Why is Fire Safety Training Vital in the Workplace?

Why is Fire Safety Training Vital in the Workplace

Although everyone hopes that they will never have to experience a fire at work, unfortunately for some of us – it does happen. In fact, according to official statistics, there are a whopping 529,101 incidents attended by the fire service every year

Whether it’s a small blaze in the office kitchen thanks to a microwave mishap or a full-blown warehouse fire, it’s crucial that your team are trained to tackle a potential office fire. 

Before you get your hard hat on and dust off your hi-vis jacket, you might be wondering what the benefits of fire safety training are. If so, fear not! We’ve rounded up all the reasons why we think you should invest in fire safety training. 

What are the benefits of fire safety training?

  1. It promotes team building 

Fire safety training is a great way to get your team to work together and develop essential skills that could help prevent fires in the future.  

As well as being an enjoyable activity, it will help with your employees and their personal development at the same time. 

  1. It leaves employees with useful skills

If you’re learning a new skill at work, wouldn’t you want it to be lifesaving? Although your team may never use it, fire safety is a skill that will benefit employees for life – both in their work and home lives. 

  1. It protects your employees

One of the most obvious reasons for fire safety training is to protect the people at the heart of your business – your employees! As an employer, you have a duty of care to your staff to conduct thorough risk assessments and ensure you have adequate protections in place should you experience a fire. 

By training your team on how to deal with a potential fire, you are demonstrating that you are doing all you can to protect your employees, as well as providing the employees themselves additional peace of mind.

  1. Increased site safety

As well as protecting your employees, fire safety training also increases your site safety. With employees all adequately trained, you can minimise the damage from a fire and ensure that destruction and casualties remain low. 

For even more site safety, you should also invest in the correct fire safety equipment, fire alarms and safety signs. 

In conclusion

Although running a business can be hectic at times, it’s important that you consider the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees as paramount. Whilst it may sound scary, something as simple as ensuring your site is safe with adequate health and safety training can go a long way in protecting your business from fire. 

So why not give it a