A Comparison Between Ipage & EWebGuru?


Choosing the best web hosting is not a very difficult task. There are many different types of hosting services available in the market, all hosting companies state to be the best on the market that puzzle the users. You need to do deep analysis and research before choosing a web hosting company as it will affect your site’s performance in the future. Where one that suits your needs and selects your budget at the same time.

About Ipage Dedicated Server Hosting-

iPage is the famous hosting company that offers a website builder and cheap WordPress hosting that has a diversified supplier of web hosting for businesses and people. The company has a wide range of important Indian buyers. Their plan includes a free domain, free SSL, and free email. iPage provides many features at a lower price, making it an attractive option for anyone who needs a website hosting service.

iPage Dedicated Server Hosting Features

  1. Affordable Services – The pricing of iPage quite affordable and no features were compromised.
  2. Auto-Installer – iPage makes it easy to work, even if you do not know how to install WordPress on your domain. You can choose from a list of applications that can be installed easily on your domain in a few clicks
  3. File transfer protocol – iPage equipped with a pre-installed file manager that makes the work easier.

 About eWebGuru Dedicated Server Hosting

Being in this hosting industry for more than 15 years and offers quality web services they manage to emerge as the leader in the Indian hosting industry. eWebGuru is the cheap dedicated server hosting company in India that also provides several services include domain registration, VPS, shared server, and email hosting. The price rate for all the hosting types and hosting plans of eWebGuru are at a very reasonable rate. Apart from that, their excellent service and hosting package makes them suitable for everyone.

EWebGuru Dedicated Server Hosting– Features And Ease Of Use

eWebGuru dedicated server hosting is very different from the Ipage hosting and because it comes with some advantages such as hosting efficient for a large number of sites with the overall performance to get satisfactory. eWebGuru provides solutions one-stop-shop for all web hosting needs including-

  • Free and Purchased SSL certificates through Comodo SSL
  • Services of design or development sites
  • email hosting with unlimited plans
  • Windows and Linux hosting options
  • cPanel or Plesk is included with all hosting
  • Domain migration service

eWebGuru costs and Support- eWebGuru provides a pricing structure with separate plans for web hosting, reseller hosting dedicated server. They offer very low prices for web hosting from other hosting providers in India.

eWebGuru offers 24/7 customer technical support with all their hosting and pricing plans, email, live chat, ticket system, and phone lines. Their customer support staff are usually friendly and helpful, sometimes it can take some time to pass or get a response.

Plan Comparison of iPage and eWebGuru

  • Packages under the dedicated server hosting ranging from $ 112/ month offered by eWebGuru designed specifically to handle high traffic websites and applications.
  • Dedicated servers in iPage offers a $ 119.99 / month, provides comprehensive security, storage mirror, and highest performance.
  • eWebGuru is hands down one of the web hosting platforms for best beginners. It was a friendly-priced, and the interface is easy to get around.
  • iPage good for WordPress hosting, server but expensive. iPage is only eligible to sign up for 3 full years, even if you are not sure your project will last long. If you are not sure how long your project will last, iPage does not allow for a monthly price.
  • If the hosting plan is the only consideration, iPage win them with their introductory price three years. However, eWebGuru has a cheaper plan and the long-term in the introductory price.

Why You Should Prefer EWebGuru?

  1. eWebGuru provides dedicated web hosting services exceptional that gives you access to super fast speed.
  2. The hosting company eWebGuru understands what their clients and users need and design a specific plan them accordingly.
  3. eWebGuru has superior hardware in the hosting industry, with high-quality hardware as they guarantee, complete reliability and 99.9% uptime.
  4. Hosting plans of eWebGuru suits well for all kind of websites. Not advanced technology only for eWebGuru not only suitable for a cheap dedicated server but also great to host all types of sites.
  5. Unlike iPage, eWebGuru host provider offers the features of dedicated server hosting with a high level of security with SSL product range.

Bottom Line:

If you feel that you need to know more about web hosting services before jumping to a conclusive decision. You can go to sites like eWebGuru hosting services that offer the cheap dedicated server hosting websites and providing support and guidance on web hosting services specifically for 24×7 customer service hosting.