Making Your Condo Stand Out with Unique Decoration Ideas for 2020


Congratulations! You have purchased your first ever condominium in good old T-Dot. Welcome to a major era of your life when you are finally beginning to start a new phase in life with your very own home. Purchasing it from a list of Toronto condos must have been time consuming and painstakingly slow. Yet, you’ve made it, you’ve finally bought your own home.

While you are shifting your things into your new condo, there is something you need to know. You may have the furnishings, but have you thought about decorating it, making it stand out? Yes, it would be wise to put in unique decorations to make your beloved condo stand out from the rest of the crowd.

First, choose the spaces that need to be prioritized first. The bedroom and the living room are likely the two most important spaces in the condo that require considerable investment. Before you buy the stuff, visualize how do you want the rooms to be? It is best to focus on quality instead of quantity.

Without further ado, let us have a look at some unique condo decoration ideas that will help your condominium stand out.

General decorating items for the condo

There are some elements that should be worth considering when adding elements to spruce up rooms in the condo. They do make a visible difference and are friendly on the pocket. Have the following items in the shopping list:

  • Window treatments for all rooms.
  • Two to three lighting fixtures for each room.

You will first ask yourself, what is a window treatment? It is more than blinds and simple curtains with a curtain rod making the room look complete.  Best is to choose curtains of a simple neutral shade.

A second curtain panel with a geometric print or a bold color can be added as well. The same can be done for window blinds, in case you feel like having a tropical feel on the windows.

Now, let us come to the lighting aspect. It would be wise to remove boring rustic light fixtures for something that is practical, useful and beautiful, so the room can stand out. Below are some ideas for lighting your condo can use:

  • Pendant Lights.
  • Floor and table lamps.
  • A stylish overhead light fixture (sort of a chandelier).
  • Battery-powered LED lighting to use under cabinets.
  • Wall lampstands.

The general principle states that each room must have two different sources of light. For instance, a floor lamp and an overhead lamp fixture for the living room can be helpful.

A table lamp and a pendant will do just fine for the bedroom. The kitchen should have a proper overhead lighting accessory as well as under the cabinet LED lighting to keep the bills friendly for the pocket.

It is best to buy all of them at once, so you don’t miss out on any of them. In case you are confused, do not hesitate to consult with an electrician.

Making the entry hall stand out

Condos are renowned for having a designated entryway. Here is how you can make them stand out:

  • A mirror.
  • Some wall hooks.
  • A narrow table (with a drawer), a small cabinet or a bench.

The mirror and wall hooks

Lets us first talk about the mirror. It adds vertical height to a decorative setting and allows you to have a look at yourself whenever you come in and go out. In fact, it helps expand a small space nicely.

Over to wall hooks. Having a series of them or having a wall rack in the entryway is a must. It helps you and your visitors hang the jackets, backpacks, hats, canvas bags and umbrellas. It does sound classic but it is a housing etiquette.

The narrow table

Now let’s come to the narrow table. Yes, it will be the focus of attention for the place. It helps you keep your handbags, keys, and mail. This will prevent the area from feeling small and congested. A bench with an entry table can help you get a place for you to sit down and take the shoes & coat off after a long day. Choosing one with storage or tall legs will help tuck in shoes, baskets and other things with ease.

The living room – who could possibly forget this?

A sofa is an integral part of the living room indeed. But there is more than just a sofa. You will obviously be having a TV and a few cabinets too. As a matter of fact, let us have a look at the list of living room essentials:

  • A sofa.
  • Coffee tables.
  • Wall decoration.
  • A bookshelf.
  • A TV Cabinet.
  • Other decorative items.

The Sofa

Let’s start with the sofa. Yes, it is the star of the living room and no matter how many pricey or stylish sofas you find, you need to choose one that is most comfortable and one that fits the space nicely. Do not despair if the living room is small because you will find options in small apartment sofas that are comfy and look just as good as their large counterparts.

Do not hesitate to go for a second-hand sofa if your pocket is feeling the crunch. Vintage sofas are well-made, and you can always put a slipcover on your existing one to make it look good.

Do not forget the coffee table

That’s right. You can even use an ottoman that can work as both a bench and a table. You can easily set drinks for yourself and your visitors using a tray on it. In fact, many of them come with inner storage for cleaning cloth, magazines, and blankets.

Decorating the walls

Would you like a blank white wall behind the sofa? Maybe you should consider decorating it by strategically placing a collection of objects or some framed pictures. Make it like a gallery to make the living room pleasing. As an alternative, hanging a tapestry or a wall rug on it works too as it adds color and texture.

TV Cabinet

This works, even if your television is mounted on a wall. A TV Cabinet works like storage and is quite useful too. Selecting a narrow one with a lot of drawers, doors and shelves create and optimal use of space and storage.

Do not neglect the kitchen & dining room

A dining room is a must. Alternatively, a small breakfast nook or a kitchen with an island and bar stools as a dining area can work. Here are some things to consider in this regard:

  • Good table and chairs.
  • A table runner.

A good table and chairs

A multipurpose table serves many purposes. In fact, finding a second-hand table of such kind is best and if new chairs are expensive, go for the second-hand ones. In case you want a dining table in the kitchen, have a handy kitchen island with stools or a tall bar table.

A tall bar table can serve as both the dining & breakfast table, a snack bar, storage spot, food testing spot and a mini workspace too.

Table runner

It is a long strip of cloth that adds color and style to the table. It is like a stripe going down the table giving it a modern touch. It makes the dining table look more interesting and adds a sense of design to it too.

At last, the bedroom

This is your sanctuary. You should keep the space free from clutter and make it relaxing and inviting. It would be wise to avoid buying a whole bedroom set. Having a sublime bed with two nightstands is better than an overloaded set.

This is the checklist you should follow for the bedroom:

  • A comfy mattress.
  • Headboard.
  • A nightstand or two.
  • A closet or two.

A comfy mattress

Don’t be frugal when it comes to the mattress as you will be spending a lot of time on it. After all, you won’t be having a backache when you have the comfiest mattress possible. It even helps save money for more bedroom items.


It is perfect for modern bedrooms to protect the head against a cold wall in winters. Regardless of budget, never skip the headboard. It makes the bedroom look complete. In the case of tight budgets, you can always search for ideas regarding headboards.

The Nightstands

Both a small side table & a traditional nightstand works best whether the bedroom is small or big. Mixing and matching them is a fun design option.

Closet organization

Efficiently using the closet will allow clothes, shoes and other items to be stored nicely. Consider the following closet organization items:

  • A hanging shoe organizer.
  • Bins.
  • Some boxes.
  • Door mounted organizers.
  • Hooks and shelves.


It does look like a handful, but it’s a must. In fact, whenever you are looking for Toronto condos for sale, do have a look if it has some existing furniture or not. It will help you save money to buy essential furnishings first. You can then subsequently save for later and decorate it accordingly.