above question, not all actions of the torrent are illegal. Until and unless the downloaded material is legal and copyrighted, seeding and downloading from torrents are absolutely under the law. However, it is difficult for the watchdogs to keep an eye on and have a track of the sharing contents via torrenting sites. Hence, to stop the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials, some countries ban all torrenting sites. 

  • Why VPN is necessary to have access to ExtraTorrent alternatives?

Even if a user is taking part in legal torrenting, it can still be dangerous in many ways. Hackers can steal the user’s data, the downloading files can be virus affected, hence it can bring malware to the system they are being downloaded. To save from all the possible malice, the Government in most of the countries have restricted and outright these services. However, a VPN can keep a person safe from all these possible malign. It can provide the user a getaway from any annoying torrenting bans, ISP throttling, and geoblocks. It can also prevent unnecessarily and protect the user’s privacy as well. 

  • Are ExtraTorrent mirror sites safe?

The real ExtraTorrent site has been banned from 2017 with a notice that all other available ExtraTorrent sites would be clones and fake and hence should not be used at all. However, there have been ample ExtraTorrent mirror sites that have been the savior of the ExtraTorrent users for years. The above-listed ExtraTorrent mirrors are safe for the time being. However, there is no guarantee that they will remain safe in the future at all. 


Above is an overall article about ExtraTorrent and every nook and corner regarding the site. Also, there is a list of existing active alternatives as well where one can enjoy the similar features executed by the parent ExtraTorrent site. 


The above article discusses the different alternative sites of ExtraTorrent sites from where any entertainment material can be streamed or downloaded for free. All these activities are done illegally; without the permission of the authority. Hence, it is an act of piracy. The above article is completely based on the sole source of knowledge and information. We neither support nor promote any illegal or piracy activities.