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Should you be worried about your Cholesterol Levels

Growing up is tough. School, college, responsibilities, paying bills, starting a family and whatnot. To make it worse, taking care of yourself and your body also comes into the picture. Eat right, sleep well, avoid a lot of things, give up on things. 

It’s like getting punishment for not getting your childhood right. However, we can crib as much as we want but can’t change the way these things happen. What we can do is make the best use of our life and live it in the best possible way.

Living the best life may come with a few sacrifices and other such things that may cause people trouble, but it is for one’s good. With cholesterol becoming a serial killer and troublemaker level issue the need to make changes in lifestyle is very necessary. 

Cholesterol can be one very serious issue that can mess up a person’s body and cause a lot of trouble and so here we deal with aspects related to cholesterol level and cholesterol tests for the people who face these issues.  

What is cholesterol?

These are fat-like substances also known as lipids. These lipids are made of molecules of fats and are produced in the human body as well as come into the human body from certain dairy and meat products. There are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and we need cholesterol in the body in a certain amount but their presence in a higher quantity can bring a life-threatening condition. A cholesterol test can help detect any possible problems that the person may deal with soon. 

Cholesterol levels

The human body has multiple types of cholesterols in the body that need to be kept in check. A cholesterol test can help find out if a person is suffering from high cholesterol, low cholesterol, borderline cholesterol or has nothing to worry about. Here we look at the ideal range of each one of them in the adult human body. 

  • Good reading

If an adult has a reading of 200 or less total cholesterol in the body, then they are doing well. High-density cholesterol reading of above 60 is a decent reading. Above 40 for men and above 50 for women makes a good reading too. 

Low-density cholesterol reading should stay under 100 no matter what. If coronary artery disease is present, then the reading may go under 70. Triglycerides under 150 are considered good enough, however, if they are below 100 then it is even better. 

  • Borderline cholesterol

If an adult has a reading of between 200 and 239 total cholesterols in the body then they have a borderline cholesterol issue. High-density cholesterol reading is not applicable in the borderline cholesterol scenario. 

Low-density cholesterol reading if found between 130 and 159 then it suggests the presence of borderline cholesterol in a person. Triglycerides reading of between 150 and 199 also indicate a borderline cholesterol scenario. 

  • High cholesterol 

If an adult has a reading of 240 or more total cholesterol in the body, then they are dealing with a high cholesterol issue. High-density cholesterol reading of above 60 is yet another indication of a high cholesterol level. Low-density cholesterol reading above 160 is worrying and if it is above 190 then the issue is very serious. Triglycerides are usually above 200 are considered as a case of high cholesterol and above 500 is considered a very high level.

  • Low cholesterol 

For a person dealing with low cholesterol, the cholesterol test would show no applicable results for total cholesterol, low-density cholesterol, and triglycerides. The person will have a reading of less than 40 for men and 50 for women in high-density cholesterol. 

Tests for cholesterol

A cholesterol test is like a blood test. The person’s blood is drawn from their vein and is checked for the presence of lipids in the body. High cholesterol can cause issues like cardiovascular diseases or strokes and can be life-threatening. 

The cholesterol test is also known as the lipid profile test and can be done at any nearby hospital that specializes in conducting such tests. The test barely costs around 1000 rupees and can help detect a potentially life-threatening disease earlier which can help the person to deal with it beforehand. 

Cholesterol tests are gaining prominence as we progress. Men are at high risk of developing high cholesterol issues and are prone to more heart problems. It is necessary to keep a check on one’s lifestyle. Exercising, maintaining a good diet, being active and following a disciplined lifestyle can go a long way in keeping the body in top condition. 

If a person experiences pain in the chest or gets a stroke, then they need to get a cholesterol test done. They should consult a doctor and go ahead with the test to avoid missing out on finding any potential life-threatening instances in the future.