7 Celtic Engagement Rings Inspired by Irish Tradition

Engagement Ring

What is the essence of engagement? It is the first stage to a long-term commitment. To put it plainly, it is where the rubber meets the tough! It is a person’s way of expressing love and affection to the partner-to-be. Primarily given to a woman, the engagement ring signifies something better to come. Celtics, too, get engaged all the time. They have, over the years, developed quite a handful of rings – all inspired by Irish tradition.

Are Celtic Engagement Rings Admissible for Everyone?

Celtic engagement rings are jewels made for couples with Irish roots. They symbolize the rich Celtic heritage. Symbolism counts in Ireland! However, you do not have to come from Ireland for you put on such a ring. Many couples have bought these ornaments unaware.

Benefits of Going for a Celtic Inspired Design

Have you ever thought about the advantages that come with wearing a Celtic engagement ring? Irish inspired rings are so unique – you can hardly ignore them. Most importantly, the jewels align you to the rich Irish culture. They are symbolic representations of a tradition that has evolved for tens of thousands of years.

Types of Celtic Engagement Ring Designs

Two designs dominate this category. They are:

  1. The Celtic Knot – the design looks simple yet complex at the same time. Infinity and balance define this specific model. The knot demystifies a perpetual cycle of hope.
  2. The Claddagh Ring – gets its unique name based on the hand and heart surface engraving. Its heart-warming significance makes it ideal for engagements.

From the look of things, anyone can wear Celtic engagement rings. Anyhow, it is individuals who share the rich Irish tradition that benefits the most.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross comes in many variations. However, does all these variants symbolize the same thing? What is the meaning of Celtic crosses then? It is a form of Christian cross that integrates Irish and English traditions. Invented between the 9th and 12 centuries, the Celtic Cross helped missionaries advance their evangelistic agenda. Today, the cross is a symbol of strength, balance, faith, hope, connection, wisdom, and life. Besides, the cross functions as a symbol of religious instruction. You can go for various rings options to explore and find celtic cross online.

Celtic Engagement Rings – Best Examples

They include:

  • The Sapphire Trinity Knot Ring

It is one of the best Celtic rings you will ever find. Its distinct look gives you a feel of the deep Irish heritage. Also, the blue sapphire gem used complements the general appearance of the jewel. With an unmatched asymmetry, the Sapphire Trinity Knot ring remains a sight to behold.

  • The 10K Gold Claddagh Ring

Do you want to make an impact? Memories get released when you propose to your girlfriend using the 10K gold Claddagh ring. Handcrafted, it is the perfect masterpiece for an engagement. More so, it is affordable to the average Joe.

  • The Diamond Celtic Engagement Ring

Not even a fool can mistake the Celtic diamond engagement ring – it has Irish written all over the surface! With a 2 carat moissanite, the jewel dazzles the mind, body, and soul. It is ideal for couples with deep Irish roots.

  • Irish Designed Copper Ring

Who said copper is not beautiful? With the right techniques, the Irish have been able to craft a copper ring that gives you value for your money. The symbolic Celtic engravings make the jewel a force to admire. Unfortunately, this ring only makes sense if worn by a man.

  • The Celtic Emerald Engagement Ring

The ring harbors one of the most popular designs in Celtic history. So unique is the ring that it also holds a lab crafted emerald. Available in different bandwidths, the Celtic Emerald engagement ring is an ornament that speaks volumes.

  • The 14K Solid Gold Claddagh Ring

The 14K solid gold Claddagh ring is an ornament developed in the 1980s. This antique gem is the perfect piece for anyone in search of a distinct and classy look. The diamond found on some of these ornaments adds on to the style.

It is the ring to settle for if you want a feel of modern and vintage. With a unique trinity knot design, the ornament also comes equipped with the gemstone of your choice.

  • The Celtic Sapphire Engagement Ring

Two natural sapphires define the ring. Made by hand, the ornament assumes a braided design that gives it a vintage appeal. Also embedded is a brightly shining piece of diamond.

The Bottom Line

Engagement rings are essential in any cultural or traditional setup. They are not only a symbol of hope, for better things to come, but also a sign of value. Celtic engagement rings are an excellent example of this. With their distinct engravings, they represent life in the past and the present. In short, Irish crafted rings are priceless. Therefore, it does not hurt a bone when you own one!