The Best Medical Scrubs for Expecting Women

The Best Medical Scrubs for Expecting Women

You are all set to enter a new phase of your life: motherhood. As blissful as this new phase can be, it comes with a set of challenges. Particularly if your job keeps you on your feet all day, it can be tough. Working as a nurse is a huge responsibility, and you now welcome a new life.

With a full bump, swollen feet, and very few work breaks, pregnancy may seem exhausting. But a comfortable pair of maternity medical scrubs can ensure that you have all the essentials. By choosing stylish patterns and designs, you don’t have to feel attractive or plain.

Several top brands create stylish scrubs that are suitable for any work environment. They are convenient and easy to clean and maintain. So, feel relaxed while on duty in these comfy healthcare uniforms for expecting women:

WonderWink Maternity Scrubs

The label is renowned for medical accessories and healthcare scrubs. And now, it is creating maternity scrubs to cater to pregnant women. Get their line of maternity bottoms that offer superb elasticity to accommodate your growing bulge. This popular brand, loved by several women, makes different variants at affordable rates.

Grey’s Anatomy Mock Wrap Maternity Top

Those days are long gone when a nurse uniform meant a white and ill-fitting garment. Nowadays, you have a range of cuts like the stretch, comfort fit, mock warp, zip-up, and more. And Grey’s Anatomy is a brand that has the freshest of looks. The silky, soft materials are gentle on the skin, resist microorganisms, and withstand wear and tear.

Cherokee Workwear Maternity Scrubs

Get ultimate satisfaction with maternity scrubs from Cherokee. This renowned brand makes scrubs in stretchy, comfortable material. You can find medical uniforms of any size and fit: tall or petite sizes. Many suppliers have an extensive collection of more than 30 different colored scrubs to brighten your day.

Choose from the classic V-neck tops or round-neck, button-front, and collar tops. Today, medical scrubs are not only workwear, but they are also seen as a fashion statement. Many nurses prefer to wear them outside and flaunt their style. And Cherokee makes their designs versatile so you can use them for other purposes.

Landau Empire Waist Maternity Top 

If you are tired of getting so much attention for your maternity bump, go bow-less. Ditch the scrubs that garner unwanted attention to your pregnancy with Landau. Get soft and stretchy flare leg maternity pants to be as cozy as you can.

The brand has maternity scrubs that are similar to your non-pregnant scrubs in design and cut. One of the top choices for expecting women is Landau’s no-frills maternity scrub top.

Some of these may fall short when it comes to including a line of maternity pants. Get excellent maternity scrub pants from other brands and pair them with these tops. Mix and match them with your existing ensemble, and you will be happy with the outcome.

As you expand your family, you need to take care of yourself. And getting stylish medical scrubs for your pregnancy is one of those things. Pick from the long list of top brands and styles given here. Avail of the generous discounts and deals of your favorite labels.