The Impressive Web Design Trends in 2019


Trends are the outcomes of continuous experiments that make your business stand out of crowd to draw large attention if you adopt them. From the 1990’s Adobe Photoshop 1.0 which is accessible on mac systems, to 2014’s html5, was a significant change seen in the advancement in the web technologies and tools. These rapid and ever-increasing innovations are moving like a wave, and adoption of these web design trends in 2019 like a speed of air. The web design has an immense influence in the realm of the digital world from the broken grid and asymmetrical layouts to virtual websites.

We know trends come and go but the developing of various websites (Designing interface and content) stands firm and continues.

What was the past before?

Before going to the website design trends this year, let us start with some brief insights into the technologies used in web development.


The beginning of website creation had started with broken grid layouts and retro designs. However, the increasing innovations in the coding languages and website design updates brought a tremendous impact in developing various sites.

According to the timeline of web design,


The magic has started here.

Intro to the latest trends in web design…..

If you want to outpace the competition, you must be creative and adaptive time to time. Here we have provided you some of the must-have trends in web development.

Web design trends in 2019:

#1. All websites align with Go Mobile…

As Google has been changing its algorithms frequently due to the large stacks of loads (eloquent websites) into the server and for authenticity in the last few years, Google is prioritizing the mobile-first indexing. All websites are designed to align with the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) version of websites.

Besides, the innovations in mobile technology will have a huge impact on website design. Since the evolution of 5G (ultra-fast internet), the speed of the internet is in Gbps and undoubtedly, the web pages are loaded in a fraction of seconds. Making responsive AMP versions of website design gives lucrative profits for your business.

#2. Chat through Chatbots:

Due to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), chatbots have become an essential part of a website. With these bots, communication has become hassle-free without human involvement. Chatbots gives all-around presence and 24*7 assistance to the customers by lessening the mundane tasks.

#3. Video making and marketing:

It has become viral since these are very informative besides attractive. Video marketing has a large scope for the business to get more revenue. It is very advantageous for businesses having their videos on websites since the global users are spending time on videos is a minimum of 3 hours per day.

#4. Animations (CSS3):

People will get very attracted to animations and GIFs like kids. These have replaced the images nowadays. Chimes and scrolling animation will attract users and help in increasing user engagement.

Besides, micro-interactions, parallax effects, split screens, colors, and transitions will make your websites more engaging.

#5. CMS:

The tailor-made content management system (CMS) is the current trend especially, WordPress – an open-source scripting language. With the advantage of its advanced themes, templates, features, plugins most websites are developing through WordPress alone. These have put their impact on e-commerce sites too. The e-commerce businesses are making the best use of CMS with the help of available e-commerce plugins.

#6. 3D sites:

As the name implies, 3D is a complex, impressive, and engaging. The evolution of games and mobile applications gives rapid growth in the wide adoption of it to the websites too. With the help of 3D technology,  numerous websites are already into the 3D format.

No doubt! These type of websites will help in rocking your business in 2019.

#7. Visual search:

Visual search has become viral after Amazon’s visual search in 2014 for scanning barcodes with the camera, and the trend is running now through the Snapchat. This advanced trend is the latest feature every business should not ignore this year.

#8. VR Websites:

AS the increasing demand from the customers for more automation and more personalized services, Virtual Reality (VR) comes as an aid. With the advent of AI and ML, the website designs are shifting towards VR  with the help of a website design company and the future will be with VR Websites on search engines.

What’s the future ahead for web design?

let we fast forward the time…..

In the future, we are going to create killer sites with Artificial intelligence.

Many more surprises are coming up with a thread of new technology and innovations.

It is predicted that future websites solely will be designed and developed with the Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Extended Reality (XR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Winding up:

To sum up, by the collection of all the Web Design Trends in 2019 that are furnished above, we can say that the web designers and developers have a bright future ahead.

Businesses can boost their rankings and revenues by tying up with the right website design company and adopting the current trends for their websites. Updating websites with these latest trends will be a tremendous impact on your business.