5 Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers Effectively

Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers Effectively

Instagram has become a gemstone for brands’ marketing, gaining massive traffic to landing pages, becoming an influencer, and growing connections. If your Instagram is not as engaging as you want for your business then it is the right time for you to implement the right strategies. Today you will find the best effective methods that result in a continuous stream of free Instagram followers. 

Optimize Instagram profile 

You should optimize your profile to appear in the search results of Instagram. The appearance of your account on search results depends on many factors like people you follow, photos you like, and content you saved. Your username and Instagram profile name are two things that appear in search results. You should add appropriate keywords related to your brand in username and profile name. This will increase the organic growth of your account and help to attain free Instagram followers

Add keywords in the caption 

The accurate use of keywords will prove a game-changer for content discovery. Instagram ranks your account according to the keywords and content you used in your posts. Previously people can search for an account related to a specific keyword but now post that feature the specific keywords also appear in the search results. You should work on keywords and find out the best one according to the Instagram trends. 

Host more giveaways 

Giveaways are the way to interact or engage with your followers as well as it gives a sense of excitement to your followers and ultimately results in free Instagram followers. According to an estimate people who host giveaways have accounts that grow 70 times faster than others. Mention the requirements of entering the giveaway and get ready to see a drastic increase in your followers. 

Get free followers from GetInsta 

You can buy followers from the trusted sites and apps that provide real followers. It will help you to give a boost to your Instagram account. Every new person who approaches your account when seeing your followers gives him a sense of authenticity and genuineness. GetInsta gives you a 1000 free followers trial so that you can check whether their followers are real or boot.

Post at the best time 

Timing is everything, if it is meant to happen, it will, at the right time for the right reason. Yes, that’s true, if you post at a time when people are sleeping or busy at their work then you will get less engagement. You may be wondering that what is the best time for posting then, aren’t you? The best time for posting on Instagram is 9 am and 11 am EST. If you share your post at this time you will get more engagement which leads to more shares and ultimately gives you Instagram followers free


It is hard to get the first 10,000 followers on an Instagram account but not impossible. With hard work and proper strategy, you can get several followers in a short time. The above-mentioned ways are proven and surely help you to grow your Instagram audience. Continue to struggle and have some patience, you will surely achieve your goals.