Affiliate Marketing VS Google Adsense – Which One is Best

Affiliate Marketing VS Google Adsense

For some people, the concept of working on the Internet became known, only due to the pandemic. And many of them can’t say that they are too happy about remote work.  However, the number of people, who realize that they are not cut out for the traditional 9 to 5 lifestyle, is getting bigger in recent years.  Hence, they decide to quit their jobs and sail into an abundant world of online work, which they see as part of the freedom lifestyle.  Of course, it doesn’t mean that they can pass a day without doing anything. However, they can organize the time how they want, do what they like when they want, etc. Most importantly, when you are working online, you don’t have to deal with a boss or colleagues. 

Are you considering working online?  If you began to research online jobs, you have probably noticed that some people struggle to make even several hundreds of bucks, while others create a small fortune. When you see this, it is logical that you become anxious and question your decisions. But have you ever thought about what could be the reason for such big differences?  

The fact is that if you want to make money online, it is not enough that you just start a blog and wait for people to come to you. You need to think about the best monetization strategy for your blog.  Indeed, there are tons of things you can do online. However, there are only two big sources of income for bloggers. Maybe you have heard about them? We are talking about affiliate marketing and Google AdSense, which you can use whether you create a website with no deposit slot bonus or any other kind.

When just starting, people are often confused about how to choose the right one. We decided to talk with a marketing specialist to get more information about affiliate marketing programs and Google AdSense, the differences between them, etc. 

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Many of you have probably heard about some affiliate marketing platforms. It is a popular strategy to drive sales and generate significant revenue.  It proves to be incredibly beneficial to companies and marketers. But do you know what it is?  According to affiliate marketing definition, it is a process through which a marketer earns a commission by advertising other people’s products. When you are involved in affiliate marketing, you are selling products that belong to other people. In return, you get a commission.  Maybe you remember that decades ago companies like Avon and Oriflame had a bunch of agents worldwide. These people were advertising their products, organizing presentations, etc., to make sales. If the sales were successful, they were getting a certain percent of the profit. It is the same when you are an affiliate marketer, except now you are working online.  Apart from that, you are not necessarily bonded with one company. You can simply search for the product that you enjoy and start promoting it.  Each time the sales are made, you make a profit. 

Amazon affiliate marketing is maybe one of the most known programs. However, it is important to know that there are others too, such as Commission Junction, ClickBank, Maxbounty, etc.  If you want to start as an affiliate marketer, you need to join one of these programs, then you start advertising the products on your blog. But you must not forget to include the affiliate reference in the link for sales.  Besides choosing the platform and affiliate marketing software, you should also create your emailing list. The more you are communicating on your emailing list, and providing information on your work, the more people trust you. 

What is Google AdSense 

Some people don’t start blogging with the idea to make money. However, if you start having a lot of followers, you may want to change your mind. Besides affiliate marketing, there is another strategy to make money out of your blog, and it is called Google AdSense. But what is it? It is an advertising program that allows you to make money by creating content such as blogs, YouTube videos, or websites. If your blog or YouTube channel has plenty of followers, individuals or companies may become interested in advertising their products through it. So they pay for their ads, and you get part of the revenue by hosting them. Everyone can do it and it is free. 

Before you begin, Google needs to approve your website. If you are at least 18, your website has unique content, and complies with AdSense policies, everything should be okay. Once it is approved, you can choose which types of ads you want to run and where do you want them to appear. AdSense allows advertisers to go for space on your website based on the content and the likelihood their ads will be clicked.  Google establishes this by looking t the click-through rate or CTR. That is the percentage of people who will visit the website and click on the ad.

Google AdSense vs. affiliate Marketing: Which One is More Profitable 

Okay, these are both undoubtedly useful strategies. But, the vital question is which one is more suitable for you and will bring you more profit.  The best way is to look at the pros and cons of affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. That will allow you to understand what can suit you the most.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing 

  • The best affiliate marketing programs allow you to make a profit by advertising things you know a lot about. 
  • It can be a long-term business model that enables you to have a steady income for years.
  • When you build a list, you will have an invaluable business asset that will pay dividends for years to come. 
  • The income per sale is pretty higher than with Google AdSense.
  • It is way easier to plan your income, as you know exactly how much you get per sale.
  • You can set up pre-sale pages to persuade people to make the purchase.

Google AdSense Pros

  • Your web page doesn’t need to have to be related to the affiliate products that you sell.
  • You don’t have to create an emailing list or communicate with clients.
  • You can effortlessly create multiple pages with AdSense
  • AdSense needs to be installed.
  • If you make changes in your content, the ads will change next time the Google bot visits your page. 

Affiliate Marketing Cons

  • You will need a lot of time to write promotional texts, generate an email list, and look for new products to sell. 
  • Some affiliate marketing software may come with very rigid eligibility rules, such as minimum traffic requirements, etc. 


Google AdSense Cons

  • You need to promote the page online. Otherwise, the income is very small. 
  • The income depends on whether the search engines find your pages.
  • Google has the right to change the policies at any moment, which means that your income can suddenly disappear. 
  • You can easily fall out of Google’s Terms of Service, which will result in the suspension of your AdSense account.  The thing is that the competitors might bombard with messages that Google deems as suspicious. Keep in mind that if this happens, your account is likely to be permanently terminated.  
  • The income isn’t stable, and it is impossible to count on AdSense as a long-term source of income. 

So Which One is Better?

In short, it depends on what you want to achieve. As you have seen, both, affiliate marketing and Google AdSense are profitable if you are using them correctly. However, if you plan a long-term business, then affiliate marketing is a better option. Google Adsense is good if you just want some extra cash and you don’t think about anything long-term.

But you can use both options on your blog. If you decide to put some AdSense blocks on pages that are not used for another source of income, you can get some residual income. It won’t probably be more than a few bucks per week. But, everything counts, doesn’t it?  However, it is best to avoid using AdSense on affiliate marketing pages. Keep in mind that you will earn much more if people click on the affiliate than on ads. More importantly, putting ads will just dilute the profit. 


As you could see, affiliate marketing offers the possibility to make more money. It is also better if you are planning a long-term business. AdSense brings a small amount of cash. However, it practically doesn’t require any maintenance.  Nonetheless, it needs pretty high traffic to be profitable. When you choose affiliate marketing, you don’t need to worry about the traffic. You need to create an emailing list to sell affiliate products, and the list can become pretty large over time. Have you ever considered using any of these marketing strategies? Which one do you prefer and why?