12 Upcoming Mobile Technologies Of 2021

Upcoming Mobile Technologies

The mobile technology development industry is really fast-paced. It is because, in order to survive in this digitally entered age, you have to become accustomed to the latest technologies.

Since the inception of mobile phones, a rapidly changing trend is observable in terms of mobile technologies, including mobile applications. According to the reports of Net Solutions’ State of Digital Transformation 2020, mobile is the keystone to digital media success.  

In this guide, we will talk about some upcoming mobile technologies that are transforming business models as well as marketplaces. Read the guide till the end to get proper insights on this topic. Furthermore, if you are tech-savvy, then this guide will be of immense importance.  

What Are The 12 Upcoming Mobile Trends In 2021?

It’s critical to keep educated in the mobile world, whether you’re a mobile app developer or a small cafe business owner. In addition to researching your rivals, keep up with industry developments. All of us are aware of the fact that the world is becoming increasingly mobile.

Even if you are a service person or simply unemployed, you need to be in touch with trending and the upcoming mob, and for the upcoming mobile trends, you will find a wide range of information for upcoming mobile trends. 

It is therefore difficult to detect which one is fake and which ones are true. Thus, taking into account the concepts of people like you, we have prepared this guide. 

The below section has narrowed down 12 forthcoming mobile technologies that will desperately want to know. Check out each of the future mobile trends that may be disruptive technologies in the market in 2021.

1. Apps for Transportation 

Already there are transportation service apps in the market like Ola and Uber, and apps for checking train, bus, and flight times. In addition, however, apps like ‘Bird’ are being introduced as location identification platforms. 

2. Smart mobile apps equipped with home controlling facility

You can now leave your home without tension leaving kids and elderly persons in the house. ILD parent 2 is such an app designed for busy parents, while with Tru Sense, you can monitor the safety of older adults. 

3. Augmented reality in the apps

After the worldwide success of Pokemon Go, companies are using augmented reality apps for driving engagement, downloads, and subsequently revenues for businesses.  

4. User-Onboarding

A unique user onboarding will draw their attention, and thus it is crucial for the growth of the mobile app. Therefore, the modern app and mobile developers are in a plan to include introductory videos, a walkthrough of the applications, and a positive user interface. 


In the modern marketplace, BYOD is expected to trend upward in 2021. Moreover, because companies can save enough money with BYOD and personal devices, employees’ productivity will rise significantly. 

6. Multiple In-App gestures

Mobile apps and mobile brands are coming up with innovative finger gestures as they are a part of user experiences. Progressive gestures are thus becoming popular.  

7. Virtual Reality Applications

The growth of virtual reality apps will continue in 2021 also. As a result, the international virtual reality market valuation would be worth approximately $26 billion by 2022. 

8. Biometrics Through Mobile 

The number of apps with biometric features is increasing rapidly. The features like fingerprints, facial recognition, voice recognition, two-factor authentication, and signature recognition. 

9. Cloud-Based Service

The cloud technology market is expanding at a faster rate by 22% CAGR. Did you know that Goole, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure control 76% of the revenue from the cloud platforms? It is expected that in the upcoming months of 20231, cloud technology will be penetrating more and more in mobile technology. 

Some of the upward ranking cloud-based mobile technologies are Online storage, audio streaming, social networking, video streaming, etc. 

10. Artificial Intelligence in Mobile (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a disruptive technology that will run the market for upcoming years. Some AI software that your phones include are Cortana, Alexa, Siti, and Google Assistant

11. Pairing Of Wearable Technologies With The Mobile 

2021 will observe a sharp increase in wearable mobile technologies such as glasses, healthcare monitors, fitness bands, and smartwatches. We can sense that the world will observe a rise in the number of these devices. 

12. Increasing number of Mobile Payment Apps

As a positive view on Mobile Security, the number of mobile payments apps will multiply by 2021. Some of the existing mobile-friendly online payment apps are Paypal, Google Pay, Venmo, and Paypal. 


The forthcoming mobile technology trends mentioned above are becoming centers of attraction to small businesses, large businesses, and also individual entrepreneurs. 

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