10 Korean Beauty Tips to Look Great on a Date

Korean Beauty Tips

The skin of the Korean beauties usually looks flawless: perfectly smooth, clean, soft, well, just porcelain! This is not only a matter of genetics but also of careful approach towards its remedy – the typical Korean skincare routine consists of many stages. Let’s talk about tips from this country’s beauty rituals you can use to look flawless before an important event!

#1. Snail mucus

Snail mucus is the most popular component of Korean face creams. It sounds scary, but it works! The properties of snail mucus were discovered not so long ago – the first studies were conducted in the 1960s. It turned out that this ingredient has enhancing healing properties, but most importantly – it contains collagen and elastin. This is exactly what we need for our skin to stay young and smooth!

#2. Multi-phased cleansing

Evening cleansing of the skin and removing any makeup left can take a Korean woman about 15 minutes – and this is completely normal. It was the Koreans who invented hydrophilic oils – products that can remove any, even the most water and wearproof cosmetics. The first stage of washing is getting rid of make-up with oil. The second stage is a soft cleansing foam. And, finally, the third, final stage – a scrub, which finally frees the pores and eliminates dead cells, allowing the skin to regenerate more actively.

#3. BB cream instead of foundation

Koreans do not use classic foundation creams for the simple reason that they can dry the skin and do not contain enough vitamin components. But BB-cream is a hybrid of a base tone and moisturizer – is the main hit of Korean makeup products. Saying «I love you» and enjoying the perfect look of your skin has never been easier with such perfecting creams!

#4. Changing the products regularly

Unlike American and European brands, Koreans do not release their best sellers for years and decades. The industry is designed in such a way that something new constantly appears on the market – a product is produced for just a couple of seasons, then it is replaced by a new product. Koreans themselves are used to changing their care – they are not attached to one “favorite jar.” This is made so that the skin does not get used to the product and remains more susceptible to the ingredients.

#5. Sun protection

We adore the tan, so we often manage our face under the sun and yawn when we read boring tips like: “Always use creams with a high SPF factor…” Ugh, who needs SPF, we want to tan! But Koreans really do not like tanning – they have white porcelain skin and feel proud of it. Besides, the connection between the sun’s rays and the appearance of wrinkles is a long-proven fact. Korean girls are afraid of wrinkles, so SPF-protection is a must ingredient in any Korean cream, BB-cream, and even Cushion. So, let’s take this example and implement SPF to look gorgeous not only now but even in decades. You will thank us for this advice when you will be thirty years older.

#6. Paper face masks

Another regular step in the Korean beauty ritual is a mask. They are usually made of cotton and contain natural extracts: aloe, milk proteins, snail mucus, clay, etc. Masks make up for the lack of moisture and give the skin the necessary nutrition; some girls use them every night. It is a great tip for getting your skin ready for a date, just wear a mask half an hour before you start applying makeup, and you will notice how visibly smoother and softer it will get.

#7. Oils, oils, lots of oils!

Asians love to moisturize their skin. To apply several layers of different oils and creams are an iconic feature of Korean skincare. Coconut oil, argan, and other essential oils are applied under the cream, used as a mask or added to the care. They make the skin very smooth.

#8. Patches for under the eyes

The skin around the eyes requires special attention and a gentle approach. And the matter is not only in creams – but any European brand also has them. Korean know-how is gel patches that contain collagen, smooth small wrinkles, and remove eye bags. Interestingly, these patches do not require rinsing afterward – you can stick them, for example, while you are driving to work in the car.

#9. Serums and emulsions

Another “sacred” remedy in the Korean beauty ritual is serum and emulsion. They can be based on algae, marine collagen, snail mucus, goat milk, and other natural ingredients. Koreans use the serum every night – yes, at the same time that they apply oil. The algorithm is next: serum, oil, and moisturizer. There is never too much care!

#10. Peelings

Home peeling is one of the main hits of Korean cosmetics. The Asian girls themselves are simply obsessed with cleansing and renewing the skin, so they do peeling 2-3 times a week. Think it’s too often? Koreans do not think so – and as a result have rather dense skin that’s not prone to wrinkles.