How to Unlock My Snapchat account-temporarily Locked or Hacked?

How to Unlock My Snapchat account-temporarily Locked or Hacked

Snapchat accounts may be locked and unlocked, however a permanently locked account cannot be unlocked. Temporarily locked accounts are the only ones that can be unlocked on your gadget.

Your account may have been restricted because of suspicious behavior, the use of unauthorized applications, or other breaches of our community guidelines. Unlocking a [temporarily locked and hijacked] Snapchat account is covered in this article. You’ll also find out the story behind Snapchat’s account lockdown.

Can I Unlock A Permanently Locked Snapchat?

A Snapchat account that has been locked cannot be unlocked. After being permanently locked out, there is no way to recover access to your account. Reopening a closed Snapchat account is not possible, contrary to popular belief.

Snapchat has always made it clear that inactive accounts cannot be revived. To paraphrase the terms of service: “our Snapchat support team is not able to unlock accounts that have been permanently locked.”

Snap Account Recovery Techniques

A Snapchat account might be deleted for a variety of reasons.  Snapchat may have temporarily disabled your account after discovering suspicious activity.

Using third-party applications and bombarding Snapchat with friend requests are also possible violations of the Snapchat Terms of Service and community standards.

If you have a locked account, follow these steps:

  • Warning: “Oh, no!” There has been a temporary lock placed on your account.
  • Get rid of any add-ons, plugins, or alterations you’ve made to your Snapchat account. Proceed only if you never make use of any outside applications;
  • To activate your Snapchat account, go to Your Account on the web. This page will show you exactly why your account was disabled.
  • If you haven’t already done so, press the Unlock your account button and log in. Then choose the Unlock button.
  • Wait 48 hours before trying to log in again or contacting their Support Team if the unlock functionality isn’t functioning.

Why Is My Snapchat Locked?

Your account may have been temporarily or permanently disabled for a variety of reasons.

  • This occurs frequently when, for example, a user modifies Snapchat using a different app.
  • They may report your account if you repeatedly send friend requests or messages to individuals who have shown no interest in you.
  • Snap Inc. reserves the right to deactivate irrevocably the accounts of any users who violate the Community Guidelines.
  • If it is discovered that your account has been compromised, it will be deleted promptly.
  • When a prohibited device is used to access a Snapchat account, that account is temporarily disabled.

How To Unlock Locked Snapchat Account

Here, you’ll find out exactly what steps to take to unlock any account.

STEP 1: Visit Snapchat Online

The user’s account is temporarily disabled after receiving the warning message. SnapChat’s home screen on iOS and Android devices is where you can view your profile. If you haven’t done so previously, please sign in to your account.

STEP 2: Tap Unlock My Account

To access your Snapchat account, go to Tap Unlock My Account.

STEP 3: Choose the Unlock button.

Please enter the code and click Unlock on the next page. Your locked account will be opened right away.

 If you tried to log onto Snapchat during its short outage, you’ll want to read this. Try it again in a couple of days and see if that makes a difference.

step 4: Fixing a Hacked Account

Your account has been hacked if you constantly seeing this message when you try to log in. Snapchat has a support staff you may reach out to if you have any issues or inquiries. 

To get started, please complete the form on the “Help” page. Please complete this form [other options are available] if you have any reason to believe that a third party has acquired access to your account. If a hacker has prevented you from accessing your account, please fill out the following form.

Reasons why your account could be locked and how to unlock it

The following procedures may help you maintain an active account.

  • Don’t Depend on Unofficial Apps

The message “Oh no! Your account has been temporarily locked” may appear if you try to access Snapchat using a third-party app. Avoid using unofficial applications with your account to prevent it from being locked.

If you’re having trouble unlocking your account, try deleting the app first. Doing so will prevent a permanent lockout from occurring on your account.

  • Don’t Overdo It With the Requests and Messages

If you have a habit of adding individuals you don’t know as friends or sending unsolicited messages to strangers, you should stop.

Additionally, make sure your Snapchat activity doesn’t go against the rules set out in the Snapchat Community Guidelines.

  • Don’t Use Anything That’s Banned

Verify that you are not using a restricted tool. The device should not be used on Snapchat again if Snapchat has banned it due to the user’s actions or violations. You risk having your account disabled temporarily or permanently if you access it from the device.

  • Confirm Your Account

Verify your account by entering a valid email address or phone number to avoid getting locked out. You may protect your account in this way so that unauthorized users cannot access it.

If you don’t and an unauthorized party attempts to access your account, or succeeds in doing so, the account will be shut immediately for security reasons.


Snapchat is now one of the most popular and effective secret messaging applications out there. Snapchat might freeze your account for a few different reasons. Illegal entry or attempt to enter is a possible reason.

Only accounts that have been temporarily disabled may have their access restored at a later time. You will never be able to access your account again if it has been permanently deactivated. 

You can’t rely on Snapchat for this. Your Snapchat account will be temporarily locked unless you log in to the Snapchat website, go to the Account area, and select Unlock My Account.