5 Factors of an Efficient Cloud Service Provider

Factors of an Efficient Cloud Service Provider

The adoption of technology in businesses has allowed organizations to gain a competitive advantage over their core rivals. With the recent technological advancements and transformations, your organization can enjoy enhanced features and capabilities by adopting cloud computing. Since there are several cloud service providers in the market today, here are five factors you may want to consider if you need an efficient cloud service provider.


In this digital era, online security has become a huge challenge due to numerous attacks and vulnerabilities. It is the key reason organizations are hesitant to adopt cloud computing as it increases the chances of information theft or loss. An efficient cloud service provider can offer assurance that the information stored on their servers is secure and their portals are protected.

The use of measures such as encryption technologies and two-factor authentication can help protect access and retrieval of information from the cloud. An efficient cloud service provider can also compartmentalize its network to isolate it into virtual spaces, helping safeguard other sections in case of an attack. The cloud service provider should present their certifications as proof of regulatory compliance and assurance that the infrastructure adopted does not have any adverse vulnerabilities.

Excellent Customer Experience

An efficient cloud service provider will endeavor to give the clients an excellent customer experience. The provider will ensure that they provide effective solutions and achieve customer satisfaction from the initial stages of engagement to the end of the service agreement. Most organizations will largely depend on the company offering cloud services to offer the best choices and guidance based on its needs and specifications.

One of the best ways to know the nature of services the cloud service provider offers is by conducting research. Consider the feedback of former clients and gauge their satisfaction from their comments and reviews. A service provider with high customer satisfaction levels is certain to be effective and efficient in its operations.

The cloud service provider should be willing to support your organization to establish satisfaction unwaveringly. Being a part of the process from solution determination, customization and implementation is a sure way to determine the commitment of the cloud service provider. An effective provider should offer continuous management mechanisms for efficient business processes such as cloud cost optimization, maintenance, and upgrades.

Quality Service Levels

The quality of service outlined in the Cloud Service Level Agreements is a key pointer to an efficient cloud service provider. Consumers demand fast response times and constant service availability, and service level agreements are essential factors when choosing a cloud service provider. Understanding your business needs in terms of capacity, response times, and support will help you when getting into a contractual agreement with the service provider.

Building mutual trust with the cloud service provider is essential in forming a lasting working relationship. In most cases, a provider who is willing and accustomed to getting into legally enforceable contracts proves to be more efficient in service delivery. Providers who have shown excellence in customer service constantly align their processes and service levels with the customer’s expectations using key performance indicators.

Tech Support

Based on the technological nature of cloud services, you will require specialized support once in a while. Since the cloud service provider is in charge of service provision, they need to have a team that is available whenever needed and on short notice. The right cloud service providers offer their services 24/7 with the promise of your issues being expedited and resolved promptly. Most organizations have online chats and call centers, but an efficient cloud service provider can provide a dedicated line for timely communication and support.

Consider asking these questions before getting into a contractual agreement with the chosen cloud service provider. If the provider has laid down internal rapid resolution policies for issues, they present a better tech support base. A good cloud service provider will be willing to put in the resources to assist their clients by offering multi-tiered support with designated account managers for effective services, and customer needs resolution.


Scalability is important when considering a cloud service provider for your business or organization, especially if you anticipate growth. This growth demands expansion in the resources the business needs. An efficient cloud service provider should accommodate any anticipated increase to save you from moving to another provider due to limited resources. Consider the provider’s limitations and whether they present a bottleneck to your anticipated growth in terms of technology and resources.

Choosing a cloud service provider needs a critical assessment of their capacity to offer the required solution and an internal understanding of your business needs and expectations. Considering the above factors will help you choose a cloud service provider who is efficient.