List of the Best Nail Salon Apps in the Market

List of the Best Nail Salon Apps in the Market

The popularity of nail Salons is growing rapidly.

This means you need to run the business successfully to keep the customers and employees happy. Also, if you prefer to keep the bottom line high then, organization and efficiency are vital.

Without using the Nail Salon Software or Application, it is not possible to run the Salon effectively.

Even if you have started a Salon or are considering building a new one, then, use the powerful and advanced solution.  It will not only make your overall managing process easier, however, but also make the business thriving.

Importance of Nail Salon Application

The best Nail Salon application is a blend of advanced technologies. This constitutes a User-friendly application interface which is an all-inclusive Salon business, particularly, for potential customers.

The Salon application enables the Salon owners to connect with the customers on an almost different level. It enables the nail Salons to centralize their attention to other essential business operations. Significantly, aims on attracting more customers. Getting straight, it provides the customized customer service to the best.

In this digital era, we all prefer to work on the desktop each time for handling the Salon operations. The mobile application provides you the convenience and easiness of its depth. Understanding your potential customers and allowing them to schedule the bookings easily. Otherwise, let them use the application for booking an application from the best Nail Salon applications.

Leading Nail Salon Applications for your Salon

Phorest Go

It is a compelling management and scheduling nail salon app for Salon and Spa staff and owners. Phorest Go is a Salon App that assists Salon owners and provides them the marketing tools to attract customers back more often, spending extra. Additionally, assisting the Salons to manage the stock effortlessly, sales and staff, Phorest App provides users the tools as the Salon owners to have customers booking more appointments.

Improve average spend by 30% with Phorest’s different loyalty program, the “TreatCard”, enables customers bookings 24X7 in real-time with the Salon App, Facebook page, and website booking widget; build hundreds of referrals online with social media using the #SalonSelfie and send targeted email campaigns up-selling products, style, and treatments to customers who have not undergone before.

Phorest has comprehensive scheduling, like, Phorest journey, weekly marketing, support 6 days a week, retail and management advice in the Phorest blog.

Main Features

  • Client Management
  • Appointment Management and Scheduling
  • Confirmation/Reminders
  • Customer History
  • Email Marketing
  • Customizable Reports
  • Employee Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Program
  • Online Booking
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Metrics
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • SMS Marketing Management
  • Multi-Location
  • Social Media Integration


MyCuts is an online scheduling and booking management application for the nail salon that is accessible on mobile or desktop from the native android and iOS apps. The aim of this app is to assist nail stylists to handle their daily activities. It offers an effective method for prospecting the client history, tracking the daily schedules, checking client history, and automating operations, like inventory tracking and reminders.

The scheduling of appointments in the MyCuts from the calendar tool can be checked daily, monthly, or in a listing format. The appointments are color-coded for highlighting which stylist they have assigned and the staff can filter the bookings by completed, current and upcoming.

The tasks like, appointment confirmations and sending notifications could be automated to avoid no-shows with email and SMS messages triggered automatically at the predefined time before booking. To withdraw the input of the similar or duplicate details, recurring appointments could be set up for existing appointments and regular customers can be rearranged easily.

MyCuts promotes customer management including the features, searchable customer database of the profile for every customer including preferences, booking history, contact details, etc. to offer a more personalized experience. The contact lists are carried from the current phone contact lists, and the customers could be approached with the MyCuts system via email, text, or call.

Main Features

  •  Appointment Scheduling and Management
  •  Client Management
  •  Booth Rental Management
  •  Confirmation/Reminders
  •   Email Invitations & Reminders
  •  Employee Management
  •  Customer Experience Management
  • Inventory Management and Tracking
  •  Mobile Access
  •  Job Scheduling
  •  Multi-Location

Salonist App

The aim of the Salonist application is to manage the nail Salon business productively and smoothly. It provides the features which are the essential and basic need of every nail Salon size.  Inventory Management, Online Booking, POS, Customer and Staff Management, Analytics and Reports,  Reminder or Notification System, Multi-location accessibility, so on.

Accepting customer satisfaction as the major priority, the Salon application does not deceive the potential customers and provide them the right booking experience. From the application, the customers can seamlessly schedule, reschedule or cancel the appointments as per the time availability.

With the alert or reminder system,  the customer can receive notification in the form of email/SMS for the upcoming appointments and pending payments, and so on. Also, it generates the bill, processes the payments, or provides information on the packages, services, and products, etc. The prominent Salon application could be accessed on a yearly or monthly basis with several plans.

Key features

  • Point Of Sales
  • Appointment management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reports
  • Notification system
  • Customer Management
  • Multi-Location Access
  • Staff Management


TapNail for the Nail Salon is a free application for Android published in the Tools list of application and Office suits, part of the business.

TapStyle Pty Ltd. is the company that has developed TapNail for Salon. The new version issued by the developers is 5.1.5.  This nail application is rated by one user of the website and has an approximate rating of 4.0. For installing the TapNail for Manicurist/ Salon on the Android device, select the App button above for starting the installation procedure.

The application is categorized on the website for 2021-05-14 and was downloaded 274 times. Already, we have analyzed if the download link is safe, though, for your own safety, we advise that you scan the downloaded application from the antivirus. When the antivirus finds the TapNail for Manicurist/Salon as malware or when the download link is broken for the net.tapnail, use the contact page for email.

Key features

  • Booking / Schedule management
  • Customer management
  • Service Record Log (with photo)
  • POS (Point of sales) / Receipt / Gift Voucher / Credit Card Reader integration
  • Inventory Management
  • Nail Catalog
  • Graphical Statistics / Business Analysis
  • Booking Reminder / Confirmation message
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Visualized customer referral relations
  • Accounting
  • Staff commission management
  • Reporting
  • Automatic data backup
  • Data synchronization among multiple devices
  • Online booking

Salon Iris

Salon Iris Application enables you to handle the Salon effectively and easily, integrating automation and features that save time and much effort.  With the customer tracking, customer appointment, employee scheduling, and retail operations in a single application, the Salon Iris makes it seamless for managing every Salon aspect.

Employee scheduling is simple and easy with Salon Iris. The schedules could be programmed to occur a single time or recur as required, enabling you to include and forget monthly schedules. Salon Iris’s application also checks the appointments upon the employee schedules, blocking unsightly issues such as scheduling an appointment on the staff’s day off.

Salon Iris’s application goes considerably beyond simple settings of appointment.  The solution also saves before and after photos of the customers, hence, recreating the best look as simpler as ever.  It also keeps track of the customer’s history, logging what service and products the customers have bought, assuring they get the fittest products each time.

Key features

  • Easily manage the customer information
  • Easily used appointment book
  • Online Booking
  • Product inventory
  • Credit Card processing
  • Manage time blocks
  • Almost 25 Salon Report

Other Additional features

  • Analyze the booking and make, modify or move appointments
  • Close the tickets with the payment standard, such as credit cards
  • Include, alter and remove the service, products, and customers
  • Notice, accept or reject the booking requests
  • Include and manage the employee trick and commissions
  • Include and manage the nail salon employees
  • Maintenance of employee online accounts
  • Customize settings and categories
  • Text or call the customers from the phone

Wrapping up

Check out the above-mentioned Nail Salon applications and know their benefits. Implement any of the included in your Salon and measure the success it provides.

If there are other applications that you know then, share that with us and let us know about your experience. If there is any query, then, comment below.

Thanks for reading!