Benefits of Android Push Notifications – Powerful Marketing Strategy

Android Push Notifications

Whenever you connect your mobile phone with the internet, which first thing appears on your screen? Yes, you are thinking this right. It’s the push notifications which are received from various apps stored in our devices. Whether we are interested or not, so we act accordingly, either we ignore or many times we interact with these push notifications.

In today’s scenario, these push notifications become the major ingredient for mobile marketing recipes which is proving beneficial as well. Let’s see how

Top Benefits

Rapid Followers Support Collection

A mobile application could immediately start its regular public engagement when it activates its React Native Push Notification Service. Even though the subscription rate is typically 15-20%, still this process generates a good amount of rush and that too at a rapid rate. As a user, the person just needs to click on the “Allow” button in the browser window.

This is the simplest and easiest process as there is no need to drive the user for using your app. Further, there are no personal details required in this process. So here we suggest you to immediately send a welcome message to your new subscribers to make this relationship strong.

Boost Traffic

After launching the React Native Push Notifications on your mobile app, the followers’ base will eventually grow which will increase traffic on your app. All this is going to happen because of the reason that the react native push Notifications will start to pop up on the Subscribers Screen which will be difficult to avoid. With these push notifications; your Click through Rate (CTR) is going to be increased. So you can even estimate your anticipated rush on the app and further revenue as well.

Diverse Presence:

Mostly we have seen that, when we receive a React Native Push Notification on our android phones from a mobile app, it usually includes an image or header of the notification along with the message body. Mostly android phones support the images for React Native Push Notifications. So, the catchy elements can be used to boost the engagement of subscribers on your application. The diverse presence allows you to send the notifications in a more attractive way in the form of Images and Video Files which increases the probability of more user activities.

The Viewer’s Choice:

Here the Native Push Notifications service also allows you to have an independent client segmentation function by which the subscriber can get customized content on his screen based on its diversified segment. Now you have the option to diversify your viewer in any way such as based on his country and the viewer can easily choose the right option and get segregated content. In the same way, the audience can also be diversified on the basis of mobile devices like android or other which they are using. The more of the segregated content will be, the more interested will be the viewer.

To segregate the viewer, you must need his information which could be easily obtained at the moment when the user installs your application. It is regardless of the fact that the subscription is quite easy as the user doesn’t have to provide any personal information, instead he just needs to click on the “Allow” button. So the rest of the information is obtained from the online source, search history and so on.

Easy Behavioural Conducting:

Apart from segregated audiences in terms of their country or the mobile device, here the React Native Push Notifications functionality also allows the owner to create these push notifications targeting the user’s previous behaviours. Here basically, the tagging method can be used. Now the best part is that you are allowed to set the number of tags as much as you can without limits.

So when the subscriber is going to click any of the tagged pages, that particular tag will be saved in your backend system for that subscriber. Afterwards, you can easily launch a campaign regarding React Native Push Notifications for those particular subscribers who have that chosen tag.

Compatibility with Multi Platforms:

With the advancement of technology, now you reach up to the wide level of audience with the help of multi platforms like Samsung or Apple. The interesting part about React Native Push Notification functionality is that it pops up on the screens of both the Android Phone user and iPhone user as well. So the prospective subscription ratio is huge in terms of this React Native Push Notification feature.

Customized Proposals and Triggered Posts:

When you start to interact personally with your subscribers then it surely develops your conversion rate and improves the loyalty of your subscribers. Here you know that when a user simply clicks on the Notification and clicks ‘Allow” then he merely allows the permission to access your location or mobile data but his personal details are still not visible to us. But when you send the specific notification for collecting info and the user clicks on it you can fetch his personal details like Contact Number or Email Address for the purpose of registration. After having subscriber details, you can easily send him the triggered messages or personal offers like if the subscriber purchased something then a personalized notification for his purchase etc.


Hence, the overall Android Push Notifications functionality has actually proved a very powerful Marketing Strategy and the usefulness of this feature is sky high as you can create the maximum number of engagements on your application with few quick and easy steps. And the most beneficial significance of React Native Push Notification feature is that you can maintain the long term connection with your subscribers in an efficient manner.