Web Development Trends That Will Rule 2021

Web Development Trends That Will Rule 2021

Web development is a cakewalk with the amazing trend set adapted in the past few years. As we are inching towards a more technology-friendly world year after year, the trends are also evolving on a larger scale. There are many new web development tools introduced this year, and many are still on track to be launched in the following year, 2021.

These trends are meant to help enhance web development perks on a larger scale. As you all know, websites have changed over time, and businesses integrate new technologies to make the operations more productive.

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This article will know about some of the popular web development trends in the year 2021. Check them all out to be aware of what you need to integrate into your business operations to make it more productive.

Implementation Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the booming technology that has been highly adaptive in the past few months and will continue to be a progressive trend in the coming year. Artificial intelligence is designated to implement cognitive functions such as data collection, analysis, and learning.

Most of the websites of today are integrating this technology to extend the functionality to a new dimension. Some of the tasks that the Artificial Intelligence web development can help with are:

  • Integrating machines required for web development.
  • Self-learning algorithm based coding
  • AI chatbots for enhancing the user experience
  • Automated testing, etc.

In short, AI is the technology that helps simplify major processes involved in website development to help you with high-quality services.

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Voice Search & Navigation Trend

Most of the smart devices now can hear you. It is known as voice recognition technology. Hence, it is now easy for users to perform a task without using the device much physically.

Similarly, integrating the voice search feature onto the web pages will enhance the ease of usability, user experience, task execution speed, and help enhance the functionality of the website in many different ways.

As of today’s era, people do not want to type in commands and would prefer to speak it out. The voice search technology integrated onto the websites is the new trend for web development perks. As per the statistics, by the end of 2020, 50% of all searches over the internet will be voice searches. Therefore, integrating this web development trend is quite feasible for the coming year.

User Interface With Motion Design

Motion design is one of the best web development trends that are destined to attract user attention on priority. It makes the website look good and enhances the user interface to make it appealing with interactive elements. Some of the motion design aspects that will be integrated with these development techniques are charts, pop-ups, header transitions, scrolling motion, pull-down menu, and others.

These features add a unique style to the website, and as a result, people would love to entertain themselves with these motion behaviors integrated onto the website. As a result, your website will rank higher over the search engine results.

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Integration of motion design web development will not slow down the speed of the website. Therefore, animation and motion design can eventually help you hold your website visitors on the page for ensured conversion.

Progressive Web Apps

Amongst all the latest web development technologies ready to be highly implemented in the year 2021, the PWA is the most outstanding technology of the era. On integration, it implements some of the amazing functions such as responsive web, offline mode, interactive web, and others.

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The technology uses CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for delivering high-end web apps. Out of all the features, the offline mode is quite appreciated. For instance, Google Maps is one of such apps that has integrated offline mode onto its development strategy to offer offline maps to the users.

Today, all businesses are putting in efforts to ensure that the static files can be pulled out by the users even when they are using the web apps in offline mode. All the companies seeking a mobile-oriented approach for their web applications must integrate this web development trend in the coming year.

RAIL Model Implementation

RAIL stands for Response, Animation, Idle, and Load. It is again one of the most important web development techniques proposed first in 2015 but picked up pace in the year 2019. This web development trend emphasizes four things to make web development more efficient, that includes:

  • Response

Improving the response of the website to make the website process all requests within 50ms can help define productivity for your website.

  • Animation

Adding animations onto the website or web application can make your website gain maximum exposure. Adding efficient animation will help the website produce any frame within 10ms. It will eventually make your website more interactive and appealing. The animations are usually added with two elements that are dragging and scrolling.

  • Idle

Idle time needs to be maximized, which means that not all the elements present over the website needs to be loaded at the same time. During the initial load instance, only the critical elements called by the user need to be loaded.

  • Load

The loading speed of the website needs to be stupendous. The home screen and the navigation bar must load within the first second of opening the website to give the user at least something to hold his/her attention.


These are some of the web development trends that are destined to rule the following year, 2021. The businesses and bloggers are all set to integrate these technology trends onto their respective websites to stay upgraded and get productive outcomes with a higher conversion rate.

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The visitors look for very minute alterations or differences in various websites to decide on the best one. So, suppose you own a business and want to develop a web app or website. In that case, these trends can ensure a final high-end product to replicate your business ideologies and increase business conversions.