5 Tools to Watch Movies Online with Friends

5 Tools to Watch Movies Online with Friends

Nearly everybody agreed it lock-down was coming for quite some while that, and nobody saw it coming. From that stage, eliminating social obligations has been in the trend on any other Twitter and Zoom-supported web service. Off-base might be the original definition; the actual word is not. People have been detained in their homes because of dread of the army or through their government’s orders, And it’s been months before I got out of bed in the night! Concerning those random coffee dates, the burning desire for a next year’s upcoming Marvel movie, and the entirely anecdotal subject of the following Marvel film. All this was a thing of the past for us long before, and it is only possible to hope for in our most outlandish dreams. 

The worst part of it is, in and of it, unfortunately, is that you’re all alone. And that too is good as you can download movies from sites like https://4hub.net/weibo-video-downloader/ and cherish your lone time. The key idea behind Worldwide Expanded Lockdown is to separate all equally. (Think about it this way 🙂 It’s about actually physically splitting. The amazing thing about it is you have a simulated alternative such as movie nights, as well as a whole variety of “to things to divert yourself from.” There’s a little possibility that you’ve been looking forward to seeing a show, so take advantage of it until it is too late.

All you need are-

  • You would have an internet link.
  • a personal computer, PC
  • And your friends as well!

It is difficult to stand apart from others nowadays. Because of social distancing, a lot of people miss out on things like watching movies with their friends. But there is a way to do it online.

How to watch movies with friends online 

You’ve presumably skipped two recent film releases that were eagerly awaited. The individuals you interact with it every day, at the moment, with your personality shining through their communications, are probably the ones that are the most important in your life. Virtual screen performances are in existence for quite some time. Until now, they have just been only a bit of innocent fun.

Will it do that? Conceptually, a strong components like Discord enable large numbers of people to view recordings. Also, a lot of dedicated music instruments are showing up lately. You can watch five featured administrations: The bulk of them are available publicly and are free or can be done using online tools that are convenient and easy to use. Thus, you should begin your questions with your request for popcorn.

That’s great since these are the various apps you will use to share cinema viewing experiences with your friends!!

Netflix Party

If you are interested in some of the Netflix gems such as” catch me if you can,” ” pieces of a woman,” then you must have a Netflix party. Netflix party is applicable for Netflix members only.

It is available in chrome extension, which will sync Netflix members, and you can watch an HD

movie while life chatting with your friends. As introduced in 2015, Netflix party is a free chrome

extension. The question that arises here is data privacy. I recommend you review their privacy

policy, as they have mentioned how they use our data.

As I mentioned above, it is a free chrome extension, so an active member of Netflix can use this

for watching a movie with friends. Furthermore, there is no limit on adding friends to this party.

Here I am giving Five steps to start a Netflix party-

  • Download Netflix Party and install it as an extension in Chrome
  • Start your favorite movie/show
  • Click on the ‘start a party’ option in the extension
  • Choose who will get playback controls
  • Share the URL with your friends

It is very simple, and you’ll have a party with your selected friends. But this has some drawbacks.

All your need is a Netflix account to a compulsion.

Two seven

This extension enables you to interact and watch movies from online streaming platforms like

Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Fmovies, etc. You can stare at the responses of your

friends, relate live with text-based chatbox and video call features, and view a show or movie


Five steps to install two seven-

  • Go to two seven.XYZ
  • Install the extension
  • Switch to ‘Start Watching’
  • Invite your friends by google or sending the URL to your friends
  • Select the platform and the video you want to watch!

It is the absolute movie night platform that is almost free. The only thing is that a single person from

your group should have an account of that paid streaming service. But the only shortcoming

here, you cannot share the files on your device.

Meta stream

A Chrome/Firefox plugin that supports Scener in the same way, but it has text chat only; Meta stream is more technological: For e.g., if you always repair computers/web links of your parents, it may be for you. In essence, one host operates the stage, manages invitations, and allows people into the room. The queue is an amusing function, which allows you to make a long vacation playlist for background streaming.

For those who want an all-in-one option, this is a perfect alternative. Netflix, Twitch, Hulu, and almost every other video channel you might consider fits Meta stream. You may watch YouTube with several people or schedule movies and only use the streaming option for everyone. This is the way it happens.

  1. Download Meta stream extension for Firefox or Chrome 
  2. Click on the button or icon in your toolbar, and you will be redirected to Meta stream.
  3. Fill in the details and click on the Get Started > Start Session 
  4. Click on the Invite icon or button on the left, copy the link and share it with your friends
  5. Choose the movie on the screen of your choice and start the streaming. The chat will look on the left of the display. 


Hulu Watch Party

You might agree with me that it would be nice if Netflix had a live chat as their feature. No extra

installations, no tension regarding data privacy. While Netflix is mostly focused on content

production, you can test built-in Watch Party functionality in Hulu. With the huge demand for American on-demand TV, Hulu became the priority for major subscription services to add Watch


let me warn you about a few limitations:

Hulu Watch Party is accessible solely to the members of an ad-free membership. This also

means friends you invite to this movie party should own an ad-free subscription too.

The Watch Party-supported content is pretty restricted. Hulu argues the feature has been

widened to “thousands” of movies so far, and the choice seems to be tremendous. But you also have to wait a little longer for more content to join yet.

A drag is that HBO content is not supported. If you acquire the ad-free Hulu + HBO subscription

plan, you should realize that HBO titles are not included among those you can enjoy together

with friends. It could feel a little irritating, especially when there’s a tremendous HBO movie

glowing on your Hulu feed.

With all the drawbacks, Hulu Watch Party is still a fine good deal for a group of friends who

already own ad-free plans. Here’s how to watch Hulu together:

  • Open Hulu.com on a chrome browser
  • Lookup for titles with the Watch Party icon
  • Once you are ready with your selected movie or TV show, click the Watch Party icon

on for Details page

  • Now just Click on Start Watching
  • Click on the chain icon to copy the URL link and send it to your friends


The Wait is over For the fans of HBO content. Scener is the perfect platform. It’s a

Chrome extension that works similarly to Netflix Party — but supports both Netflix and HBO.

You can add up to 20 participants to your virtual movie theatre with a free account. Scener

provides you control over perfectly synced playback, and one cherry of the cake feature is video

chat! This means you can use Scener to watch videos with your friends and stare at your friends

watching videos and talk with each other. That’s what a virtual party begins to feel very real.

To watch movies together online with Scener, you need to follow some steps:

  • Just Download the extension on the Chrome Web browser
  • Once the Scener icon arises in your toolbar, click on it — your virtual movie theatre is

ready to use

  • You will have to create a free account and agree to their Privacy Policy.
  • Now Open HBO or Netflix and click Create your private theatre
  • Copy the URL link to share it with friends

Sadly, while Scener works with HBO Now and HBO Go, it doesn’t support the new premium

plan, HBO Max.