4 Advantages of Reducing PDF File Size


Also known as Portable Document Format, PDF is one of the best ways of sending documents from one computer to another. It has numerous benefits compared to other methods such as Microsoft Word which have limitations.

However, sometimes PDFs can be difficult to send as email attachments because of their large size. Most email service providers have a limit in terms of the size of file attachments. For example, Google offers up to 25Mbs of file attachments. You will therefore need to compress a PDF to send it successfully.

The good thing about PDF files is that they can easily be reduced to fit the required size by an email service provider. Besides, you can also use different ways to send extra-large PDF files without changing the information therein.

Below are four advantages of reducing the size of a PDF file:

#1. Easy and faster emailing

If you have ever tried to send a large file through an email, then you probably understand how slow it can be. The problem can even be worse if your network is slow. The best way to ensure that your files are easily attached and sent quickly is to compress a PDF.

Compressing PDF files will significantly reduce their size and allow easy and quick transmission. Additionally, the recipient will be able to download the file or files much faster. This will save you time and even the cost of sending.

#2. Faster downloads

Although technology has greatly advanced, there are some parts of the world where internet connection is still a problem. As a business owner, you should always consider internet speed because the larger the files, the longer it will take to download the file.

Sending PDF files of between 50 and 100mbs may not be a problem. But what if you are supposed to send hundreds or even thousands of such files every week? That’s where the aspect of reducing the size of PDF files comes in.

#3. Ability to share the files

Sharing large PDF files can be a nightmare. But the good news is that there are a host of online tools that you can use to compress PDFs to make them sharable. These online tools use a compression algorithm that has the ability to reduce the size of the file without compromising its overall quality. Most of the online tools are free of charge and easily accessible.

#4. Faster loading time

It doesn’t matter how fast your internet is, large files usually take longer to load. This can waste your time and cause unnecessary inconveniences. If you have large PDF files and are wondering how you can attach and send all of them at once, then the best thing would be to compress them. This will reduce the size and attach them much faster.

Bottom line

There’s no doubt that PDF is a great way of sharing documents. However, reducing the size of your PDF files will make sharing easier and much faster. It will also save you a lot of space and time when it comes to sending email attachments.