Best 10 App Builders Where You Can Create Apps Without Code

Best 10 App Builders Where You Can Create Apps Without Code

Smartphone’s penetration in our daily lives has definitely pushed entrepreneurs to create an app for their businesses. Be it a startup or an already running business, having an app usually considered a sign of competence as it has the capabilities to retain customers and foster their loyalty. With the help of modern app solutions, you can directly communicate with customers through direct messages or push notifications as well as reap exclusive benefits. 

Indeed, having an app is mandatory for businesses these days for survival but should every enterprise spend hefty money for the same? Well, you will get the answer to this question at the end of this blog. Creating an app is the perfect way to attract maximum audience towards your business, helping you expand business reach and allowing users to communicate with your brand; credit goes to technological innovations. 

We all have the perception that if you want to create a feature-rich app, you should be a coding wizard or already have some basic knowledge about programming and its functionalities. But let us break this misconception and introduce you to advanced app builders that enable you to create an app for your audience within a couple of minutes. However, there are plenty of website builders also that helps you create an online business identity. 

And it is bliss for startups and someone who does not have sound technical knowledge as they can develop a mobile app with less budget and time. The beauty about these app builders is that they offer an extensive range of templates, you can pick the best suitable for your industry and get started. It seems like you are filling a form where you can add or remove features as per your preferences. 

10 No-code App Development Platforms for Businesses

We all have heard the success stories of popular startups such as Facebook, Microsoft, Airbnb, and so on. Today, you can imagine where these startups are standing and earning billions in this competitive world. This is why more enterprises are willing to step into the app development market where they can communicate with customers and keep them engaged with the brand. But what if they lack adequate resources and money?

Here no-code tools come to the rescue and allow those businesses to be a part of this giant community. Yes, enterprises can create and launch the app without the need to write a single line of code. 

Besides, the mobile app market is not growing but it is exploding, as per the resort collected from Statista, it shows that Google Play Store installs to reach 139 billion by 2024. Earlier, the development of the mobile app was limited to large-scale industries as they have the ability to hire the resources to write complex codes. 

Fortunately, the wave has changed a lot, and today even “mom-pop” kind of stores and restaurants can create an app similar to ubereats and upload it to the Play Store and App Store in a matter of hours. And the best part is without writing a single line of code. 

From integration of features to launching apps, app builders can help startups to make their online presence strong. Now you must be excited to know what are the best app builders that allow you to develop an app with no code experience. Here we have reviewed the 10 best app builders that are most used in the market and let you create modern and visually pleasing apps for your audience. 

Appy Pie

Our list starts from one of the best and popular app builders, Appy Pie. Appy Pie is the most-used native app development tool available in the marketplace that requires no coding skill at all. All you need to drag and drop features as per your project requirement. This is why it is best suitable for the creation of simple and statistical apps. 

You can log in or signup with your credentials then you need to fill out the form that includes all your app requirements. Then based on your requirement, choose the template, customize the features and make necessary changes to look your app professional and visually appealing. 

Appy Pie’s exclusive features include social media profile integration, push notifications and chat options. The basic plan starts at $36 per month, to unlock more features and functionalities, you can opt for a premium plan i.e. starts at $120 per month. 


GoodBarber is another well-known app builder that provides both front-end tools as well as back-end tools to create an advanced app solution. If you want to create an application using high-quality designs, then GoodBarber is the ultimate option for you. It also offers an impressive range of beautiful templates and features including social media integration, chat, geofencing, and much more. 

Apart from templates and features, it also offers cost-effective pricing plans for native apps. You can integrate features as per your wish. Pricing usually starts from $15 per month. They also offer a free month trial period. This is the best option for startups and medium-scale enterprises. 

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is a self-service app builder that lets you create an app for Android and iOS in a very unique way. The good thing about Mobile Roadie is that it supports all media types and social media websites. It also has an auto-refreshing wall that enables communication with users in real-time. While creating the app, you can also preview your app via its back-end just like your users would see on their smartphones. 

You can choose the layouts and fonts as per your wish but it would be good if you use Mobile Roadie for a brand or service rather than a product. It will also give necessary suggestions on how to submit and publish apps to the stores and what things to be considered while submitting the process.  

You can start for free but for a detailed quote, you have to contact their team. 


More than 30,000 businesses are associated with the BuilFire platform as it is one of the best and reliable platforms to create any kind of app for your enterprise. A user-friendly dashboard, attractive admin panel makes the whole process of creating and launching an app easily. Hence, more and more enterprises are using BuilFire as it offers numerous templates, flexibility, and unlimited options for customization. You can make changes even when you are on the go and test those changes in real-time. You can start with free but to enjoy more features, the premium plan starts for $49 per month.


The main object of using app builder is to save time and money and AppMachine is built for the same. They have a user-friendly interface, which means you can choose a template, customize features and launch it in your own way. They have already 35 pre-coded apps to build yours. AppMachine has a vast range of templates for entertainment, music, restaurants, education, and sports apps. The basic price starts from $49 per month. 


This app builder emphasis on design, if you want your app to look stunning and polished, then Shoutem should be your ultimate choice. From attractive templates to easy customization features to layouts and colors, Shoutem has it all to make your app more attractive. If you are engaged with a small business and do not want to spend huge money on the development, Shoutem is the best choice because it is also integrated with WordPress blog and Shopify Store. It is also pocket-friendly as plans start from $79 per month.

If you belong to the programming community, you might have heard about the platform Scratch. Yes, Thunkable follows the same path and uses a “block-based” interface for building attractive apps. Another plus point of Thunkable is you can build completely native apps for Android and iOS, instead of hybrid web applications which most app builders allow. 

It means you also create an app without having an internet or WiFi connection. Its pre designed template, in-built chat feature, unlimited customization help you create an app as you want. Overall, it saves time, money, and effort. Usually, you can start for free if you have public projects but for private projects, plans start from $100.


If you want to build 2D games with exclusive features, then without having a second thought, you should opt for GameSalad. Just like other app builders, GameSalad comes with easy drag and drop features that enable users to build interactive games without any technical know-how. GameSald also supports scene and actor editors; it means you can include actors in a game using images, avatar, and sounds in the background. The platform also offers on-time support where you can get help and advice from experienced game designers. The platform has different plans, starts from free to $299 per year. 


This platform is specially launched for small business owners as they can save huge money by getting started with AppInstitute. Building an app without programming should be easy and the process must be crystal clear and AppInstitute follows the same rule. All you need to pick a template, add and remove features you require, upload logo, images, and other relevant information and hit the publish button. Doesn’t it sound easy? Yes, it is. Its plans range from $42 per month to $340 per month. 


Our list ends with one of the best app builders, iBuildApp. This platform comes with easy and simple drag and drop features and offers thousands of different layouts and templates that come with a Content Management System. Choose a template, integrate necessary features, and yes it also provides exclusive marketing features that will make your app more polished than your rivals. 

This is the perfect solution for small business owners who are willing to step into the app market. Unlimited customization, intuitive interface, and community support make this platform more popular than others. 

Key Takeaways

In this blog post, we have created a list of the best App Builders that are dominating the market and used by most enterprises. If you are a novice and having zero code capabilities, using these app builders you can launch your ideas, build an empire and connect with customers. 

Every business’s requirement differs, so try, design, and choose the app builder that lets you fulfill the core objective of your business.